Red Mage Guide FFXIV 5.5

FFXIV Shadowbringers Red Mage AoE


Red Mage has a streamlined and elegant AoE toolkit that was further improved upon in Shadowbringers adding diversity to the spells cast while improving the efficiency and damage potential of existing actions.

The tools to this end while potent are gated behind resources & time. Looking ahead with some careful planning can result in considerable DPS gains.

Below we’ll cover these tools available to us.

Veraero II | Verthunder II

New additions with Shadowbringers, they offer a colourful breath of fresh air from the old Scatter Scatter spam to AoE versions of the White and Black Mana spells.

Both Veraero II and Verthunder II are 2s short cast GCDs used to proc Dualcast dealing 120p/target while gaining 7 Mana of their respective colour.

Scatter | Impact

In Shadowbringers Impact is no longer a single target GCD and is instead a direct upgrade to Scatter Lv. 66 with the Scatter Mastery trait. As a result casting Jolt II will no longer proc Impactful and you may find yourself casting Jolt II more in Shadowbringers, however, Jolt II’s potency has been increased to compensate for the lack of Impactful.

Scatter and Impact are both 5s long cast spells meant to be used with Dualcast providing 3 | 3 Mana, Scatter being 120p/target and Impact being 220p/target.

Contre Sixte

In Shadowbringers Patch 5.10 Contre Sixte’s potency was increased from 350 to 380.

At Lv. 78 the trait Enhanced Contre Sixte not only increases the potency of Verthunder/aero II to 120p/targetarget but reduces the cooldown of Contre Sixte to 35s from 45s.

While it has 50% fall-off for all targets beyond the primary target, it has been stated by Yoshida that Contre Sixte will have its fall-off removed in Patch 5.20 making it a strong AoE burst of 380p/target.

Enchanted Moulinet

In Shadowbringers Enchanted Moulinet was given some quality of life with the Mana cost being lowered from 30 | 30 to 20 | 20.

Not only does this allow for 5 Enchanted Moulinets from 100 | 100, this also allows a burst of 7 Enchanted Moulinets with Manafication up from the burst of 5 in Stormblood adding an appreciable gain to AoE burst.

Patch 5.10 increased Moulinet and Enchanted Moulinet’s cleave range from 6 yalms to 8 yalms allowing for further reach in encounters especially when large enemy hit boxes are present.

Tying It Together At Max Level

Our AOE rotation has changed significantly with the introduction of Veraero II and Verthunder II, as well as changes to Scatter and Impact’s cast time.

Contrary to our single target rotation, Veraero II and Verthunder II are our short cast time spells meant to be hardcasted to proc Dualcast, while Scatter (later upgraded to Impact at Lv. 66) have a base cast time of 5s and should be Dualcasted/Swiftcasted.

Enchanted Moulinet had its mana cost reduced to 20 | 20, allowing us to chain 5x of them with a full mana gauge (7x if using Manafication in between).

2 Targets

Against two targets, Jolt II is marginally more powerful than using your shortcast AOEs.

Alternate between Jolt II and Impact (consuming any Verstone and Verfire procs you started with if available) and use the standard melee combo when at sufficient mana levels.

3 Targets

When facing three targets, Moulinet’s value consideration changes enough that rather than use it whenever it is ready, you should hold it until you are near to capping your gauge (above 90 | 90), and only use it to keep from overcapping, or if you have buffs such as Embolden or Manafication up.

4+ Targets

Use Veraero II/Vethunder II, followed by Impact, while weaving your direct damage oGCDs in as necessary (ideally target the highest health or most threatening mobs of the pack).

If you have Manafication or Embolden ready or coming off cooldown soon, endeavor to maximize value for these abilities, if you think the pack will last long enough.

In the case of Manafication, you will want to build up 50 | 50 or greater gauge before using it, to get a full 5 Moulinets under the buff, and ideally Swiftcast Impact at the end.

For Embolden, try to build up to 100 | 100, for a similar reason.

If you have both, you can build to 90 | 90 or more before using Embolden, Moulinet twice, Manafication, then Moulinet 5 more times followed by Swiftcast Impact.

If you are going for maximum efficiency, do not sit on Embolden or Manafication overlong just to set up this burst. Your party will benefit from more Embolden casts throughout the fight or dungeon, and you will benefit from more Manafication casts.