Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT)

Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) is a multi-game real-time & offline parser that analyses combat activity & presents summary & detail for many MMORPGs. ACT includes a plugin-in architecture to support multiple games.

It can be downloaded here.

XIV Plugin

Final Fantasy XIV requires a plugin by Ravahn to operate. It may be configured inside ACT using the start-up wizard, or manually downloaded here.


Triggernometry is a plugin for Advanced Combat Tracker, intended to extend its built-in trigger system with a variety of different actions & configuration options.

Below are example triggers that provide some quality of life changes:

Button Bloat Reduction

This suite of triggers from our Fryte Avarise will combine the following to a single button:

  • Dreadwyrm Trance & Firebird Trance
  • Deathflare
  • Summon Bahamut
  • Enkindle Bahamut & Enkindle Phoenix

It will also swap out Egi-Assaults for Lucid Dreaming & Swiftcast during phases of your rotation where Egi-Assaults are not valid commands.

In addition, it will make Fountain of Flame & Brand of Purgatory a 1-button combo.

If you wish to use it with standard hotbars you will need to change the macros to use the /hotbar command instead of /chotbar.

Be sure to replace the names from the triggers with your own.

Note: these action swaps are not macros that execute actions. As a result there are no delays.

Demo Video:

Watch Button Bloat Trigger Demo from FryteAvarise on


If you are using kb/m, you will need to use /hotbar instead. See the in-game help (/? hotbar) for how to adapt the lines with “/hotbar ability hotbar# hotbarslot#”.

  • Keybind F-keys to this hotbar. Default keybinds map to the image below.

Binds DWT to DF DF to Bahamut Bahamut to Enkindle Enkindle to FBT FoF BoP Egi Assaults Reset

  • Done!

Wyrmwave & Scarlet Flame Counter

This suite of triggers from our Fryte Avarise will display the image with a count of your # of Wyrmwaves or Scarlet Flames atop. Image will fade after the phase is over. It will include any “ghost” actions, so be mindful.

Necessary Files (Click to Download):


Wyrmwave & Scarlet Flame Triggernometry XML file