FFXIV Endwalker Paladin

Take up your sword and shield, and let Paladin’s holy magic guide you to victor as you command mastery of both blade and magic to utilize a unique rotation that casts spells, slashes enemies, and combines both to drop massive swords out of the sky onto your foes.

Paladin is unique in its ability to passively block a portion of damage taken, and offers some pretty powerful healing and mitigation otherwise.

If you need to take a short breather, feel free to create a hallowed ground where almost nothing can harm you.

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Gear Sets & Stats

Stat Priority Crit > Det ≥ DH > SkS
  This order may change with 6.0
Current Gear Sets Ultimates
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Latest Job Changes

Endwalker Patch 6.08

Action Adjustment
Spirits Within Potency has been increased from 250 to 270.
Expiacion Potency has been increased from 300 to 340.
Blade of Faith Potency has been increased from 250 to 420.
Blade of Truth Potency has been increased from 350 to 500.
Blade of Valor Potency has been increased from 420 to 580.

Overall the changes vs Endwalker Release Paladin are looking to be around a ~3% gain.

You can check out all of the 6.08 job changes on the official FFXIV website.

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Part of the plan with our /streamers/ page was to feature job specific streamers so that if you wanted to see someone who is likely to play specific jobs you can find them more easily. This functionality will be coming soon(tm). Please look forward to it!



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2022/01/25 Patch 6.08 Job Changes
2021/12/02 Job Section added for Endwalker
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