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Eden’s Promise: Umbra (Savage) - Cloud of Darkness

Eden's Promise: Umbra - Cloud of Darkness
Eden's Promise: Umbra - Cloud of Darkness

This page will provide advice and optimisation tips for Eden’s Promise: Umbra (Savage) - Cloud of Darkness.

Not only will it cover rotation optimisation choices, but will also highlight optimisation around party wide utility and mitigation.

With additional information, checking and theorycrafting from Liaa Lia, Hydar Tsukuba, Mugi Scarlet and Nemekh Kinryuu.

Before You Begin


Note that the example GCD sequences shown assume the 2.48s GCD tier.

Differing GCD tiers will likely create some conflicts with the micro and macro level alignments that you attempt to perform if you strictly follow these examples.

5.5 Build Recommendation

SMN i530 2.48s Raid Ring

Food: Smoked Chicken 


The choice of opener will be dependent on your expected kill time, as Cloud of Darkness is a full uptime encounter.

Opener #1: 2nd GCD DWT - 7th GCD Bahamut

2nd GCD DWT - 7th GCD Bahamut Opener
2nd GCD DWT - 7th GCD Bahamut Opener

The first opener option will be a 2nd GCD DWT - 7th GCD Bahamut opening sequence. With the adjusted ED timing in the 1st GCD + a delayed potion to the 4th GCD, this opener will allow for a 4 Fester alignment in the opener potion window, while still maintaining all other oGCD alignment priorities. This opening sequence will also prioritise a Tri-Disaster clip, playing into a 60-55 timeline for the initial rotation cycle.

For this opener timing to be preferred, your expected kill time must fall within the specific ranges of:

  • 6:10 - 6:27
  • 6:55 - 7:25
  • 7:50 - 8:20
  • 8:48 - 9:18
  • 9:43 - 10:13

Opener #2: 1st GCD DWT - 6th GCD Bahamut

1st GCD DWT - 6th GCD Bahamut Opener
1st GCD DWT - 6th GCD Bahamut Opener

The second opener option will be a standard 1st GCD DWT - 6th GCD Bahamut opening sequence, to play into strict 110s rotation cycles.

For this opener timing to be preferred, your expected kill time must fall within the specific ranges of:

  • 6:40 - 6:53
  • 7:25 - 7:49
  • 8:21 - 8:47
  • 9:19 - 9:42

Remaining Rotation

Due to the full encounter providing 100% uptime with minimal movement requirements, the remaining rotation for you to execute will generally mimic a housing dummy situation. Therefore, while specific GCD sequences are not really required to be shown, priorities can still be listed to follow as a guideline for how you should approach full uptime encounters:

Maintain Proper Trance Timings Given Your Expected Kill Time

Be mindful not to drift your trance timings outside of the initial rotation cycle.

De-couple 2nd + 3rd Bahamut Timings

These Bahamut phases should be de-coupled from DWT to ensure proper raid buff alignment with 60s + 120s raid buffs (Chain Strategem, Divination, Technical Step, or Trick Attack).

Make The Most Out Of Your Instant-cast GCDs

Be aware of the timings for mechanics which will require you to move periodically, such as the Brambles + Seeds phase, Tiles phase, or Second/Third Art of Darkness. Each of these mechanic sections can be easily handled with proper Egi-Assault, Ruin IV, and Swiftcast usage.

Align Your Devotion With Other Party Buffs

Your Devotion should remain aligned with normal party buff timings, excluding extreme optimisation choices with sub 6:20 kill times.

In the event of 6:20 (or faster) kill times, the opening Devotion should utilise pre-pull Devotion tech to allow for a 3rd full duration before the boss dies.

Align Your 2nd/3rd Potions With A Proper Burst Phase

Make sure that each potion usage outside of the opener is aligned with a proper burst window to maximise damage gains.

Under certain kill time constraints you may be required to cast your potions immediately off cooldown. (i.e. 9:20-9:35)

Hypercharged Cloud

While in heavily optimised environments the Clouds may be intentionally ignored, in most cases these Clouds will need to be killed.

For a SMN to efficiently handle these Clouds without severely disturbing your general rotation, the following priorities can be followed:

Help From Addtional Party Members

In situations where additional party members are able to assist you with the Cloud, you should prioritise only hardcast Ruin IIIs.

Your hardcast uptime can be made easier by simply moving to the inner tile and looking outward towards the cloud, avoiding any risk of hitting another party member with Curse of Darkness.


In situations where you are required to solo kill this Cloud, you should apply your DoTs first before moving on to GCD casts.

By having Miasma III + Bio III on the Cloud, your DoTs will help provide additional damage, as well as the option to utilise Festers if your damage variance is low on that particular pull.

If your damage variance is high, you may be able to remove GCDs from the Cloud to push into the boss instead, allowing your DoTs to continue ticking and utilise oGCDs such as Deathflare AoE cleave damage to finish the Cloud instead.