Red Mage Guide FFXIV 5.5

Starting Off / Returning To FFXIV Shadowbringers Red Mage


If you are new to Red Mage, welcome, or if you are returning back to playing the game & the Red Mage job, welcome back!

Below will be information about Red Mage to help you get started on getting up to speed with the current iteration of the job.

Red Mage Actions Summary

Red Mage is a unique job with its emphasis on Dualcasting spells to generate Mana, Enhanced Melee combo & Physical oGCDs. Like the other casters Red Mage uses MP to cast its spells. It has random proc based gameplay combined with the cooldown management of numerous abilities.


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Off Global Cooldown actions, or OGCDs are separate to the GCD. They are typically used after an instant cast GCD with what’s known as weaving. If weaving is an unfamiliar concept, please check out the GCD Uptime & Weaving section further down.

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GCD Uptime & Weaving

One of the most important lessons for all jobs that is unfortunately not taught in game is the idea of good uptime & to Always Be Casting. Keeping your GCD rolling & efficiently using your time is critical to performing good damage so with that in mind there are several rules to be aware of:

  • Keep your GCD rolling.
  • If you have to move, try to slidecast. (Moving at the end of a spell with it still resolving)
  • If the movement required is too much to slidecast, use an instant cast GCD.
  • With weaving typically stick to at most 2 OGCDs after an instant cast GCD. (Double weave)
  • Do not use more OGCDs after an instant GCD unless there is a very good reason to do so.
  • Do not macro action sequences. It will result in a delay as macros cannot queue normally.

Please click & zoom in to make use of the Weaving chart Nethar worked on:

Your GCD and You - RDM Edition v1.0 pending
Your GCD and You - RDM Edition v1.0 pending

Clipping, High Ping & VPNs

Red Mage is currently a job with a fair number of weaves in order to be efficient with instant cast spells & to keep the GCD rolling. As a result it can be susceptible to the perils of higher latency, or “ping”. This is due to the fact that instant casts & OGCD animation lock (the time the server has you wait before granting you permission to perform another action) ends up taking much more time.

Having high ping means the server takes longer to get back to your client which means sometimes statuses applied to yourself can be delayed. This is important in the cases of Swiftcast & Dualcast making your next GCD instant, where a delay can mean your next GCD is not instant.

It should be emphasised that it is very important to keep to outlined opener structures even if you clip on double weaves, as single weaving openers will push your burst far too late missing valuable raid buffs. More on this will be covered in the openers section.

For encounter mechanics high latency also manifests as having tighter margins of error for the snapshots of said mechanics between the game client & server which can result in thinking you were safely avoiding death but the server thinking your character was still in the mechanic.

There are other factors such as routing, packet loss, net traffic, node quality & jitter which affect & vary the impacts of latency with regarsd to clipping, as well as the game’s instance server quality for a given encounter pull attempt.

High ping play can be frustrating. With that in mind, one suggestion players advise is the use of a “VPN”, or tunneling service to help reduce the overall ping to the game servers & result in better routing for less packet loss.

Here is a list of several VPNs used by players:

Your mileage on using VPNs may vary, however, for higher ping players especially those playing on other regions it can make the difference between an incredibly frustrating play experience & one much more enjoyable. Most offer a free trial to experiment to see your results before having to commit.

Returning To The Game

Whether you have started Red Mage fresh in Shadowbringers or have come back to FFXIV from A Realm Reborn, Heavensward or even having taken a break mid Stormblood, Red Mage has changed considerably from how it used to be.

Here is a list of current changes since Stormblood:

New Additions To Shadowbringers

  • Engagement is a 150p normal animation lock alternative to Displacement without the jump.
  • Engagement shares a cooldown with Displacement & is gained at Lv. 72.
  • Reprise is a melee range 100p GCD gained at Lv. 76.
  • Enchanted Reprise is a ranged magic 300p GCD upgrade to Reprise costing 5 5 mana.
  • Scorch is a 700p combo finisher GCD following Verholy & VerFlare gained at Lv. 80.
  • Scorch adds 7 7 mana.
  • Scorch replaces Jolt II when active.
  • Veraero II & Verthunder II are new AoE short cast spells to proc Dualcast.
  • Enhanced Contre Sixte is gained at Lv. 78
  • Enhanced Contre Sixte reduces Contre Sixte’s recast to 35s
  • Enhanced Contre Sixte increases Veraero II & Verthunder II to 120p/t.

Changes To Existing OGCDs

  • Acceleration is a 20s buff with 3 stacks.
  • Acceleration stacks guarantee a single target spell proc.
  • Acceleration eliminates the worst case 0 proc opener scenario.
  • Enhanced Displacement increases Displacement’s potency to 200p from 150p at Lv. 72.
  • Manafication gains the Enhanced Manafication trait at Lv. 74.
  • Enhanced Manafication reduces the Manafication cooldown to 110s from 120s.
  • Enhanced Manafication adds a 10s 5% magic damage buff to Manafication.
  • Apocatastasis has been removed from Cross Role Actions.
  • Manashift has been removed from Cross Role Actions.

Chances To Existing GCDs

  • Jolt II’s potency has been increased to 280p.
  • Casting Jolt II will no longer proc Impactful.
  • Impact is a 5s cast 220p/t AoE spell upgraded from Scatter.
  • Impact adds 3 3 mana.
  • Verfire & Verstone’s potency has been increased to 300p
  • Veraero & Verthunder’s potency has been increased to 350p.
  • Enchanted Moulinet’s mana cost has been reduced to 20 20 from 30 30.

You can read more about the historical Red Mage changes here.

Leveling (WIP)

Getting to the level cap can take a while especially if you are starting from scratch. However don’t be disheartened! Enjoy the journey. It can be exciting learning a new job, however, take your time & pace yourself with learning how the job plays. Do not worry about elements of the Red Mage rotation further down the line until you have the pieces of the puzzle readily available to interact with. It will make much better sense when all the tools are present.

Level 1-50

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Level 50 Rotation

Level 50-60

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Level 60 Rotation

Level 60-70

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Level 70 Rotation

Level 70-80

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