6.0 Determination Changes With Endwalker

Determination’s damage benefit has increased with 6.0 release as stated in the 6.0 Patch Notes.

While we are confident that the values in the table below will hold true for Endwalker, we will verify the values to ensure they accurately reflect the functions in game.

Explaining Determination

Determination is a linear multiplier that affects all of your outgoing damage and healing. It does not affect the heals you receive.

For example, if you are dealing ~1000 damage without Determination then have a multiplier of 1.020 (+2%) with the stat, your damage would now be ~1020.

Prior to Endwalker its coefficient was 130. With Endwalker they have increased Determination’s effect on damage by making the tiers happen more frequently. Its coefficient as of 6.0 is now 140.

It tiers to the 1000th (changing by 0.001).

At Level 90 each tier of Determination happens every +13.5714… (1900/140) points. This means that the tiers will either be +14 or +13 points.

There are no buffs that directly affect Determination other than increases with food.

Due to being a linear function, Determination’s value has relative diminishing returns the more of it you have. That is to say the average increase from going from a multiplier of 1.010 to 1.011 is worth less than the gain from 1.009 to 1.010.


f(DET) = ⌊ 140 × ( DET - Level Lv, MAIN )/ Level Lv, DIV + 1000 ⌋

For level specific variables variables such as Level Lv, MAIN and Level Lv, DIV, refer to Level Modifiers page.

Lv. 90 Spreadsheet Example


Determination Stat Tiers