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Ways To Support AkhMorning

Below are our various options to support us. All revenue received goes directly into the website, merchandise and community.

AkhMorning is a passion project for us, and any donation of any form is greatly appreciated, but not required by any means to enjoy our content.

Patreon - one-off or monthly support

Patreon allows for monthly pledges at various tiers with a variety of rewards.

See our tiers and rewards explained further below.

Ko-Fi - one-off support

Ko-Fi allows for direct donations of multiples of £3 to AkhMorning - the price of a nice cup of coffee or tea.

PayPal - one-off or monthly support

PayPal allows for custom direct donations or monthly installments to AkhMorning.

Discord - Nitro Boosts

Come join our Discord and take part in the community!

Support through Discord is done through Nitro Boosts.

Patreon Tiers & Rewards

AkhMorning really appreciates your continued support - here we’ll explain our various Patreon tiers and the rewards that come with them.

All tiers with tangible/digital goods require 2 months of pledges for rewards to be sent out.

Wyrmling - $1 + VAT

Wyrmlings will receive:

  • a personal thank you and mention in the monthly Patreon newsletter
  • being listed in the credits of non-guide official AkhMorning videos
  • being listed on the AkhMorning website as a supporter

Whelp - $3 + VAT

Whelps will receive:

  • access to a WIP channel exclusive to Patrons to see previews of what’s in the works
  • access to a dedicated feedback channel exclusive to Patrons
  • all previous tier benefits

Dragonet - $5 + VAT

Dragonets will receive:

  • an A4 sticker sheet to bring life to your surfaces with various images including popular AkhMorning emojis courtesy of our emoji master Stacia
  • the Dragonet rank on the AkhMorning Discord
  • all previous tier benefits
AkhMorning Sticker Sheet
AkhMorning Sticker Sheet

We know how much you love those catbuncle emojis!

Juvenile - $10 + VAT

Juveniles will receive:

  • a personalised AkhMorning branded chat overlay image for videos/streaming
  • the Juvenile rank on the AkhMorning Discord
  • all previous tier benefits

Show to your audience that you’re part of Bahamut’s cool club.

Drake - $15 + VAT

Drakes will receive:

  • a quality 25mm metal pin badges in Golden plating with AkhMorning’s logo on it
  • the Drake rank on the AkhMorning Discord
  • all previous tier benefits

Wyrm - $20 + VAT

Wyrms will receive:

  • a branded AkhMorning mouse mat
  • the Wyrm rank on the AkhMorning Discord
  • all previous tier benefits
AkhMorning Mouse Mat
AkhMorning Mouse Mat

Let Bahamut carry you through to victory!

Great Wyrm - $30 + VAT

Great Wyrms will receive:

  • a branded AkhMorning black ceramic mug
  • the Great Wyrm rank on the AkhMorning Discord
  • all previous tier benefits

Nothing beats a good cup of tea or coffee heated up by an AkhMorn.

First Brood - $50 + VAT

AkhMorning's First Brood Tier
AkhMorning's First Brood Tier

First Broods will receive:

Originally a request from as far back as late 2017, AkhMorning is proud to announce the group art commission collaboration with the wonderful WhyMaige!

Not only will there be a full-sized character commission, the portrait of which will be included in a group ensemble representing AkhMorning’s community.

Due to time constraints this tier is limited to up to 8 new pledges at any time.

First Brood Banner

AkhMorning's First Brood Banner by WhyMaige
AkhMorning's First Brood Banner by WhyMaige

Drawn and put together by the wonderful WhyMaige / SlumberPoppy.

AkhMorning’s Supporters

Whether presently supporting or having supported us in the past, we thank all of you for helping us get to where we are.

  • Akari
  • Aldianaux
  • Alo
  • Argentaria
  • Azalea
  • Celly Bell
  • Choi
  • Digital Spork
  • Drazel
  • Esthi
  • Johni
  • Joon
  • Kitiara
  • Kyp
  • Laille
  • Lana
  • Lillium
  • Lux
  • Lydia
  • MCJ
  • Milka
  • Miyu
  • North
  • Phaedrik
  • Phoebe
  • Salad
  • Selphine
  • Shinryu
  • Stacia
  • Theya
  • Zack

Honourary Mentions