FFXIV 6.11

FFXIV PVP | Burst Basics

6.0 Endwalker PvP Action Changes

All pre-existing jobs remain unchanged as of Endwalker release.

Sage and Reaper are new Job additions to Endwalker PvP and will have burst sequences added here once they have been figured out.


In this guide you will find examples of burst for each job. This is not meant to be the ONLY burst you do and will not be covering more advanced cases, including Adrenaline (Limit Break) actions, but it is meant as a starting point for you to practice at the Wolves Den on a dummy.

During actual matches please be sure to adjust the burst as necessary to secure the kill. This comes with experience, so always think critically.

This is a living document and it will be updated as the community grows and the meta changes.

Be sure to take the time to read each ability so that you can understand why it’s being used.

Do stop by the Revival PvP Discord mentoring section if you have any questions and want to learn further!

Keep in mind that some bursts require gauge to be built up and many abilities are different from their PvE counterparts.

Why Burst Is Important

Healing potency via healing spells, abilities and Med Kits (potions) are extremely strong and can counter a lot of incoming damage.

In order to be able to effectively secure kills it’s necessary for all players to use their strongest abilities (burst) at the same time especially during:

  • buffs such as Phantom Dart / Feint
  • debuffs like Dia / Inner Chaos
  • crowd control like Stun on the burst target and Sleep on healers

Bursts are coordinated in a way to maximise the damage output in the shortest amount of time.

Caster Burst

Black Mage

BLM’s main strength comes in the pressure it can create while safely free casting Fire IV.

All of the spells below are the same potency (2,400) but BLM burst is about using instant-cast spells during Phantom Dart’s duration.

BLM Burst Example
BLM Burst Example

Black Mage Burst Example

  • Phantom Dart
  • Thunder III OR Xenoglossy OR Fire IV
  • Thunder III OR Xenoglossy OR Fire IV


SMN burst consists of maximising damage during each “Trance” - Dreadwyrm Trance and Firebird Trance, each with a 30 second cooldown.

Each trance requires 2 Aetherflow - each Energy Drain usage rewards you with 1 Aetherflow.

Keep in mind that Painflare is also an AoE 2 second stun.

SMN Burst Dreadwyrm Trance Example
SMN Burst Dreadwyrm Trance Example

Summoner Burst Dreadwyrm Trance Example

  • Dreadwyrm Trance
  • Phantom Dart
  • Deathflare
  • Tri-disaster
  • Fester
  • Wither (optional)
  • Painflare (optional)
  • Ruin III
  • Ruin III
  • Ruin III
SMN Burst Firebird Trance Example
SMN Burst Firebird Trance Example

Summoner Burst Firebird Trance Example

  • Firebird Trance
  • Phantom Dart
  • Fountain of Fire + Tri-disaster + Fester
  • Fountain of Fire + Wither + Painflare
  • Fountain of Fire
  • Fountain of Fire
  • Fountain of Fire

Red Mage

RDM burst is all about the finishers being used with oGCD abilities and is extremely flexible.

Your melee combo is NOT your burst, it’s a way to build your finishers - Verholy/flare & Scorch.

Be mindful of the enemy when going into melee range to execute your melee combo.

Keep in mind that Corps-a-corps heavies the target and Displacement binds the target.

RDM Burst Example
RDM Burst Example

Red Mage Burst Example

  • Embolden
  • Phantom Dart
  • Verholy/Verflare
  • Displacement OR Engagement OR Corps-a-corps
  • Scorch
  • Enchanted Reprise OR Displacement OR Engagement OR Corps-a-corps
  • Enchanted Reprise OR Displacement OR Engagement OR Corps-a-corps

Melee Burst


DRG excels at pressuring the enemy with a burst every ~7 - ~15 seconds.

DRG can burst at a moderately safe distance too due to the huge range on all of their attacks.

Piercing Talon can do as much damage as your 1-2-3-4 combo finishers - don’t forget that while deciding what GCD to use.

DRG Burst Example
DRG Burst Example

Dragoon Burst Example

  • Life Surge (Optional)
  • Stardiver (Optional)
  • Fang and Claw OR Piercing Talon
  • Nastrond OR Geirskogul
  • High Jump OR Smite OR Mirage Dive
  • Wheeling Thrust OR Piercing Talon


MNK burst is all about big damage oGCDs.

This burst order lands your damage in a short timeframe while also buffing SSS under RoF.

Effective use of Brotherhood and Axe Kick will help you build burst quickly - being MNK is no excuse for slow bursts.

MNK burst is organised with oGCD to start due to the long animation of Tornado Kick

MNK Burst Example
MNK Burst Example

Monk Burst Example

  • Feint (Optional)
  • Riddle of Fire
  • Tornado Kick
  • The Forbidden Chakra
  • Six-sided Star + Smite


NIN is about doing as much damage so Assassinate and Smite can execute the target. Build to at least 60 Ninki.

Remember that Assassinate can deal up to 3k potency in damage as the target’s HP decreases AND it resets on an assist or kill.

If you can safely get a Trick Attack off without losing uptime be sure to do so for the 10% damage buff.

NIN Burst Example
NIN Burst Example

Ninja Burst Example

  • Feint (Optional)
  • Bunshin
  • Spinning Edge + Bhavacakra
  • Gust Slash + Bhavacakra + Smite + Assassinate
  • Aeolian Edge


SAM burst is not simply Midare > Kaeshi: Setsugekka.

Be sure not to overcap on Kenki and use Shinten for 1,200 potency of damage.

In approximately the time it takes to cast 1 Midare you can get 2 Shinten for only 200 less potency. Keep this in mind when planning your bursts.

SAM Burst Example
SAM Burst Example

Samurai Burst Example

  • Midare Setsugekka (Optional)
  • Kaeshi: Setsugekka
  • Shoha (3 Meditation stacks) OR Hissatsu: Shinten OR Hissatsu: Soten
  • Smite OR Hissatsu: Shinten
  • Kasha OR Gekko

Physical Ranged Burst


BRD burst is one of the fastest to execute.

Be sure to take advantage of the simpler burst to effectively use your other abilities such as the “grazes” for crowd control.

When under the effect of Army’s Paeon the burst is the same - just without Pitch Perfect.

BRD Burst Example
BRD Burst Example

Bard Burst Example

  • The Wanderer’s Minuet
  • Concentrate
  • Shadowbite
  • Apex Arrow + Pitch Perfect (3 Repertoire stacks) + Sidewinder


DNC burst isn’t as strong as other jobs but it buffs you and your Dance Partner.

Saber Dance increases damage dealt by you and your Dance Partner by 10%, Fan Dance 3 reduces damage taken by you and your Dance Partner by 10%.

Be sure to keep rolling your GCD while executing the burst below - remember that using En Avant will buff your next GCD ability.

If your ping is too high be sure to remove one oGCD between the GCD usage.

DNC Burst Example
DNC Burst Example

Dancer Burst Example

  • Concentrate
  • Saber Dance + Fan Dance + Fan Dance III + Fan Dance
  • Fountainfall


MCH burst is about maximising damage done during Wildfire.

Be careful when going in to apply Bio Blaster - the enemy can easily turn on you and lock you down.

Triple weaving is ok in PvP so don’t be afraid to do it! If ping is too high be sure to remove 1 Ricochet from each “volley”.

Concentrate and Drill is a 2 button combo with extremely high potency.

MCH Burst Example
MCH Burst Example

Machinist Burst Example

  • Bioblaster + Concentrate + Wildfire
  • Drill + Gauss Round + Ricochet + Gauss Round
  • Air Anchor + Gauss Round + Ricochet + Blank
  • Heated Clean Shot

Change Log

  • 13/09/2021: Release of this page