The Akh Morning plugin originally started off as a means to better portray what your in game stats mean in terms of their actual rates and benefits in real time.

Originally intended as a standalone piece to run, with ACT’s use gaining in popularity I decided to have it work as an ACT plugin that you run via HibiyaSleep’s latest version of the Rainbowmage Overlay plugin so that you can customise the size and where you want the overlay placed.

Here’s some very early (not final!) example images of it in action:

When it’s ready for release it’ll ideally look better and as a project has potential to branch off into other avenues through the data Ravahn’s FFXIV ACT plugin is looking at.

Other examples of what could be shown:

  • portray gauge data in other ways (e.g. my Foul Timer in seconds concept here & here)
  • true pet damage that didn’t ghost in an encounter (to know if you really did 11+ ww!)

Concepts I want to work on includes:

  • actor tick tracking to know with fair accuracy when an actor’s DoT ticks will occur
  • a visible break down of total damage from a particular source action without ACT redirects
  • a more accurate true total DoT damage from a given actor (a big WIP)
  • a training/practice module to get used to openers, rotations and weaving

It’s another of the many projects I find myself working on, however as a personal one of mine, I’m excited for how it can help the community!

Current ETA: soon™ (at the very least I want this site out there first!)