The complete formulae for damage dealt, healing, & mitigation are actually a large set of functions multiplied together. Most of these functions round at the hundredth (0.xx) or thousandth ( ) place. When all is said & done, it is going to look like this:

Total Damage = f(PTC) × f(WD) × f(ATK) × f(DET) . . . etc

Rather than an elongated equation, it is easier to piecemeal each function & multiply at the very end. The following subsections are dedicated to detailing each function. In the following sections, we will cover various types of formulae, such as auto-attacks & weaponskill formulae, using these functions. For that reason, the sample problem-sets will focus on Paladin so that we may later combine these functions for easier calculating.

Potency: f(PTC)

Function of Potency is the contribution of potency to damage. It is solely dependent on the action’s potency. Auto-attacks have 110 potency. Shots have 100 potency.

f(PTC) = ( Potency / 100 )

Weapon Damage: f(WD)

Function of weapon damage is the contribution of your weapon’s damage rating. It includes your base determination, your job’s attribute modifier, & your weapon’s Physical Damage or Magic Damage rating. The attribute used for your job’s attribute modifier depends on whether the action uses your Attack Power, Magic Attack Potency, or Healing Magic Potency & what attribute affects that property. For example, a Summoner’s Physick uses Healing Magic Potency. Summoner’s MND affects Healing Magic Potency; therefore, MND is the job attribute modifier.

Like your attribute modifier, the weapon damage you select depends on whether the action uses Attack Power, Attack Magic Potency, or Healing Magic Potency. If it uses Attack Power, then you use the weapon’s Physical Damage. Otherwise, you use the Magic Damage. So when an Astrologian auto-attacks, they are using the hidden Physical Damage stat on their weapon. Why? Auto-attacks use Attack Power. All weapons have a Physical & Magical Damage value even though one of them is hidden .

f(WD) = ⌊ ( LevelModLv, MAIN × JobModJob, Attribute / 1000 ) + WD ⌋

Attack: f(AP) & f(MAP)

Function of Attack is the contribution of either your Attack Power (AP) or Magic Attack Potency (MAP). The current formula only works at level seventy.

f(AP) = ⌊ ( 125 × ( AP - 292 ) / 292 ) + 100 ⌋ / 100

f(MAP) = ⌊ ( 125 × ( MAP - 292 ) / 292 ) + 100 ⌋ / 100

Determination: f(DET)

Function of Determination is your total Determination’s contribution to damage & healing output as a rational number (Rather than percentage). Its value will never exceed three decimal places.

f(DET) = ⌊ 130 × ( DET - LevelModLv, Main )/ LevelModLv, DIV + 1000 ⌋ / 1000

Tenacity: f(TNC)

Function of Tenacity is the impact of your character’s total Tenacity towards damage, mitigation, & healing. Your character’s total Tenacity & level affect this multiplier. Its final value will never exceed three decimal places.

f(TNC) = ⌊ 100 × ( TNC - LevelModLv, SUB )/ LevelModLv, DIV + 1000 ⌋ / 1000

Speed: f(SS)

Function of Speed is the bonus granted by Skill Speed or Spell Speed in decimal form. It is commonly associated with your GCD, auto-attacks, & damage-over-time actions. Your character’s total Skill Speed or Spell Speed & level affect this multiplier. Its final value will never exceed the thousandths three decimal places.

f(SS) = ⌊ 130 × ( SS - LevelModLv, SUB )/ LevelModLv, DIV + 1000 ⌋ / 1000

Critical Hit Damage: f(CRIT)

Function of Critical Hit Rate is the bonus granted by landing a critical hit. At this time, it is assumed that bonus is the same for both damage and healing

The value of this bonus depends on your Critical Hit Rate & level. Its final value will never exceed the thousandths (Three decimal places). The structure is similar to the Critical Hit Probability formula with two key differences: 50 is replaced by 1400 & the 10 divisor is replaced by 1000.

f(CRIT) = ⌊ 200 × ( CRIT - LevelModLv, SUB )/ LevelModLv, DIV + 1400 ⌋ / 1000

Defense: f(DEF) & f(MDEF)

Function of Defense determines how much damage you mitigate through Defense & Magic Defense. It is affected by your Defense or Magic Defense & your character’s level. Its final value will never exceed two decimal places.

f(DEF) = ⌊ 15 × Defense / LevelModLv, DIV ⌋ / 100

f(MDEF) = ⌊ 15 × Magic Defense / LevelModLv, DIV ⌋ / 100

Block Strength: f(BLK)

Function of Block Strength is the percent of damage your block mitigates in decimal form. So, if your block mitigates 25% damage, your Function of Block Strength is 0.25.This value is determined by your Block Strength & level. The formula is effectively the Block Probability formula with an additional 100 divisor.

f(BLK) = ⌊ 30 × Block Strength / LevelModLv, DIV + 10 ⌋ / 100

Auto-Attacks: f(AA)

Function of Auto-attacks incorporates your weapon’s delay, as a decimal multiplier, to either increase or decrease the damage dealt by auto-attacks. Your level, job attribute modifier, your weapon damage, & your weapon delay affect this value. Its structure is similar to that of f(WD), but includes a weapon delay component. The attribute selected for JobModJob, Attribute depends on the attribute that affects your “Attack Power.” For most jobs, “Strength” affects your “Attack Power”, but notable exceptions include Bard, Ninja, & Machinist.

f(AA) = ⌊ ( ⌊ LevelModLv, Main × JobModJob, Attribute / 1000 ) + WD ⌋ × ( Weapon Delay / 3 ) ⌋

Healing Magic Potency: f(HMP)

Function of Healing Magic Potency the multiplier through which your Healing Magic Potency affects your healing output. The current formula only works at level seventy.

f(HMP) = ⌊ 100 × ( HMP - 292 ) / 264 + 100 ⌋ / 100