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Introduction To Frontline Video

Introduction To Frontline Video | FFXIV


Welcome to our Frontline guide put together in partnership with the “Revival” FFXIV PVP Community Discord.

This page will serve as the introduction. Future pages will go into depth about the particular modes.

What Is Frontline?

Frontline is a large scale PvP mode which engages three teams of up to 24 players each. The teams represent one of the three Grand Companies from the Maelstrom, Adders and Immortal Flames.

There are currently 4 maps in Frontline:

You can unlock Frontline by completing the following quests depending on which Grand Company you are a member of:

When you queue up you are randomly put into one of the Grand Company’s teams; you can not choose which one you are assigned to.

Players can queue on a specific job for exp or tomes either alone, or in a premade party of up to 4 players.

Say, Yell, and Shout chats can only be used with players on the same team.

Players can change to any other job while in their base, however, action recast timers will not reset when swapping jobs.

Each Frontline match has a maximum time limit of 20 minutes.

To play you queue up for either frontlines roulette or for the map of the week. Every single day the map is rotated on daily reset at:

  • 7 AM PST
  • 8 AM PDT
  • 2 PM GMT
  • 11 PM JST

The 4 maps rotation is Secure → Seize → Shatter → and Onsal.

You are awarded Experience Points, Wolf Marks, and each Tomestone. The amounts will vary based on whether your Grand Company team comes 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the match.

The unique rewards are the mounts and glamour pieces you get from the achievements. See []

Borderland Ruins (Secure)

Released in Patch 2.3

Secure is the 1st Frontline map created. The main objective is to earn points in 3 different ways. In order to win your team must earn 1600 points.

The 3 ways to earn points are:

  • Holding key locations on the map.
  • Killing opposing enemies.
  • Defeating the Allagan Nodes that appear at the middle of the map.

The main strategy is to be at the middle when the Nodes are preparing to spawn and hold objectives every other time.

Killing others is important so that you can clear the bases easily. Getting Battle High and then using that power to dominate in damage for Nodes and clearing enemies is the key to victory.

Seal Rock (Seize)

Released in Patch 3.05

Seize is the 2nd Frontline map created. The main objective on this map is by claiming and holding Allagan Tomeliths for points. In order to win your team must earn 800 points.

The Allagan Tomeliths have set spawn points on the map but the order in which they spawn is completely random.

You hold them by clicking on them. There is a hefty cast time until you can occupy it which will be interrupted if an enemy hits you. Make sure to do it wisely. Enemy teams can steal them by clicking it after your team clicks and activates it.

Getting Battle High and wiping out enemies at tomeliths then stealing them is the best way to play. Always stay on the move and try and flank the winning team.

If you are the winning team, try to make sure you get tomeliths on your side of the map and keep an eye on the 2nd place team to maintain your advantage.

The Fields of Glory (Shatter)

Released in Patch 3.3

Shatter is the 3rd Frontline map created. The main objective on this map is defeating Icebound Tomeliths for points. In order to win your team must earn 1600 points.

Each team has 1 base each that holds an objective point. It is important that your team holds this the entire time in order to earn points consistently.

There are small ice and big ice tomeliths throughout the entire map. While they spawn randomly, there are set patterns in which they can spawn. For example, some Shatter rounds can spawn all of the small ice tomeliths at the same time, and some Shatter rounds can spawn small ice tomeliths periodically.

The big ice tomeliths usually spawn one at a time, however, there is a pattern where two spawn at the same time.

In general, you want to destroy ice tomeliths, but the best way to annihilate ice is the same as every Frontline map. Build Battle High so you deal more damage, more damage results in more kills for points. Out damaging your enemies when fighting for ice tomeliths is very powerful.

Another valid tactic is to get to an ice tomelith first, then holding the position to stop enemy teams from coming.

Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam)

Released in Patch 5.15

Onsal is the 4th and newest Frontline map for Shadowbringers. The main objective on this map is occupying Ovoos for points. In order to win your team must earn 1600 points.

This map is similar to Seal Rock where Ovoos will spawn around the map. If you click on it you occupy it the main difference is the enemy team can not steal it.

Once you occupy an Ovoo, your team will get full credit on it. This is one of the more aggressive maps for Frontline and the best way is to consistently be pushing Ovoo locations. There is no defending yourself. You will always want to be pushing Ovoos with your team.

At the middle of the map an Ovoo of high value usually spawns. This one is intended to be contested for by all 3 teams and can result in a long stalemate sometimes. Always consider if your team should be going for it or not.

Often this map is about denying the highest point team Ovoos. The 2nd place and 3rd place team should be tactically working together so they can catch up to the 1st place team in points.

Adrenaline Rush

Your team’s position in a match will dictate how fast your Adrenaline gauge will fill up.

  • 1st = no change in gauge generation.
  • 2nd = fills 1.25x faster.
  • 3rd = fills 1.5x faster.

Battle High

Battle High is an immensely important status to build up over the course of Frontline matches and can often turn the tide to victory, or help ensure that you maintain your winning advantage.

It is increased according to how many knockouts and assists you earn with a maximum rating of 100. For every increment of 20, the status increases by an additional 10%.

Being knocked out by enemy players will cut your rating by half.

Status Rating Effect
Battle High I 20 to 39 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 10%.
Battle High II 40 to 59 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 20%.
Battle High III 60 to 79 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 30%.
Battle High IV 80 to 99 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 40%.
Battle High V 100 Damage dealt and healing potency increased by 50%.

Frontline General Rewards

Frontline provides many different rewards for your time. Amounts can vary based on whether your Grand Company team ranks 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Here’s what you can earn:

  • Exp: Varies per level.
  • Max Level Allagan Tomestones: 50 non-weekly-capped tomes. 20 weekly-capped tomes. Must be max level. Same for all ranks.
  • PVP Exp: 1st = 1000, 2nd = 750, 3rd = 500.
  • Wolf Marks: 1st = 600, 2nd = 450, 3rd = 300.
  • Allagan Tomestone of Poetics: 50. Must be at least level 50. Same for all ranks.


Mode specific mounts will be listed in their respective section soon.


Mode specific titles will be listed in their respective section soon.

Change Log

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