Direct Hit

6.0 Changes With Endwalker

While we are confident that the values in the table below will hold true for Endwalker, we will verify the values to ensure they accurately reflect the functions in game.

Explaining Direct Hit

Direct Hit is a linear rate function that affects all of your outgoing damage for a chance to do 25% more damage. It does not affect heals.

Unlike Critical Hit, only the chance to deal 25% more damage increases with more Direct Hit. This event, however, can happen at the same time as a Critical Hit event resulting in a Critical Direct Hit (CDH). The end resulting damage multiplies them together for 1.25 * 1.critDamage%.

Its coefficient since its introduction in Stormblood is 550 and it tiers to the 1000th (changing by 0.001).

At Level 90 each tier of Direct Hit happens every +3.4545… (1900/550) points. This means that the tiers will either be +4 or +3 points.

Direct Hit can be increased by the following buffs:

  • Devilment (+20% Direct Hit Rate)
  • Battle Voice (+20% Direct Hit Rate)
  • Army’s Paeon (+3% Direct Hit Rate)
  • Food

Certain jobs have actions that guarantee Critical Direct Hits. Given that the 25% multiplier never changes, this means the stat has less value for these jobs the more guaranteed CDH events they have and will be why some stat priorities will list Direct Hit as not being as valuable.

Due to being a linear function, Direct Hit’s value has relative diminishing returns the more of it you have. That is to say the average DPS increase from going from a rate of 10% to 11% is worth less than the gain from 9% to 10%.


p(DH) = ⌊ 550 × ( DH - Level Lv, SUB)/ Level Lv, DIV ⌋ / 10

For level specific variables variables such as Level Lv, SUB and Level Lv, DIV, refer to Level Modifiers page.

Lv. 90 Spreadsheet Example


Direct Hit Stat Tiers