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FFXIV RDM | Eden's Verse: Refulgence (E8S)


Meru Lucis
Meru Lucis Contributor | NA | Leviathan

Uptime During Diamond Frost

2.5s GCD is generally recommended for alignment this tier, and Diamond Frost is an example of a mechanic that works much better at base speed in terms of keeping full uptime.

Your dualcast window will align with the knockback and subsequent movement sections provided you hold your opener Swiftcast, allowing you to execute the entire mechanic with no clipping and reprise usages even if you are on puddle bait duty.

Diamond Frost uptime example

Uptime During Ilya Light Rampant

While you may do a more uptime friendly LR strat in your static, Ilya/Mirun strat is by far the most dominant one in NA/EU PFs. Keeping casting uptime as E/W orb may not seem straightforward, but is still possible.

Uptime during Ilya Light Rampant example

Embolden & Manafication During Adds

Manafication comes off cooldown during adds phase and can be used freely before the third wave of adds for a Cac/Displacement reset and a 5% damage boost on your spells.

If you’ve missed the chance to use Manafication by the third wave, you will need to sit on it in order for it to be available in the reopener. In a fully geared party, this Manafication usage can be skipped over entirely.

Avoid melee comboing in adds as we want to go into the reopener with capped mana.

Embolden should ideally be held for the reopener, along with other 2 minute buffs.

If, during prog, you find it difficult to complete add phase without the buff from Embolden, consider intentionally letting an Aqueous Sprite through to give yourself more breathing room on the other adds until your party gets comfortable enough in the phase.

Shiva Reopener

As Shiva is immediately targetable after the cutscene, we cannot prep a dualcast or pot for the reopener. There are a few options on executing this reopener - first GCD reprise pot into melee, hardclip pot into melee, or even hardclip swiftcast GCD pot into melee.

The differences between these options are minor, but do note that the reprise variants will delay your first Manafication in this phase by one GCD. When unsure, try out different variants and see which Manafication timing lines up more comfortably for later mechanics.

Example hardclip pot reopener

Gaze Mechanics

With full casting uptime, melee combo is available for both gaze mechanics in this fight, giving us plenty of instant windows to turn away from gazes.

Provided that Shiva is dragged towards a blue mirror, a complete turn away is only really needed for the initial gaze attack, which should line up with some combo steps, and you can keep facing her and casting for the subsequent gazes with smart positioning.

Gaze Mirror Uptime
Gaze Mirror Uptime

For RDM, there is no need to preposition on the far edge for middle holy as we can sprint outside the kick ranges with our dualcast window after holy. We can simply take the melee position for the third gazes.

Edge Holies

Potion Timings

With the first two pots being used on the opener and reopener respectively, Shiva’s last pot is the only one with any sort of flexibility.

A convenient double melee combo comes up slightly after icelit, and if this is the last Manafication you’ll get in the fight, you can consider delaying it an extra melee cycle in order to push your double melee pot window into the 6 minute buff window that’s coming up after ice slide.

However, if you expect the fight to go close to enrage, Manafication should be used on cooldown there (along with the pot) in order to not lose a use.