Defense Mitigation

6.0 Changes With Endwalker

While we are confident that the values in the table below will hold true for Endwalker, we will verify the values to ensure they accurately reflect the functions in game.

Explaining Defense Mitigation

Defense is a linear multiplier that affects your incoming Physical and Magical damage taken. It does not reduce any other damage type, especially Type 6 damage Breath (known by the community as Darkness).

Its coefficient is 15 and it tiers to the 100th (changing by 0.01).

At Level 90 each tier of Defense Mitigation happens every +126.6666… (1900/15) points. This means that the tiers will either be +127 or +126 points.

Defense can only be increased by higher iLvl gear and certain buffs such as Protect L, Shell L, Lost Protect and Lost Shell.

The mitigation it provides stacks multiplicatively with other damage reduction cooldowns and passives.


  • Incoming Damage Mitigation: f(Def) = 100 - ⌊ 15 × Def/ Level Lv, DIV ⌋ (as a %)

  • Mitigation %: ⌊ 15 × Def/ Level Lv, DIV ⌋

For level specific variables variables such as Level Lv, DIV, refer to Level Modifiers page.

Lv. 90 Spreadsheet Example

  • Incoming Damage Mitigation: =(100-INT(15*Def/1900))/100 (as a % in decimal form)

Defense Mitigation Tiers