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FFXIV RDM | Eden's Verse: Fulmination (E5S)


Meru Lucis
Meru Lucis Contributor | NA | Leviathan

Melee Combo During Thunderstorm

At normal levels of spell speed, a natural melee combo comes up during the first Thunderstorm.

It may seem dangerous to approach melee range for your combo when the targeted AOEs are coming out with the randomized ones, but your combo itself offers you a lot of flexibility in maneuvering around the AOEs, and you can easily use the finishers to disengage.

Example clip of the melee combo during Thunderstorm

For the casting portion of Thunderstorm, try to position yourself in one of the many safe spots in the arena like in the clip below for ease of casting without worrying about slidecasting out of randomized AOEs.

Example clip of Thunderstorm safe spots

If you’re unsure about their positioning note that there are several along the horizontal lines with some around where the initial four Stratospears drop for the first mechanic.

Embolden Timing Before Fury’s Fourteen

The third Embolden in the fight comes off cooldown right before Fury’s Fourteen’s charged knockback, which means that you likely won’t get a fully utilized Embolden usage if you use it on cooldown due to the forced downtime.

Whether you use it on cooldown anyways or delay it after the push depends on what the group is doing with the rest of the 2 minute buffs and whether you have a specific kill time in mind or not.

When in pugs, or when the kill time is unknown, Embolden should be used on cooldown as the ~14s or so delay may cause you to lose an entire usage over the fight. In a more controlled environment, determine what’s the best choice for your group based on your expected kill time.

Melee Combo During Chain Lightning

A natural melee combo comes up during the first Chain Lightning. Using circle strat makes the melee combo a non-issue, but it may seem a bit risky to execute with triangle strat (current majority in PF) when you are assigned to be the ranged in the triangle pass, however, it is still possible to melee.

Depending on whether the pass order is HRM or HMR, you can go into melee range and execute your combo during the R>M or M>R passes as long as you maintain enough distance from the melee DPS that you don’t get hit (or cleave them) with the pass AOE. The melee combo is short enough that you can disengage before you get a fatal pass-back from your pass target.

Potion Timings

If you’re only getting two potions in this fight, then a good double melee window comes up around second Thunderstorm.

However, when pushing enrage, pots should be used on cooldown as you can get a third pot in during the soft enrage sequence.