Information & About The Guide

This document is an update to the previous “How to be a Math Wizard”.

Changes include the:

  • addition of level 70 formulae
  • refinement of secondary attribute formulae
  • emphasis on mitigation and healing

In future revisions, we hope to capture refined pet formulae, level correction, and order of operation.


Table of References

Final Fantasy XIV formulae rely on tables to tailor them to specific levels, jobs, and clans. That is why using the same stats across different jobs and levels will yield different results.

When referencing a table value, large text will refer to the table name and the subscripts will refer to the row and column as such:

Table NameRow, Column

The respective tables can be found in the Modifiers section of this website.

Flooring & Ceiling

Flooring refers to the largest integer value less than or equal to a given value. In layman’s terms, it means removing anything after the decimal. To keep formulae relatively clean, I opted to use the flooring parenthesis ⌊ x ⌋.

  1. Floored Value = ⌊ 23.999 ⌋
  2. Floored Value = 23

Ceiling is the opposite of flooring – it is the smallest integer value greater than or equal to a given value. In other words, for positive values, round up. When ceiling is necessary, you will see the notation ⌈ x ⌉.

  1. Ceiling Value = ⌈ 23.111 ⌉
  2. Ceiling Value = 24

Redundant Brackets

To keep long formulae clean, I opted to remove redundant left-hand flooring & ceiling brackets. It is still expected that you perform the floor or ceiling as if the extra left-hand brackets were present.

Before: ⌊ ⌊ ⌊ x · y ⌋ · z ⌋ · w ⌋ → After: ⌊ x · y ⌋ · z ⌋ · w ⌋