Which pet should I use?

To be rewritten for 5.0

When do I use Ruin II vs Ruin III?

To be rewritten for 5.0

Never use oGCDs after a hardcast Ruin III.

Stick to at most 2 oGCDs after an instant cast in general.

What procs Wyrmwave & Scarlet Flame?

Only GCD spell actions from the Summoner that target an enemy can result in Wyrmwave & Scarlet Flame.

Do Demis benefit from potions?


Pets mirror Medication/Infusion buffs from pots in sync with the buff on ourselves. The same also applies to AST cards & food.

Do Demis benefit from party buffs?

As of 4.5 yes but with a caveat.

Most party buffs such as Battle Litany, Battle Voice require Demis to already be summoned to receive the buff. He will not retroactively receive the benefits if he is summoned after they are used. The exceptions are the aforementioned buffs that mirror from master to pet.

Do pets also benefit from Dragon Sight?

As of 4.5 no.

Only the Summoner will gain the benefit.

What about Dancer buffs?

To be confirmed.

What is a ghost action in FFXIV?

ACT receives & interprets what I call the “prediction” message in order to parse direct damage events. This message tells you what is expected to happen. The majority of the time the damage it states actually happens & is confirmed in game however there are times where this damage doesn’t truly happen but ACT still reports the message. This case is known as a ghost action.

How can I tell if a Demi had ghosts?

To be rewritten for 5.0

How bad is high SpS for SMN?

While the job’s weakest stat, it is not the end of the world to have up to at most a 2.35s GCD.

Spell Speed starts to lose worth & feel bad if it either:

  • causes you to clip your double weaves more
  • causes your gcd to be too fast to perform Ruin 2 -> Fester -> Ruin 3 -> Ruin 2 -> Fester instead requiring you to either clip with Fester harshly, or perform Ruin 2 -> Fester -> Ruin 3 -> Ruin 3 -> Ruin 2 -> Fester

How do I glamour my Egis?

/egiglamour “egi name” “glamour”
This is the official command.

/egiglamour “Garuda-Egi” “Emerald Carbuncle”
This will glamour Garuda-Egi into Emerald Carbuncle.

/egiglamour “Garuda-Egi”
This will remove existing glamours & return Garuda-Egi to normal.

You can also use auto-translate names for egis & carbuncles instead.

Why is Summoner Ifrit?

This trivial question is too advanced for us mere mortals.