The Bozjan Southern Front FFXIV 6.11

The Bozjan Southern Front

Welcome to our guide covering Save The Queen content, The Bozjan Southern Front and the Resistance Relic Weapons!

Our information is brought to you in collaboration with the Eurekan Explorers Discord and from the 5.35 patch notes. Being new content, it will be continuously updated.


Below you will find interactve maps with marker toggles. Powered by A Realm Remapped.

The Bozjan Southern Front & Castrum Lacus Litore

Castrum Lacus Litore is on another level of the map and is to the north of the Southern Front. This presents some quirks with the map below. For now it will focus on the Southern Front side.

Drag around and zoom in. The lowest layer may have visual errors that will go after a few hours.

Click on Skirmish (FATE) circles to see their name, position and description text.

You can now toggle Monsters to see their locations. This takes time to accurately build and will improve over time.

Quest Steps

Players can enter the Bozjan Southern Front by speaking with Sjeros at Gangos (X:5.5 Y:5.4). If entering as a party, the leader must speak with the NPC. You must have first completed Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty and The Bozja Incident.

Critical Engagements

Critical Engagements are battles triggered by the defeat of certain enemies or victory in Skirmishes, allowing only a limited number of combatants. Consider them like Super FATEs with a lottery system to participate.

They do not require you to be present in the field to participate. Instead, players must request deployment via the Resistance Recruitment window.

How To Request Critical Engagement Deployment Via Resistance Recruitment
How To Request Critical Engagement Deployment Via Resistance Recruitment

Joining Critical Engagements

Once battle has commenced, critical engagements will appear in the Resistance Recruitment window. There, players can confirm whether the Resistance is enlisting more combatants to join the fray, the maximum number of participants, as well as the time remaining for the encounter.

How To Request Critical Engagement Deployment Via Resistance Recruitment
How To Request Critical Engagement Deployment Via Resistance Recruitment

Critical engagements take place in three phases:

1: Registration

Players will have one minute after a critical engagement has been initiated to request deployment. If there are more requests for deployment than are permitted for an engagement, however, participants will be selected at random.

When joined in a party, the party leader must request deployment on behalf of their party. In the event participants are selected at random, the party will be accepted or declined as a whole.

2: Preparing For Battle

Players selected for deployment will have two minutes to prepare for battle. When ready, they can be transported to the battlefield via the Resistance Recruitment window.

Should the maximum number of combatants not be reached before the preparation phase, the Resistance will call for reinforcements, at which point players may again request deployment.

When requesting deployment as reinforcements, all players must apply separately, even if they are in a party. Furthermore, combatants will be selected in the order in which they applied rather than by lottery.

3: Battle Commences

When the preparation phase ends, players must take up arms and do battle with imperial forces.

Priority Deployment

It is possible to gain priority deployment for critical engagements. This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  • Combatant’s Priority Deployment
    Players who contribute to the initiation of a critical engagement may receive priority when registering for their next deployment.
  • Quartermaster’s Priority Deployment
    Players may receive priority deployment in exchange for Bozjan clusters by speaking to the Resistance quartermaster at Utya’s Aegis (X:14.2 Y:29.6). It should be noted that those with combatant’s priority deployment are more likely to be chosen.

When registering as a party, all party members must have the same type of priority deployment for it to be recognized.

If the number of players requesting priority deployment exceeds the maximum number of combatants, they will be selected by lottery.

More To Follow On The Various Critical Engagements

Resistance Mark & Mettle

Rank + Mettle For Next Rank Next Rank Cap
1 → 2 300 300
2 → 3 800 1,100
3 → 4 1,100 2,200
4 → 5 1,600 3,800
5 → 6 5,600 9,400
6 → 7 8,600 18,000
7 → 8 14,000 32,000
8 → 9 19,300 51,300
9 → 10 26,700 78,000
10 → 11 28,000 106,000
11 → 12 51,400 157,400
12 → 13 94,600 252,000
13 → 14 164,000 416,000
14 → 15 287,200 703,200

Currency & Rewards

Bozjan Clusters

When defeating enemies on the Bozjan southern front, there is a chance players will come across Bozjan clusters. These crystals can be traded to the Resistance Quartermaster at Utya’s Aegis (X:14.2 Y:29.6) for various goods and services.

The number of Bozjan clusters in your possession can be confirmed via the HUD.

How To See How Many Bozjan Clusters You Have
How To See How Many Bozjan Clusters You Have


While battling on the southern front, players will also come across lockboxes. They can be appraised by the Resistance Locksmith at Utya’s Aegis (X:15.2 Y:29.7).