The Bozjan Southern Front FFXIV 6.11

Shadowbringers Relic Weapon Guide

Shadowbringers Resistance Relic Weapons

This section will cover the Shadowbringers Resistance Relic Weapons and will feature content written by Cordelia Faye.


I decided to make this guide to help other players get a complete understanding of how the Bozjan relics are made and the different ways to obtain the relic items through their grind.

Complete Shadowbringers Relic Weapon Video Guide

Complete Shadowbringers Relic Weapon Video Guide

Resistance Weapon Quest Steps

Prequests That You Must Do

Main Scenario Quest: Shadowbringers

This is the furthest in the main story you need to go to get started!

Return to Ivalice!

First you must have completed the entire Return to Ivalice quest line starting from Dramatis Personae in Kugane.

Here is a link to help you with that!

Queue times are fortunately much faster thanks to the later Resistance Quests, you’ll see!

Resistance Weapons: Hail To The Queen!

Starting in Kugane is the quest Hail to the Queen and the beginning of the entire Resistance Weapons questline.

Here is a link for more info.

You should be able to follow the quests easily enough. Keep in mind you WILL have to continue doing these Bozjan quests as you progress!

Things You Will Have To Do

You WILL have to do the questline within the Bozjan Southern Front and Zadnor.

  • You will only need 1,000 poetics to create each relic weapon after your first
  • There are 38 Sidequests, 7 of which are repeatable to create more relics
  • Some of these are located in Gangos, some of these are inside The Bozjan Southern Front, and some in Zadnor, they’re pretty hard to miss and have straight forward questlines.
  • The furthest quest you need to complete to finish your relic is A New Playing Field, every other quest after that will complete Zadnor and the current Bozjan story to tell.

You WILL need to upgrade your resistance rank and earn mettle to do so. Don’t sleep on Bozja because it is required for the relic. To complete your relic you will need at least rank 15!

If You Want To Farm Multiple Relics

The biggest thing I try my best to do is to keep all of the quests active, so I can farm all of the memories passively while I play the game.

Here are the quests you can keep active to farm the different memories while you play:

  1. For Want of a Memory
  2. The Will to Resist
  3. Change of Arms
  4. A New Path of Resistance
  5. Irresistible

My other big tip is to enjoy yourself the way you want to farm these relics, it’s a game, have fun. And don’t forget you can level up while doing all of these grinds!

Acquiring Your 1st Weapon

Your first weapon is free, however, if you want more weapons:

Obtaining the base weapon is easy enough once you unlock the quest, just 4x Thavnarian Scalepowders at 250 poetics each (1000 total) just talk to any merchant. e.g. the representative in Limsa Lominsa by the Aetheryte.

Sundry Splendors Item List
Sundry Splendors Item List

You’ll find them under:

  1. Combat Supplies
  2. Special Arms Materials
  3. Down the bottom!

And that’s it. Simple step!

It is up to you if you want to spend your poetics here for now, or save them for something else. Just keep in mind its 1000 poetics per weapon and it’s the only poetics you’ll be spending on your relic (unless you want to change the stats in the second phase later on).

For Want of a Memory

This is where the grinds begin!

You will need:

Tortured Memory of the Dying

You can obtain these two different ways currently:

  • Guaranteed drops from fates in either Coerthas Western Highlands or Sea of Clouds
  • in the Bozjan Southern Front’s first area (Southern Entrenchment) from Skirmishes or mobs randomly

Sorrowful Memory of the Dying

You can obtain these two different ways currently:

  • Guaranteed drops from fates in either The Dravanian Forelands or The Churning Mists
  • In the Bozjan Southern Front’s second area (Old Bozja) from Skirmishes or mobs randomly

Harrowing Memory of the Dying

You can obtain these two different ways currently:

  • Guaranteed drops from fates in either The Dravanian Hinterlands or Azys Lla
  • In The Bozjan Southern Front’s third area (The Alermuc Climb) from skirmishes or mobs randomly

Map of The Bozjan Southern Front

A map for the BSF areas that will drop the memories. Zone 1 (Yellow) = Tortured, Zone 2 (Blue) = Sorrowful, Zone 3 (Red) = Harrowing
A map for the BSF areas that will drop the memories. Zone 1 (Yellow) = Tortured, Zone 2 (Blue) = Sorrowful, Zone 3 (Red) = Harrowing

The Will To Resist

You’ll only need 6 of these Bitter Memory of the Dying, this is probably the more relaxed step, but maybe some people will hate this step more than the previous.

There are currently four ways to get these bitter memories:

  • The main way you’ll get these is through Lvl. 60 dungeons (synced), any of them.
  • You can also get them randomly through any Critical Engagement. (low chance)
  • You can get them once per day in Levelling Roulette.
  • And lastly random mobs in Bozja, any area (low chance)

My Recommendation For Farming Memories

For the Tortured, Sorrowful and Harrowing memories, there are two different ways to go about these.

A simple straightforward way is to go into the Heavensward areas to grind fates alone or in groups, it is fairly fast but not the fastest.

It is up to you which fates you should do so pick your favourite scenery. I stuck with Coerthas Western Highlands, Dravanian Forelands and Dravanian Hinterlands.

However, if you are lower in rank and not in a rush I would recommend farming the different bozjan fates to both get mettle, experience for level 71 jobs, decent chances of memories and on top of that you can probably make some money (unless you want to keep what you find) by selling the various items you can obtain from lockboxes or the Forgotten Fragments.

For the Bitter Memory of the Dying, I would recommend just doing your daily leveling roulettes for exp, and queuing (synced) for either The Great Gubal Library (Hard) or The Antitower, your chances of getting these in Bozja is low so it’s best you farm these more directly.

The fastest way to farm all four memories is to join cluster farm parties in the Bozjan Southern Front. This involves finding a party and either simply farming the mobs outside of skirmishes or splitting your party to farm multiple different mob packs throughout the instance.

…And that’s it for the first phase, now it’s time for some side quests before you can touch the second phase!

Most of these sidequests are within The Southern Bozjan front and will require you to rank up as you WILL need to clear Castrum Lacus Litore!

Bozjan Cluster Farming

What Is It?

Basically, with a party you will split up into different areas of the Bozjan Southern Front and farm several packs of mobs, as regardless of whether you hit a mob or not, as long as any party member hits a mob in the Southern Front, everyone in the party will get a drop by chance.

It gets better when you have more and more parties farming together as it also doesn’t matter whether another player outside of your party pulled first or has aggro or got the last hit, it’s as long as someone in your party tagged it at least once.

So we put this knowledge to use and scatter into several parts of the map to farm multiple mob packs at once, with several parties in these groups.

Why Do I want To Do It?

Because not only are you going to make lots of Bozjan Clusters which can be traded in for various rewards, the open world mobs will drop you more than enough candies- I mean memories, in such a short span of time. This is straight up the FASTEST way to farm the “Tortured”, “Sorrowful”, “Harrowing” & “Bitter” memories.

So how do I do it?

Well for the short explanation you will want to gather some parties probably in party finder or just type “lf cluster farm party” in shout chat while in Bozja, and start pulling packs of Garlean mobs and burn with healers/dps, it’s as simple as that.

For a more efficient and in depth guide that I recommend taking a read through, please read through this document by Seliph Stride (Tehps#0751)!

Reference Map For Cluster Farming

Bozja Cluster Farm Map
Bozja Cluster Farm Map

Clearing Castrum Lacus Litore

Castrum thankfully has gotten a lot easier to queue into thanks to the 5.45 hotfix and 5.55, your only challenge will be simply getting it to spawn and getting into the limited 48 slots!

Check out the Castrum Lacus Litore guide.

Rewards in Castrum Lacus Litore

Forgotten Fragments

You will get some from saving the prisoners.

Bozjan Runner’s Secrets

These are rare coffer rewards.

Keep in mind a lot of these rewards can be sold on the marketplace, if you don’t want them.

Getting In To Castrum

A few things have changed in patch 5.55, the first thing you need to understand is Castrum Lacus Litore will only spawn in The Bozjan Southern Front as a Critical Engagement, and how often it spawns is tethered to how many Critical Engagements & Skirmishes you clear in the instance (if one isn’t already currently up).

The other is that you don’t need 48, 30, 20 or even 10 people to clear Castrum anymore, thanks to the Echo buff that scales per player missing in the assault, you can clear with almost 8 people potentially! While typically you will want more people as it not only makes things easier, it allows you to save the prisoners for better rewards too, but that is just a bonus objective.

Otherwise all you need to do is simply hit “Register” when it appears and then hit “Commence” when the critical engagement is ready, you can join in with or without a party and reform parties freely inside the instance, so don’t stress about party composition too much!

If the Castrum is starting to be overpopulated in the registration phase and more than 48 people are queued, I would recommend talking to the Resistance Quartermaster and using “Request Priority” for 5 Bozjan Clusters.

This buff will last 60 minutes and will give you priority for any Critical Engagement including Castrum, but keep in mind for the buff to properly work everyone in your party needs to have it active.

Here are some Discord communities who tend to do more organised Castrum runs together as well as Delubrum Reginae (Normal or Savage), and even Dalriada in Zadnor!

For the Crystal Datacenter

Crystal Exploratory Missions Discord

This one is pretty neat to run with, they offer voice chats and organisation to guide you along with and they even farm the random hunts in the field before Castrum pops, Skirmishes & Critical Engagements (sometimes cluster farming too).

To join their runs simply read through #welcome to get started, if you want to que for Castrum scroll down to the “Castrum Group Finding” go to #lfg-castrum and type ~lfg [role] d, h or t (can queue multiple at once).

For the Aether Datacenter

Aether Bozja/Baldesion Arsenal Discord

From memory when I was on Aether this Discord was handy for Baldesion Arsenal, I know they do Bozjan runs and they probably handle those quite fine there too, the Discord should be pretty easy to go through.

For the Primal Datacenter

Primal Forays Discord

Handy dandy discord for Primal that also runs DR normal and savage, as well as Eureka content.

For all Datacenters

Eurekan Explorers Discord

A Discord for Eureka and Bozja on all servers, might be handy.

Will add other Discords if I find any more!

2nd Phase Upgrades!

This phase was made by a demon…

2nd Phase Sidequest Requirements

You will need to do a few sidequests which are located in Gangos and they’re locked behind Resistance Rank 10.

Fortunately the quests themselves aren’t so bad, one of them is a small rather short instance fight to then unlock Delubrum Reginae, a 24 man Bozjan duty. You will need to complete Delubrum Reginae to progress, so expect to return here a lot.

You also need to do the Main Scenario Quest Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty.

There’s only 3 side quests to do but there is another weekly sidequest I recommend picking up if you want some free goodies called One Man’s Relic.

It will give you 3x Bozjan Gold Coins which are traded for the new Law’s Order armour sets.

The 1st Step Of Upgrading: Change of Arms

This step is rather straightforward, you must obtain 15x Loathsome Memory of the Dying. You can obtain these only in three ways currently:

The main way to get these is the Crystal Tower Alliance Raids (synced):

Another main way to get them guaranteed is each time you complete Castrum Lacus Litore, it will drop x5 each clear!

And lastly, they also can drop from Critical Engagements, though at a rather low drop rate (10% or around 1 in 10, might be lower?)

The fast and consistent way to farm these Loathsome Memories is through Syrcus tower, or now clearing Castrum Lacus Litore is another great way to farm them, the harder part is getting into Castrum in the first place but you can farm Bozja skirmishes getting the phase one upgrades and potentially more Loathsome Memories in Critical Engagements :D

A Sidequest Required To Do Just ONCE: The Resistance Remembers

This quest is not as bad as it use to be, but at least it’s just one time :D

This part requires:

This phase haunts and vexes me even after completing it…

There are only two ways to get these memories:

For the Haunting memories they are guaranteed drops in the Dun Scaith Alliance Raids (synced) at 3 per run (up from 1), or fates in Gyr Abania at an improved chance as of Patch 5.58 (previously 25%).

For the Vexatious memories they are guaranteed drops in the Return to Ivalice Alliance Raids (synced) at 3 per run (up from 1), or fates in the Far East region at an improved chance as of Patch 5.58 (previously 25%).

Ways To Farm Haunting And Vexatious Memories

Haunting Memories

  • The Void Ark, faster queues and clears & consistent (around 16-20 minutes I’ve seen)
  • The Weeping City of Mhach, can be quick but inconsistent, not as many people know the raid
  • Dun Scaith, can also be fast but expect people to not know the raid here too
  • Gyr Abania Region fates, just pick whichever you enjoy it’s all deserts anyway!

Vexatious Memories

  • The Royal City of Rabanastre, by far the fastest at around 20 minutes clear times.
  • The Ridorana Lighthouse (Clockwork City of Goug), although a fun dungeon, can be a bit slower than the other raids. Also I’m still looking at YOU, person who doesn’t know prime numbers.
  • The Orbonne Monastery, surprisingly not as slow as it used to be, only takes around 20 to 30 minutes now and seems like most people know the mechanics in there now.
  • Far East Region fates, Azim Steppe is a nice place to farm both for population, faster, and amount of fates that spawn.

Some tips on fates: Try to party up and go to the same fates as any other people in the area, remember you can always talk to each other and coordinate, it’s an MMO.

Tips for the Alliance raids: Although Void Ark + Rabanastre is the fastest, try to mix things up be it doing fates or the other alliance raids.

As of Patch 5.58 this step is now considerably quicker. Drop rates for Fates will be investigated.

The Second Step Of Upgrading: A New Path of Resistance

This time you will be farming 15x Timeworn Artifact, which isn’t as bad as the previous sidequest but still another step to upgrade your relics.

There are two ways to get these and they’re both not so bad but still rather long.

  • Delebrum Reginae (3x guaranteed)
  • Palace of the Dead (RNG drop)

Which one to do? Depends on what you’re after so I’ll keep it short and simple:

  • Delubrum is now the fastest method as of Patch 5.57 with 3x Timeworn Artifacts per clear
  • Palace of the Dead is decent, if you’re going to run to floor 200, and also if you’re levelling up jobs

PoTD has different drop rates overall as they increase the further in you get, 151+ being 100% drop rate per ten floors, but overall PoTD is a bit slower especially without a dedicated party. (Numbers below F150 not 100% accurate)

  • Floors 1-60, ~10-20%
  • Floors 61-100 ~30%
  • Floors 101-150, ~80%
  • Floors 151-200, 100%

For PotD it is once per 10 floors and on any 10 floors, e.g. 1-10, 51-60, 91-100, etc.

DR or PoTD? Honestly, Palace in the early floors can be too unreliable and as of Patch 5.57 is much slower than just running Delubrum Reginae. The main time you’ll want to do it through this method is if you’re planning on running to floor 200, however, in that scenario the artifacts are a bonus reward.

Delubrum is not only guaranteed to get 3 Timeworn Artifacts from a clear, you can also later on farm Raw Emotions for the final step, letting you farm two relic steps at the same time.

If your goal is to finish this step as fast as possible, go for Delubrum Reginae, and please use Essences and Lost Actions that will help support your DPS, the faster you burn the bosses the faster you get these relics! A good run can now be under 15 minutes.

Once you have gotten your 15 Timeworn Artifacts return to Gangos, it’s time to get your shiny new sparkly weapon!

Congratulations if you got your Augmented Law's Order: [insert job weapon here]!
Congratulations if you got your Augmented Law's Order: [insert job weapon here]!

Augmented Law’s Order Attributes

Now in this current weapon stage we can finally augment its statistics.

This time they’ve put it in our convenience unlike the previous relics - no more random factors! It’s all exactly what you desire to have for the stats you want, and it’s a relief for all the work you put in.

Below is my Scholar weapon:

Scholar Relic Stats: 510 Crit, 510 Det, 147 SpS
Scholar Relic Stats: 510 Crit, 510 Det, 147 SpS

As you can see it allows for an allotment of 1167 total stats, into the four different stats of your choice (the only limit is the number you can push out.

Do keep in mind you cannot meld materia into these weapons.

Reconditioning Your Relic

This is also very convenient. You will only need 4x Aetherial Sealant for 100 poetics each (400 total), then simply talk to your friendly neighbourhood Allagan Node in Gangos and ask it to “Recondition the Resistance Weapon” (it’ll be the one equipped currently).

Aetherial Sealants don’t sell in main cities, you have to go to Mor Dhona, Idyllshire etc. Same place at the bottom of Special Arms trade though.

Then enjoy whichever stats you prefer! It’s rather convenient and cheap with no repercussions or heavy grinds behind it - for once!

Final Phase: Blades of Gunnhildr!

Final Phase Sidequest Requirements

What Dreams Are Made Of

What Dreams Are Made Of unlocks as soon as you finish the quest A New Playing Field after you enter Zadnor.

To retrieve this quest and begin the final steps of your relic upgrades you simply need to return to Gangos and talk to Gerolt and Zlatan. This quest then unlocks a three part quest that can all be commenced at the same time, I would recommend picking up all three!

These quests are only required to be done once.

The last step, Irresistible, is required for each relic you want to complete.

The Three Part Quest

You will be hit with three quests:

They will require you to get 30x each of their respective items.

Part 1: Spare Parts

Compact axles will drop 1x from Skirmishes in the Southern Plateau of Zadnor, or from floors 1-2, 5-6, 9-10 in the Alexander Normal Raids (Lvl. 60 Synced).

Compact Springs will drop 2x from Critical Engagements in the Southern Plateau, or 1x from floors 3-4, 7-8, 11-12 in the Alexander Normal Raids (Lvl. 60 Synced).

Part 2: Tell Me a Story

Battles for the Realm will drop 1x from skirmishes in the Western Plateau, or from floors 1-2, 5-6, 9-10 in the Omega Normal Raids (Lvl. 70 Synced).

Beyond the Rift will drop 2x from Critical Engagements in the Western Plateau, or 1x from floors 3-4, 7-8, 11-12 in the Omega Normal Raids (Lvl. 70 Synced).

Part 3: A Fond Memory

Bleak Memories will drop 1x from skirmishes in the Northern Plateau, or from floors 1-2, 5-6, 9-10 in the Eden Normal Raids (Lvl. 80 Synced).

Lurid Memories of the Dying will drop 2x from Critical engagements in the Northern Plateau, or 1x from floors 3-4, 7-8, 11-12 Eden Normal Raids (Lvl. 80 Synced).

The Drop Rates

These can all be gathered in two ways:

  • Normal raid tiers (synced & Normal mode, not Savage)
  • Skirmishes/Critical Engagements to the respective plateaus in Zadnor

After testing it out it seems like you only get one guaranteed drop from the normal raids, where in Zadnor you can get 1x drops from the Skirmishes, and 2x drops Critical Engagements in Zadnor, assuming you reach gold rank the drop rates are 100% guaranteed.

Which One Is faster?

Honestly they’re pretty close that you will have a good time farming either way, it just depends more so on what you want at the current time. Surprisingly even the Eden raids are burning really fast, I’ve seen Titan and Leviathan die in 4 minutes!

However, if you are looking only for specifics, you will probably have a much easier time just running their respective raids.

So Which One Should I Pick?

Pro tip, accept all three and do them all at once!

It depends what you want to get from each place. Zadnor fates are good as you will get all three quests progressed in the same instance, gain mettle to rank up or put that mettle into honors, or get exp for a Lvl. 71-80 job.

With the raids you can farm specific pieces you want to get and the usual items from Normal raids. I’d recommend picking the first 1-4 floors per tier for faster que times and faster clears overall though.

Once you have all three quests done, accept & complete “A Done Deal” to progress to the final quest. You’re almost there!

Map of the Plateaus of Zadnor

A map for the BSF areas that will drop the memories. Zone 1 (Blue) = Spare Parts, Zone 2 (Green) = Tell Me a Story, Zone 3 (Fuschia) = A Fond Memory
A map for the BSF areas that will drop the memories. Zone 1 (Blue) = Spare Parts, Zone 2 (Green) = Tell Me a Story, Zone 3 (Fuschia) = A Fond Memory

The Final Step: Irresistible

Please look forward to it :)

This step will require you to gather 15x Raw Emotion, and there are four different ways to gather these:

  • Dalriada in Zadnor (3 per clear)
  • Delubrum Reginae (Normal) (2 per clear)
  • Lvl. 70 Dungeons (Synced) (1 per clear)
  • Heaven on High (a chance for 1 every 10 floors :/)

Which One Should I Do This Time?

Fortunately this last step has a few nice options!


You should try to get Dalriada if it pops while you are already in Zadnor, as it is quite a fast instance compared to Castrum. On top of that you will get 3 of them just for one clear. However, it’s still not the fastest way to farm Raw Emotions.

Delubrum Reginae

Delubrum runs are pretty nice but as you know it can be rather slow, and if you’re in a rush to farm Raw Emotions you do have better options, however, as you should know you can ALSO get Timeworn Artifacts from the previous relic step at the same time! So this makes for a good “two for one” deal and will make it much nicer to grind out. (With the bonus Honors of Valor damage stacks Delubrum should be overall faster to grind the more people unlock these).

Level 70 Dungeons

Perhaps the fastest way to farm Raw Emotions is through the Level 70 Dungeons!

To keep it brief the fastest dungeons you will want to run is:

There are a few other decent dungeons but they have a few downsides. Temple of the Fist, Mocianne’s Arboretum & Ghimlyt are ok as alternatives.

But don’t go straight into these dungeons, open up Party Finder and look for or create a party and recruit Blue Mages, or sign up as a BLU. This method is by far the fastest with the power of BLU, so make use of it!

If you don’t have a BLU or can’t find any, it’s no biggie as queuing for the dungeon through duty finder or farming it with friends works just as fine, and almost as fast.

Heaven on High

This is probably the worst option. Its chances seem to be as poor as the Palace of the Dead version and sadly you can’t also get Timeworn Artifacts at the same time, you will probably only get those as a bonus reward when doing a floor 100 run of HoH.

Duty Complete!

Final Bard Relic: Blade's Muse
Final Bard Relic: Blade's Muse

Congratulations, if you’ve finished the previous steps then you’ve now completed your first relic weapon!

I hope this guide helped make your time obtaining these relic weapons a lot smoother. Thank you so much for reading this and making use of it!

Final Step Stat Allocation

Final Step Stat Allocation
Final Step Stat Allocation

It works pretty much the same, pick some stats now and you can re-allocate them at any time for just 4 Aetherial sealants (400 poetics).

Regarding what stats you should put in I’d recommend referring to any resources you can find to your job, AkhMorning has the casters and the Balance discord has resource channels on BiS stats.

Obtaining Previously Made Relics

If you ever lose your relic weapon or want one of the previous versions for their stats, you’re going to have to start all over and remake it if you want the stats on it, sorry.

However, if you just want any Bozjan relic that you’ve ever made just for glamour purposes? You’re in luck.

Fortunately for you there is a character you can talk to Regana in Gangos (x6.0, y4.7), who will sell Replica versions of your previously crafted relics, this includes both the animated and non animated versions!

Just bear in mind they have zero stats so do not use these in combat please, they will snap in half.

Purchaseable Replicas
Purchaseable Replicas

Relic Weapon Guide Infographic (5.57)

Relic Weapon Guide Infographic (5.57)
Relic Weapon Guide Infographic (5.57)

Credits & Contact

Feel free to contact me at Spindah#4986 on Discord or @CordeliaFaye on Twitter, if any information is wrong or if you have any suggestions to the document, or just more questions.

You can also get in touch by sending an email to

Thanks for reading. <3


  • 20/07/2021: Patch 5.58 Haunting & Vexing Memories Update (3x from Alliance Raids)
  • 22/06/2021: Patch 5.57 3x Timeworn Artifact Update
  • 05/06/2021: Wording tweaks, video guide release
  • 02/06/2021: Page updated with final 5.55 steps
  • 21/02/2021: Page updated with Spindah’s content