6.0 Changes With Endwalker

While we are confident that the values in the table below will hold true for Endwalker, we will verify the values to ensure they accurately reflect the functions in game.

Base Piety levels for 51-89 will be double checked.

Explaining Piety

Piety is a Healer only function that linearly increases the passive MP recovered with the personal recovery tick. It does nothing for non-healers.

Its coefficient is *150** and each tier increases MP recovered by an additional +1.

At Level 90 each tier of Piety happens every +12.666… (1900/150) points. This means that the tiers will either be +13 or +12 points.

There are no buffs that directly affect Piety other than increases with food. Mana Refresh buffs, such as Lucid Dreaming, are a separate buff tick to the personal recovery tick.


f(PIE) = ⌊ 150 × ( PIE - Level Lv, MAIN )/ Level Lv, DIV ⌋

For level specific variables variables such as Level Lv, MAIN and Level Lv, DIV, refer to Level Modifiers page.

Lv. 90 Spreadsheet Example


Piety Stat Tiers