PLL 53

Hello everyone, Nemekh here with an update on the 53rd Letter from the Producer LIVE information regarding Summoner! I know many of you have been keen to find out on potential updates for the job, I know I stayed up all night just to catch any important revelations about upcoming changes & whether Square Enix had recognised & confirmed any issues. Here is the main question asked with Yoshida’s answer from the Japanese side: [Read more from PLL 53...]

5.05 Patch Release

Hello everyone, Nemekh here with an update on the latest 5.05 Patch & Edensgate Savage release! Firstly I know many players were eagerly awaiting significant changes for Summoner in 5.05’s changes. I would like to detail & discuss them below. Summons Summon I, II & III now have their cooldowns reduced to 3s. This opens up the possibility of using Titan Egi for Earthen Armour without losing as much much damage by having Titan out for 10s. [Read more from 5.05 Patch Release...]

5.0 Patch Notes & Updates

Hello everyone, Nemekh here with an update on job changes from the updated Summoner Job Guide for 5.0’s release! We’ve been eagerly awaiting for the confirmed 5.0 release numbers, so here are the main changes vs our previous knowledge from E3 & the Media Tour: var smnActions = [ [ "GCD", "Ruin", 80, 130, 180 ], [ "GCD", "Ruin II", 80, 120, 160 ], [ "GCD", "Ruin III" [Read more from 5.0 Patch Notes & Updates...]

AkhMorning Site Launch!

Welcome to the long awaited AkhMorning website for aspiring & veteran summoners as well as friends to Bahamut! There have been many of ups & downs leading up to this point notably some family matters, my old computer dying & the new computer’s first SSD dying, however I am happy to say that my little project for the past year is ready to be pushed live. [Read more from AkhMorning Site Launch!...]