Caster Mitigation Guidelines

FFXIV 6.11


Mitigation is first and foremost a party effort. The suggested timings listed below are simply recommendations that could be taken as a baseline to work with, and are by no means optimized for every party composition.

If you’re in a static, please discuss specific Addle timings with your group and adjust as necessary.

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All instances of unavoidable damage in E9S are magical and can be Addled. This includes Evil Seed, the damage from bramble plants dropping on players.

Addle notes:

  • Cloud of Darkness’s room transition raidwides (Obscure Woods, Empty Plane and Deluge of Darkness) do more damage than her normal Ground-razing Particle Beam raidwide, and are good choices for a general Addle timeline. However, it is recommended to hold the Addle on the Empty Plane transition, as using it there will lock you out of Addling Deluge of Darkness. Depending on how many stacks of damage up she gets from clouds being let in, having an Addle available there could be the difference between life and death.
  • Choosing to forego using Addle on Empty Plane frees it up for a use on the second Anti-air/Wide-angle mechanic that Cloud of Darkness does; a fairly good value use, as Addle will reduce the damage on both the party stacks and tankbusters. This can serve as additional insurance when a DPS is dead (either in body or in brain) for the mechanic, resulting in a 2-stack instead of 3-stack – which is survivable with light mitigation, but potentially lethal otherwise.
  • Addle does work to reduce Art of Darkness damage as well, be it partner stacks or clock spots, but is questionable in value as there is often downtime in party damage preceding or following those mechanics.
  • In groups that use bramble strats which involves stacking two puddles, Addle will likely be required to reduce the Evil Seed damage players take with magic vulnerability up debuff.


The main focus for Addle usage in this fight lies on Darkness Unleashed, the party stack tankbuster follow-up and Deepshadow Nova, the boss’s primary raidwide. While Umbral Orbs do a fairly significant amount of magical damage, they are their own entities in the fight and are not subject to explicit debuff mirroring like the birds in E7S, making Addle ineffective at reducing their damage.

While Barbs of Agony (the almost full room cleave during the spinning dog mechanic) is a magical attack originating from a Shadowkeeper actor, it will not be affected by debuff-based mitigation like Addle and Reprisal; something important to note for groups wishing to shield and mitigate the cleave for uptime. For more details refer to my write-up on this subject.

Addle notes:

  • Addle is better used on the first tankbuster follow-up in the fight as opposed to the opening raidwide, as the first Deepshadow Nova will likely be hyper mitigated by pre-pull shields, whereas the first potential Darkness Unleashed is almost immediately followed by Shadow Cleave damage. If the first tankbuster follows up with Shadow Edge instead, consider using Addle on the Blighting Burst stack damage in the upcoming mechanic. Addle can cover all three instances of stack damage here.
  • The Deepshadow Nova following the room cleave + umbral orbs mechanic is a good raidwide to Addle, as the party would’ve just taken a significant amount of damage from the orbs. The two next instances of Deepshadow Nova are not particularly valuable to Addle, as they’re placed in between mechanics that do no unavoidable damage.
  • Addle can be used on the follow-up tankbuster preceding the first set of Void Gates and still be available for the subsequent raidwides. It may be better value to not use Addle on the Deepshadow Nova that follows the KB + umbral orbs mechanics, instead opting to save it for the Deepshadow Nova after Shackled Apart. This is both due to the shortened amount of time between damage instances for the latter, as well as the fact that players tend to mess up and 2-stack the Shackled Apart umbral orbs more, resulting in higher damage to players who took an orb.
  • The final Addle usage in this fight will be for the Deepshadow Nova raidwides in the pre-enrage sequence. As there is eight seconds between the second and third (last before enrage cast) Deepshadow Nova casts, it is possible for an Addle late in the castbar to catch both instances of damage.


The majority of unavoidable damage on the party is magical and can be reduced by Addle. In a single caster scenario you will likely be asked to focus on the Burnished Glory raidwides, as percent based mitigation on the initial raidwide hit serves to reduce the potency of the magical dot it inflicts.

Addle does work on the various tether mechanics in the fight when Fatebreaker is targetable (Electrocution dot, Mortal Burn Mark explosion from light tether, and Sinsmoke fire stack), though do note that the snapshot for damage is when the resulting debuff resolves, and not when the prey debuff indicator on the tethered target is inflicted. This is mostly relevant for the tethers during the final Cycle of Faith mechanic, where tethers are designated at the beginning of a cycle, but resolved last.

Addle notes:

  • In a single-caster timeline, it is better value to skip Addle-ing the second Burnished Glory raidwide in the fight, which takes place right after the first intermission. This allows us to Addle the combo of Mortal Burn Mark explosion into the subsequent Burnished Glory. Using Addle one GCD after the light tether target is charged should catch both instances of damage.
  • Addle can then be used to catch all of the remaining Burnished Glory raidwides in the fight until the final cycles. Post Prismatic Deception, Addle can be used to catch both the first and third Burnished Glory raidwides if used one GCD after the boss becomes targetable. However, discuss with your healers whether that Addle use is preferable or not - mitigation isn’t about getting the maximum amount of uses of a skill, especially since the dot from the first Burnished Glory does not stay active into the first cycles mechanic.
  • In a double-caster scenario, consider using Addle for some of the tether mechanics. In particular, using Addle on the lightning tether reduces Electrocution dot damage on the primary target, as well as the Bowshock tankbuster cleaves. Furthermore, tether mechanics are often followed by partywide damage, be it Elemental Break or Burnished Glory, making them a good choice to reduce some of the party healing required.
  • Addle can also be used for the magical portion of Elemental Break. In particular, using it on the first light-aligned Elemental Break can be valuable, as the dot from the previous Burnished Glory only comes to an end a mere three seconds earlier, so the party may not necessarily be topped off. The Elemental Break during Turn of the Heavens is also a good place to Addle, as the party may be spread too far apart at the edges of the arena for healers to be able to slip in a heal between the Elemental Break protean damage and the ensuing stack/spread. Lastly, you may opt to save an Addle specifically to mitigate lightning spread damage during cycles for similar reasons.

E12S - Eden’s Promise

There’s enough to Addle in this fight that the common raidwide, Maleficium, is mostly a trap and is better to be designated as something for Reprisal to mitigate. All instances of magical, unavoidable damage – save for the statue and lion breaths – can be Addled.

Addle notes:

  • In a single-caster comp, you will likely be asked to Addle one of the primal ultimates, either Diamond Dust or Earthen Fury, though you cannot get both. If you’re asked to Addle Earthen Fury, you can choose to Addle one of the junction spread/stack mechanics before Diamond Dust and still have it up in time for Earthen Fury. Remember that damage snapshots right before resolution instead of on the Junction cast itself, so Addle should be used around Rapturous Reach or Cast, depending on which set of spread/stack you’re getting.
  • If there is enough mitigation on the Diamond Dust cast itself, consider using Addle on Plunging Ice, the knockback damage before Pillar Pierce, as the mere four seconds in between makes this the most dangerous portion of the mechanic in terms of healing and mitigation. Use Addle a GCD or two after the pillars drop down and you should be able to catch the knockback damage snapshot.
  • The Maleficium after the party share laser from big Eden’s Promise is a fairly valuable use of Addle as well, due to the short amount of time between these two damage instances.
  • The knockback during lions, Laser Eye, is magical as well and can be Addled. While not as highly damaging as the knockback during Diamond Dust, it’s a fairly significant source of damage squeezed in between two or three lion breaths that do non-trivial amounts of damage. Addle can be applied as soon as the arena indicator for the knockback appears.

E12S - Oracle of Darkness

Gaia brings back spell-in-waiting mechanics present in E2S, and debuff mitigation works very much the same way here in terms of needing Addle to be applied by the time the debuff is falling off instead of the cast that inflicts the status. Much like Maleficium in door boss, Gaia’s normal Shockwave Pulsar raidwide is fairly low on the Addle priority list.

Addle notes:

  • In a single-caster comp, you’ll likely just be asked to Addle all four of her relativity casts, which are some of the highest-damaging raidwides in the game that don’t outright require tank LB. Due to there being roughly two minutes in-between each relativity cast, you will not be able to Addle anything else in the fight.
  • If you have another caster, or if somehow your relativity mitigation plan does not involve Addle, Shell Crusher, the magical stack during Apocalypse mechanics, is a good place to put it. This is because it is a hard hitting stack that goes right into the physical damage Spirit Taker.
  • If you have a free Addle during the soft enrage sequence that isn’t being used on Terminal Relativity itself, use it after the first Quietus pulses so it can catch the next two sets of Quietus debuffs expiring, as well as the next Shockwave Pulsar. This is a bit more valuable than getting a Shockwave Pulsar and two subsequent Quietus pulses, as there is very little time between the final Quietus pulse of a section and the following Shockwave Pulsar. As usual, discuss with your healers which section this Addle should be used on.


The Epic of Alexander (TEA)

Taken from the TEA Encounter Advice page for SMN

Phase 1: Living Liquid

There are several uses for Addle during Living Liquid to assist with group mitigation.

Be mindful that group mitigation should always be planned in coordination with your Healers and Tanks.

For ideas on where Addle may be used in the event such coordination does not exist (or you wish to make a recommendation to your group):

  • 1st Cascade (Good Value)
  • 1st Set of Protean Waves (Decent Value)
  • Splashes > 2nd Cascade (Preferred Usage)
  • 2nd Set of Protean Waves (Mediocre Value)

Phase 2: BJ + CC

Addle can be used on Cruise Chaser to mitigate one of its whirlwinds (preferably the one after Plasma Shield) or on Brute Justice to mitigate any water/thunder damage. The timing to apply the debuff is similar to E3S Leviathan and E2S Voidwalker, at around 3-4s before the water/thunder debuff falls off.

Addle on Brute Justice also works to reduce mine damage if applied before a tank soaks it, but is questionable in value as most tanks will already have a Reprisal running to account for the autos

Phase 3: Alexander Prime

It will be common for any group to request Addle alignment for one of the two following timings:

  • 2x Mega Holy casts following Wormhole
  • J Waves during the final Brute Justice burn

Depending on which of these two timings are required, Addle may also be used for one of the Chastening Heat + Divine Spear combinations that will occur.

  • IF Addle is required for Mega Holy, your first Addle in this phase should be the first Chastening Heat after Stasis.
  • IF Addle is required for J Waves, your first Addle in this phase can be used for either the first or second Chastening Heat (depending on Tank cooldowns). The second will occur following Inception Formation.

Phase 4: Perfect Alexander

Addle will be required to mitigate either Irresistible Grace mechanic following Almighty Judgment.

Depending on which timing is required, we may also use Addle to help mitigate the Ordained Punishment tank buster following Calibration Alpha.

The Unending Coil of Bahamut (UCoB)

Taken from the UCoB Encounter Advice Page for RDM

Phase 1: Twintania

Addle in this phase will be used to mitigate the Fireball stacks from Twintania.

While you should discuss with your healers which should be Addled, common ones to Addle are the second Fireball before the first Neurolink drop if it is not skipped, and the Fireball during random Liquid Hell baits after the second Neurolink drop.

Note: Do not use Addle on the first Fireball if your group is LB cheesing for extra easy LB gauge

Phase 2: Nael Van Darnus

Addle in this phase will be used to mitigate Thermionic Beam.

The most common mitigated with Addle is the Thermionic Beam in the beginning of the second quote, while another solid option is the Thermionic Beam after Divebombs if the quote is for a stack instead of a spread.

Phase 3: Bahamut Prime

Addle in this phase will be used to mitigate the raid-wide damage from Gigaflare. After every Trio, Bahamut will cast a Gigaflare, and a total of two (per caster) can be Addled throughout the phase.

You should discuss with your healers which of these raidwides they want to be mitigated with Addle. Your second Addle usage will depend on your first one.

If your first Addle is on the Gigaflare after:

  • Blackfire Trio, you can choose between the Gigaflare after either Heavensfall Trio or Tenstrike Trio for your second Addle
  • Fellruin Trio, your second must be on the Gigaflare after Tenstrike Trio

Phase 4: Adds Phase

Addle in this phase will be used on one of the Megaflare casts from Nael.

It is generally advised to Addle the first Megaflare cast as Addling the second one may cause you to not have Addle back in time for the first Morn Afah in Golden Bahamut.

Phase 5: Golden Bahamut

Addle in this phase will be used to mitigate the Morn Afah stacks. You should discuss with your party where you will be using Addle, as there are 5 total casts of Morn Afah.

Using 90s mitigations (Addle included) on the odd Morn Afahs will give you 3 total uses, so you should be using it on 1, 3, and 5 if you have 1 caster.

If you have 2 casters and it is your job to mitigate the 2nd and the 4th Morn Afah, do consider the timing of where you use addle for the 2nd Morn Afah. You have to use it a few seconds before the cast for Morn Afah begins, or it will be late for the 4th one.

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The majority of damage in E1S comes in the form of unmitigable, % based damage.

Dimensional Shift, Eden’s Gravity as well as Vice of Apathy (DPS puddle drops) cannot be mitigated by anything short of actual shields.

Addle has limited value in this fight but there are still a few good options for it:

  • Vice of Vanity (tank beams)
  • Vice of Thievery (healer pass to tank bleeds, reduces all ticks for the entire duration of the DoT, as per normal DoT/HoT snapshotting rules)
  • Delta Attack
  • Pure Beam
  • Fragor Maximus

Addle notes:

  • All Delta Attacks are spaced out far enough that Addle can catch all of them. They do a decent amount of damage and are usually preceded or followed by raidwides.
  • Vice of Thievery (healer -> tank bleeds) in the opener is also a good spot as the bleed does heavy damage to the tank, sometimes leading to the tank’s death to the following Dimensional Shift if mitigation & healing wasn’t on point. Addling this will lock you out of catching the first Delta Attack.
  • If your team is cheesing preys by dumping them onto one tank and invulning, consider using Addle on the Vice of Vanity double tankbuster instead, or simply going for the straightforward Delta Attack Addle timeline.


Addle has good value in this fight as it is heavy with magic-based damage in the form of Entropies and Flares.

Spell-in-waiting damage is in fact mitigable by debuff based mitigations such as Addle and Reprisal.

The snapshot for spell-in-waiting damage is not when the initial castbar ends, but when the corresponding debuff runs out. Aim to land Addle at around 2-3s left on the debuff to account for status effect application delays.

Addle notes:

  • The most valuable use of Addle in the fight is around ~6:17s to catch the delayed Flare + Unholy Darkness combo. Addling at around 3s left on delayed Flares will mitigate both the proximity damage and the follow up stack damage. However, catching this timing requires you to consciously sit on Addle for the preceding Entropy (the one that is followed by initial flare marker appearance + hand of erebos mechanic).
  • Addle the first Quietus cast, which frees up Addle in time to mitigate any of the last three Quietus. If in a static, coordinate final Addle usage in consideration with other available mitigation. If in a pug, Addle either the second or third one as pug players tend to throw every mitigation at the first raidwide and leave nothing for the following, harder hitting ones.


This fight is fairly light on damage overall, with only a few concentrated instances of burst damage around tsunami phases.

Tsunami itself snapshots a couple of seconds after the castbar finishes. However, Addle has a lot of leeway with its 10s effect duration as long as it isn’t applied right at the beginning of the cast.

Debuff based mechanics such as the Tsunami stacks (Smothering Tsunami) can indeed be affected by Addle.

Like spell-in-waiting mechanics in e2s, any mitigative debuffs need to be applied a couple seconds before the mechanic resolves instead of when the cast first applies the status effects.

Addle notes:

  • Tsunami is the hardest hitting raidwide in the fight, and if progging with close to min ilvl gear, Addle is definitely recommended for both instances. Be wary of the slightly later snapshot, but using Addle halfway through the castbar is still safe.
  • It may be tempting to use Addle on the 5x stack marker following Stormy Horizons, but be aware that Addling there locks you out of using Addle for the second Tsunami, arguably a riskier instance of concentrated damage since more mechanics are happening.
  • Smothering Tsunami can be very dangerous during second Tsunami if your group is adopting a three-stack strat. If the group isn’t having much trouble with the Tsunami casts themselves, definitely consider Addling the stacks instead. Since there is no castbar involved, you will have to look at the Smothering Tsunami debuff countdown or use the preceding mechanics to aid you in timing the Addle. Tsunami 1: Addle when Temporary Current starts casting after the split. Tsunami 2: Addle right after initial knockback resolves.


Somewhat unbefitting of a gigantic rock man, the vast majority of Titan’s damage is magical with the only exceptions being Stonecrusher, Megalith, Fault Line and small Titan’s auto attacks.

Addle sees a lot of use in this fight and should definitely be used in one of the three Earthen Fury + Filthy dot combos in phase 3 to reduce both the on-hit and the dot tick damage.

Addle does work on marker based mechanics Force of the Land, Pulse of the Land and Weight of the Land with the snapshot being roughly 2s before the damage animation resolves. As there is no castbar for the markers, it may be somewhat tricky to utilize Addle effectively against them.

Addle notes:

  • There’s a nice Addle timing in the opener that will let you mitigate both the orange markers and the follow up Voice of the Land cast after Evil Earth resolves. Use Addle 1) right after dodging into the safe spot if the Evil Earth AOEs start from the outer squares, or 2) after an additional pulse of AOEs if Evil Earth started from the inner squares. If you can’t quite get the timing on it, it’s still good value to simply Addle the Voice of the Land raidwide.
  • Consider saving Addle for the yellow Pulse of the Land markers at the end of car pattern if landslide is first, and using Addle for Voice of the Land raidwide at the end of landslide pattern if car was first. This does mean that mitigation will vary depending on which pattern you get first, so if your group prioritizes consistency above all, you can just use Addle on the Voice of the Land that follows Crumbling Down phase.
  • If you don’t have a specific plan for P2 in mind, Addle can be pretty much used on cooldown to catch any Earthen Furies for good value. It should come off cooldown for any P3 Addle variation, but if you somehow held onto Addle too long in P2, make sure to not Addle the final Earthen Fury before P3 if you intend to Addle the first Earthen Fury + filthy combo in P3 as Addle will not be back in time.
  • For P3, Addle can be used to either mitigate the 1st and 3rd Earthen Furies, or the 2nd Earthen Fury and one of the raidwides in the pre-enrage sequence. While it may be tempting to catch two furies with Addle, it is quite common in PF for players to throw a lot of mitigation right at the first fury and have nothing to cover the 2nd fury. Consider saving Addle for the second fury instead as a Reprisal only Earthen Fury can still one-shot ilvl460 players with the initial hit + dot tick.
  • Be aware that P3 Tumults come from big titan, who is untargetable throughout this entire phase, so debuff based mitigations such as Addle and Reprisal will have no effect. Your main focus in this phase will be Addling Earthen Furies and Voice of the Land.


E5S is a fairly straightforward fight in terms of magical damage.

Judgment Volt, Ramuh’s raidwide, will be the main focus of your magical mitigation.

Volt Strike, the lightning AoEs that target players during Thunderstorm is also magical, but isn’t the greatest use of Addle as it takes some tricky timing to catch both instances of it.

Chain Lightning deals a non trivial amount of damage when taken without Surge Protection stacks (40k raw on a physical DPS), but that damage is better mitigated with Surge Protection and the Addle should be saved for the Judgment Volt instead.

Crippling Blow, the main tankbuster, as well as the majority of Ramuh’s various charges are all physical and cannot be affected by Addle.

Addle notes:

  • You can freely use Addle on any Judgment Volt cast before the first Chain Lightning phase and still have it available for the Judgment Volt that happens during Chain Lighting.
  • In order to catch the Judgment Volt during the second Chain Lightning, you cannot use it for either of the two Judgment Volt casts that happen after the second Fourteen Fury, or Addle will not be back up in time.
  • Using Addle during second Chain Lightning means that it won’t be back up in time for any of the pre-enrage Judgment Volts, but it shouldn’t be a huge issue as Ramuh’s pre-enrage sequence does not grant him damage buff stacks. Just remember to grab your orbs when he supercharges his pre-enrage raidwides!


Once again a fairly straightforward fight for Addle as magical damage is quite spaced out.

Ifrit’s tether mechanic and tankbuster are both physical, while Inferno Howl is his magical raidwide and likely the primary use of Addle in this fight.

In fact, the raidwides are so spaced out you can Addle all of them and it would be an acceptable mitigation timeline.

Though a little bit less noticeable than Inferno Howl, Garuda’s (and by extension Raktapaksa’s) Storm of Fury tethers and Air Bump stacks are also magical damage and can be mitigated by Addle.

Addle notes:

  • Due to the vast amount of prepull mitigation available for Garuda’s first raidwide, it may be more efficient to use Addle on the Storm of Fury + Air Bump combo that follows shortly after. It is possible to catch both instances of damage with an Addle timed near the end of Storm of Fury cast, but even catching one instance of damage is often more valuable than using it on the over-mitigated Superstorm.
  • The rest of the Addles can be used freely for any Inferno Howl. Try to delay Addle application on the first Raktapaksa Inferno Howl as the tail end of Addle will catch the following Air Bump.
  • Post Conflag Strike, there is another Air Bump + Storm of Fury combo similar to the one in the opener where Addle can potentially catch both instances of damage. Note that this timing will only be possible if you give up Addling the following Inferno Howl. Alternatively, you can go for the Storm of Fury + Inferno Howl combo instead.


E7S is one of the more unique fights in recent history in terms of damage typing as a significant portion of its damage is actually physical. This is when you make your melees put that nice Feint button back on their hotbars.

Anything that involves the birds dashing at a player is physical damage.

This includes:

  • DPS tethers during Betwixt Worlds
  • the tether stacks post adds phase
  • all the dark/light rushes during colored portals

As an interesting exception to mitigation rules we’ve observed so far, debuff based mitigations such as Feint and Reprisal do explicitly mirror from the Idol of Darkness onto the birds, and thus would reduce the incoming damage.

That leaves only a few significant sources of magical damage:

  • Empty Wave (the main raidwide)
  • Insatiable Light (the stack markers during adds phase)
  • Blasphemy’s pulsing raidwides at the end of adds phase
  • the color damages during Threefold Grace
  • various puddles throughout the fight

Addle notes:

  • In phase 1, Addle sees good use in mitigating the Empty Wave raidwide after Betwixt Worlds. The opener Empty Wave is mostly an optional usage as the party will have prepull shields, and there are no instances of party wide damage for almost 2 minutes.
  • During adds phase, Addle can either be used to mitigate one of the stacks, or held until both adds are dead in order to mitigate Blasphemy’s pulsing raidwides. In prog, it is not a bad idea to hold Addle as it can salvage a stack of three if someone dies to add dynamo/chariot.
  • Post adds, you may be asked to Addle the colored puddles during colored portals if your group is doing a strat that involves stacking four puddles. You can Addle as soon as the colored puddles appear and it will last until damage resolution. If that is not applicable, then the Empty Wave after colored portals is your only practical usage. If you’ve Addled the previous Empty Wave, then you’re limited to Addling the following Empty Waves in tornado phase.
  • Catching two instances of Threefold Grace with Addle is also a fairly valuable usage. Each instance of color damage can do 50k+ unmitigated and is often a source of surprising deaths. Note that this usage is only possible if you didn’t Addle the Empty Wave before tornado phase, but it’s a tradeoff worth considering as obvious raidwides tend to have a lot of mitigation thrown at it.


Shiva’s magical damage comes in bursts so there’s plenty of good things to Addle in this fight.

In general, while her mechanic transition casts do magical damage (Diamond Frost, Light Rampant, Icelit Dragonsong, Wyrm’s Lament), they’re not the greatest places to use Addle as healers often have ample time to top off before any required movement happens, and the following mechanic itself often contains more dangerous damage sources that Addle should be used on.

While not strictly related to Addle, the Heart Asunder raidwides during adds phase do a flat 50% of max HP damage similar to E1S’s raidwides and thus cannot be mitigated by any % based defensive buffs like Sacred Soil, Heart of Light etc. Only raw HP shields will work on reducing incoming damage.

Post adds phase Addle usage will be primarily around Akh Morn and Morn Afah combos. Addle can safely catch Morn Afah if used on the last two hits of any Akh Morn, and should generally be used in that fashion as Morn Afah hits for 140k unmitigated on physical DPS and can easily one-shot players without ample mitigation, whereas each individual Akh Morn hit is lighter in comparison and allows for healing in between.

Addle notes:

  • You may be asked to mitigate the opener Absolute Zero as it requires a bare minimum of 2 10% mitigations to be survivable (more if doing the fight at minimum ilvl). If Addle is not required there, then it should be used to mitigate the flare markers during Diamond Frost. Applying Addle as Shiva is casting Heavenly Strike will mitigate both the knockback damage and the ensuing flare damage. As Addle will not be back up until after Light Rampant resolves, you may optionally use it on Shiva’s Banish cast after her scythe kick/axe kick mirror combo.
  • If Addle was used in the opener, it will be available during Light Rampant. Mitigating either of the Path of Light casts would be a good use of Addle, as the cleaves can do 70k+ damage unmitigated on physical DPS, by far the most damaging instance in the whole mechanic when executed correctly. Post adds, Addle can pretty much be used on cooldown to catch Akh Morn and Morn Afah pairs, optimally used on the last two hits of Akh Morn to ensure that Morn Afah also snapshots Addle.
  • Unless Addle was used during Icelit Dragonsong, it will be up for the final Wyrm’s Lament to catch any of the Akh Morns or Morn Afahs. This Addle should generally be put on whichever Akh Morn + Morn Afah combo that doesn’t involve a tank invuln unless your healers specifically request otherwise.
  • Though likely a relatively niche usage timing wise, the Banish cast during Icelit Dragonsong hits tanks for tankbuster levels of damage, so depending on what personal cooldowns they have available at that point, Addle may serve as a useful mitigation point there. However, using Addle in this way locks you out of mitigating the first two instances of Akh Morn and Morn Afah in the final Wyrm’s Lament.