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FFXIV PVP | Feast Beginner's Guide

The Feast Will Be Retired From FFXIV in 6.1

Until then, this guide will be directly available.

What Is Feast? Video

What Is Feast? Video | FFXIV


Welcome to our Feast Beginner’s guide put together in partnership with the “Revival” FFXIV PVP Community Discord. For more in depth Feast information and discussions please join their Discord!

Feast is an arena style PVP mode that pits two teams of four players against each other.

The winning team of the match is determined by whichever team has the most medals at the end of the match.

Medals are collected by killing the opposing team and each role can only hold a certain number of medals.

Teams are made up of one of each role:

  • Tank
  • Healer
  • Melee DPS
  • Caster or Physical Ranged DPS

General Tips

  • Take time to read all of your tooltips for your abilities and set up your hotbars and UI in the Wolves’ Den prior to joining the queue for a match, and practice those abilities on the training dummies!
  • Your Limit Breaks (Adrenaline Rush actions) are not shared with other players! Use them to secure kills
  • Pick up medals! Medals left on the ground will despawn, losing you the points. See the table of medal icons below
  • Each person can only carry a certain maximum amount of medals based on their role, when you are killed you will drop HALF your medals to the enemy team so share with your teammates!
  • Two types of supply kits spawn in the arena. Securing these is essential to winning games
    • Adrenaline: Fills 25% of adrenaline gauge. The first two are generally claimed by DPS to fill their gauge, after that it is dependent on who on the team needs it. First set spawns at 4:30, second set spawns at 1:30
    • Wolf’s Heart Kit: spawns at 3 minutes into the match. Restores MP over time (2% of maximum MP per second), increases Movement Speed by 10% for 1 minute. This should go to your healer! This can make or break a match - it’s that important!
  • You can only communicate via the “Quick Chat” macros found in your PVP Profile
  • If 90 seconds pass without a kill “Culling Time” will be triggered debuffing everyone with 10% DMG taken up. This increases by 10% every 15 seconds for a max of 50%
  • Queue times for Tanks, Casters and Physical Ranged DPS tend to have the longest wait times during the Feast season
  • Deaths will happen in The Feast. Assess what you could have done better and always aim to improve
  • The more you play the better you will get. Keep an eye out for training events to get practice and advice! Community members are happy to help!


Below is a table of medal icons and what they represent. You can pick up only up to your medal cap.

For example: if you have a cap of 100 and have 50 medals, an opponent has died with 75, you would pick up 50 to your cap and 25 Medals would remain.

Medals Icon Meaning
1-25 Medals Small Medal total of 1-25
26-50 Medals Medium Medal total of 26-50
51-75 Medals Large Medal total of 51-75
76-100 Medals Very Large Medal total of 76-100
Medal Capped Unable to claim Medals due to being Medal capped. Squiggle overlay can appear on any of the above icons


When making PvP macros actions require the /pvpac used rather than the /ac that is used for PvE macros.

Here are some of the common ones:

  • /pvpac "Repose" <e3> (<e#> targets the enemy party member in that slot)
  • /pvpac "Aurora" <2> (<#> targets your party member in that slot)
  • /pvpac "Purify" <me> (<me> initiates the action on yourself)
  • /quickchat "Focus Attack" <e1>

There are many macros that can be useful. Chat in the Revival Discord to find out more about your specific job/role and feel free to experiment for yourself.


What Is A Tank’s Role In Feast?

A Tank’s role is to mitigate burst damage, coordinate damage with your team and use crowd control tools to allow your team to kill and survive.

  • Generally accepted Additionals: Rampart and Reprisal
  • Tanks can STUN a target. Primarily should be used at the “Axes” of a countdown for the target burst damage. This is a 5 second countdown with visual and audio cues
    • You can also use it defensively, an example would be when you see your teammate taking too much damage, stun the melee DPS to stop their damage, giving your healer more time to save your teammate
  • Your Limit Break can discourage or even almost nullify bursts, remember to use it!
  • Pay attention to your healers’ cool downs and MP. Be prepared to assist with your mitigation if they have none to handle a burst
  • Assist with damage on the focused targets and help to “peel” enemy players off your teammates by attacking them
  • Be sure to use your 15 second targetable defensive ability to help teammates often. Consider using a macro to make it easier

What Is A Healer’s Role In Feast?

A Healer’s role is to keep the party alive with consistent healing and mitigating burst damage and applying crowd control.

  • Generally accepted Additionals: Repose is a must along with Protect
  • When you first start out, healing should be your main priority
  • Always Be casting, by healing your team or by applying a dot on the enemy team, if you are having trouble keeping your team alive, focus on healing over dps
  • Use repose wisely, it is useful to use on the enemy healer when a burst is called, or on the ranged or melee DPS to stop a burst
  • When a countdown is called on an enemy player, apply your dot, when the countdown timer ends use your largest damage spell to help with burst IF your team’s health is safe
  • Positioning! Be aware of your line of sight, and use walls to your advantage to avoid ranged attacks, try to never be in the open!
  • Use Focus Target to use to keep track of where the target is (either a dangerous enemy DPS or a squishy team mate) and what debuffs are applied
  • If you aren’t marked, mark yourself with the “+” mark! Marks make it easier for your team to not LoS your heals!
  • Consider using the purify macro above and <e#> macro for Repose

What Is A Melee DPS’s Role In Feast?

A Melee DPS’s role is to be the leader of the team using marks on the enemy team to coordinate attacks.

  • Generally accepted Additionals: Feint, Bloodbath and Arm’s Length
  • You choose which enemy to burst by using the quick chat macro “Focus Attack”. This will place a 5 second countdown visual cue on an enemy followed by two “Axes” and a distinct sound effect. This indicates to your team that the target should be burst down
  • Callouts should be done every 15-20 seconds. This will allow your team to build enough resources to be able to burst again while applying pressure on the enemy
  • Know your burst! It is important to consistently apply pressure to the enemy to reduce their resources (such as Defensive Cooldowns and Healer Mana), it is critical that you understand how to do your “burst” - a huge amount of damage in a short period of time. This should be used on the “Axes” of the countdown to try and KO your opponent quickly
  • Watch the enemy buffs! It is not advisable to burst into an enemy when they have strong defensive buffs on. Be prepared to cancel a callout or switch your burst target to an unprotected player
  • Use your Limit Break! You can time it with your team burst by starting your Limit Break on the 3 second mark of the countdown.
  • Your Limit Break is the strongest hitting ability in PVP, some key things to note before using it, are:
    • Does the target have defensive abilities up/ready?
    • Does your Tank have a “stun” ready?
    • Is your Range DPS ready to sync their burst with your LB?
    • How many medals does the LB target have?
  • Always know where your healer is. You never want to break the line of sight with your healer, or you will probably die. It is acceptable to mark your healer with a symbol, such as the “+” mark. If you use walls to avoid the enemy Ranged DPS, always ensure that your healer can see you

What Is A Ranged DPS’s Role In Feast?

The Ranged DPS’s role is to follow countdowns from your melee and use your crowd controls tools to allow for better offense and defense.

  • Use Quick Chat “Hello!” to signify that your burst is ready
  • Use Quick Chat “Fall Back!” to signify you are in a bad spot
  • Try to not lose the LoS of your healer! If they cannot see you, they cannot heal you
  • Positioning! Be aware of your line of sight, and use walls to your advantage to avoid attacks, you have the least amount of HP and are usually a high priority target
    • Use walls to force the enemy team to push forward and to draw them into unfavorable positions to counter-attack!
    • Be aware of your healer when using walls to lose enemy LoS that you don’t also lose your healer’s LoS!
  • Ranged players have CC that can be used offensively and defensively
  • If your Melee DPS isn’t performing callouts & countdowns then you should lead the team in countdowns and targeting!
  • Avoid standing near or on your healer - this makes it easier to tell who’s being bursted and avoid multiple players being hit by AoE
  • Ranged LBs have an added effect that Melee LBs do not, they apply a debuff to all enemies in the AoE

Caster DPS Specifics

  • Generally accepted Additionals: Drain, Manaward and Addle are a must
  • Phantom Dart! This ability gives your team 20% more damage to a target for 6 seconds. Make sure you save this ability for a burst countdown. Do NOT use it outside of a burst. This is what makes casters top tier game winners
  • Each Caster DPS Job has their own unique CC abilities that can be used offensively or defensively, it will be up to you to determine when to use them!
  • Learn to slidecast, this will help with small positioning changes
  • Your LB applies a debuff that increases damage taken by every enemy in the AoE. This is good for forcing kills

Physical Ranged DPS Specifics

  • Generally accepted Additionals: Leg Gaze or Foot Graze, Concentrate and Recuperate
  • You have access to either a “slow” or “bind” in Additionals. (Recommended to take the “Bind”, Foot Graze, to combo with your LB!)
  • You have a “silence” ability, Head Graze, that is great to use against healers during a burst
  • You have access to damage reduction abilities that are useful to use when your teammates are being burst, make sure they are in range and LoS!
  • Constantly be on the move while dishing out constant pressure and have hard hitting abilities if combined with the Concentrate additional PVP skill
  • Your LB applies a heal reduction debuff on all enemies hit, this is good for pressure

Common Feast Terms

Term   Meaning
Additionals Additionals These are “additional” abilities you can customize. They’re found by going to PvP Profile > Additional
Burst Burst When you and your team use all your “heavy damage” attacks to force a kill on the enemy
Defensives Defensives Abilities that help prolong your (or your team’s) life. IE: Rampart, Potions (Medical Kit), Protect, Reprisal, Addle, The Blackest Night, etc.
LB Limit Break In PvP it’s called Adrenaline Gauge but most players default to LB or Limit Break
LoS Line of Sight LoS is the range/location where you are “visible” to the person targeting you. IE: Your healer can’t heal you through walls. If you’re behind one you’re out of LoS.
CC Crowd Control CC is any ability that disables in any way. IE: Sleep, Stun, Heavy, Bind, Silence, etc. Read your abilities to find out what CC you have
Slidecasting Slidecasting Slidecasting is when you make little positioning adjustments at the end of your cast (around 80% through the cast time). This is best learned by practicing in the Wolves Den since it may be slightly different depending on your connection so experiment with it.

Feast General Rewards

Feast provides many different rewards for your time. Amounts can vary based on whether your team wins a match or loses.

Here’s what you can earn:

  • Exp: Varies per level.
  • Max Level Allagan Tomestones: 20 non-weekly-capped tomes. 10 weekly-capped tomes. Must be max level. Same for all ranks.
  • PVP Exp: Win = 500, Loss = 250
  • Wolf Marks: Win = 500, Loss = 250
  • Allagan Tomestone of Poetics: 20. Must be at least level 50. Same for all ranks.

Ranking Rewards

Wolf Collars are awarded from the Feast Quartermaster at the end of a Feast season based on your ranking placement by selecting “Claim Tier Reward”.

Ranking Tier Emblem Wolf Collars Awarded
Bronze Bronze Rank 3
Silver Silver Rank 4
Gold Gold Rank 5
Platinum Platinum Rank 6
Diamond Diamond Rank 7

Collars are used to purchase Hellhound Weapons (see the next section) and can also be exchanged for 4,000 Wolf Marks each.

In addition to the collars, the Top 100 players per Data Center will also be awarded with a mogmail voucher to claim a prize that changes with each season, also from the Feast Quartermaster by selecting “Claim Ranking Reward”.

Glamour Weapons

Hellhound Weapons can be obtained from the Feast Quartermaster in the Wolves’ Den Pier by exchanging 10 Wolf Collars.

Job Weapon
PLD Hellhound War Pick
PLD Hellhound Shield
WAR Hellhound Battleaxe
DRK Hellhound Faussar
GNB Hellhound Gunblade
DRG Hellhound Spear
MNK Hellhound Knuckles
SAM Hellhound Katana
NIN Hellhound Sword Breakers
BRD Hellhound Longbow
MCH Hellhound Handgonne
DNC Hellhound Chakrams
BLM Hellhound Staff
SMN Hellhound Grimoire
RDM Hellhound Tuck
WHM Hellhound Cane
SCH Hellhound Codex
AST Hellhound Planisphere

Mounts & Minions


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