2021/04/10 Ultimate Hell Mode

Fey’s Temperance Ultimate Hell Mode

In partnership with Fey’s Temperance, FFLogs and MogTalk, AkhMorning will be providing web pages and leaderboards for events run by Fey’s Temperance. We are proud to showcase the first Ultimate Hell Mode event!

AhkMorningはFey’s Temperance,FFLogs,MogTalkと絶ヘルモードイベントを共同主催します!結果発表ランキングやルール等を掲載します!

UCoB Hell Mode VODs

UCoB Hell Mode Part 1
UCoB Hell Mode Part 2

UCoB Hell Mode Leaderboard

Rank Raid Group Time

Winner PoVs: Entropy

DPS: Shalfu Nyan (NIN)
Tank: Kana Chan (GNB)



10th of April until the 15th of April, 2021.



日時: 2021年4月10日~4月15日まで。

Starting Time

Saturday April 10th.

  • 7:00 AM PST
  • 11:00 PM JST
  • 2:00 PM GMT



  • PST午前7時
  • JST午後11時
  • GMT午後14時


Thursday April 15th.

  • 4:59 AM PST
  • 8:59 PM JST
  • 11:59 PM GMT



  • PST午前4時59分
  • JST午後8時59分
  • GMT午後11時59分

Format & Prizes

Welcome to the third speedrunning event which will be hosted by us in partnership with FFlogs, MogTalk and AkhMorning!

In this event, there will be 3 different categories running at different times:

  1. A custom Ultimate Hell Mode event (8 Players) - 10th and 11th of April
  2. An Ultimate speedrunning event (8 Players) - 11th of April
  3. A Dungeon speedrunning event (4 Players) - 14th and 15th of April

形式 & 賞金



  1. 絶ヘルモードイベント(8人):4月10日~11日
  2. 絶3種RTAイベント - 4月11日
  3. IDTAイベント - 4月14日~15日


  • First Hell Mode clear: $1800 USD
  • Fastest Triple Ultimate clear: $800 USD
  • Fastest Dungeon clear: $400 USD

Plus any donated amounts.


  • ヘルモード最速クリア:1800ドル
  • 3種RTAイベント最速タイム:800ドル
  • ID最速タイム:400ドル


Custom Ultimate Hell Mode Event

This event will start immediately on the 10th of April.

Participants will be asked to submit the earliest cleared run of one of the following instances **after meeting certain conditions** with a 2/2/4 THDD composition:

  • UCOB
  • UWU

The instance will be chosen and the conditions will be posted at the start of the event.

Players must satisfy all of the conditions and clear the instance as fast as possible to win the first place prize.

Eureuka/Bozja gear (Relic included) are not allowed during this event.

This particular event will be streamed on MogTalk where one group will be declared the winner of the $1800 prize.




  • UCOB (絶バハムート)
  • UWU (絶アルテマ)



Ultimate Hell Mode General Rules

  • No more than two waymarks may be placed on the field during the entire fight.
  • The fight cannot take longer than 17 minutes.
  • Each tank can use their respective invulnerability skills only once.
  • For each job role, the following skills are banned:
    Tank: Shirk
    Healer: Asylum, Earthly Star, Whispering Dawn
    DPS: Swiftcast

UCoB Stipulations

  • Players may only use the exact eastern half of the arena during Twintania phase, Nael phase, and adds phase. Players inflicted by dive markers during Nael phase are exempt (an exception) – after they are inflicted for the remaining duration of Nael phase.
  • One targeting Hatch must not be soaked by a DPS during Twintania’s phase and adds phase.
  • One player must be hit exactly once by any of the following casts: “Megaflare Dive”, “Lunar Dive”, “Twisting Dive”
  • All players must take damage from a tower explosion exactly once. No towers may explode during Grand Octet.
  • During Grand Octet, players are not allowed to move after the Nael marker disappears, until either they are inflicted by a marker or the red Bahamut marker is inflicted on any player.
  • During adds phase, a minimum of 5 players must be within Twintania’s hitbox for ONE out of four twister cast completions.
  • During Golden Bahamut phase, the x and y coordinates of the boss cannot change. You cannot move the boss.
  • A maximum of 7 players can take damage from a minimum of two Morn Afah casts.
  • Paralysis debuff and deaths are not allowed. Dying to Teraflare is exempt.

Ultimate Speedrunning Event

This event will start 24h after the event is live from April 10th.

The participants will be asked to submit the fastest combined run of all 3 ultimates.

The fastest combined run will win this prize category.

All THREE must be cleared in this order:

  • TEA
  • UWU
  • UCOB

Breaks between the ultimates runs will count into the submitted kill time.

Your run’s start time and end time starts from TEA and ends on clearing UCOB.

There will be no extra conditions in this category.




  • TEA(絶アレキサンダー)
  • UWU(絶アルテマ)
  • UCOB(絶バハムート)



Dungeon Speedrunning Event

This event will start on 14th of April at 12:01 AM GMT and will last until 15th of April 11:59 PM GMT.

The goal is to get the fastest possible time with any party composition at min iLvl for the newest 4-man dungeon in patch 5.5.

The only extra condition is that the party jobs must be unique and doubles are not allowed.






  • Cheating of any sort which involves glitching, botting or any sort of game changing advantage will cause you to be auto-forfeited.
  • Only one log can be submitted per group, that log will be your first & final submission. Please be specific with your log ID and ultimate/dungeon run.
  • Each group must submit an unlisted log, public logs will not be accepted. Logs can go public post the event. This is specific to the speedrunning logs.
  • A live log must be generated on the event’s day, past or previous logs will not be accepted.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted past the time limit.
  • This is an FFA on your job choice, however, any composition outside of 2T/2H/4DPS for ultimate challenges or speedruns will not be accepted.
  • A video proof may be requested in case of a required inspection to back up the logs. A clear PoV of the run showing buffs/debuffs. Being able to provide a video proof when requested is MANDATORY.
  • You will be requested to submit your results privately on the Fey’s Temperance Discord on the day of the event, so please check this discord a day before the event starts.
  • You must meet all the conditions and the rules to be eligible to winning the challenges.
  • You may use buffs that are available within your selected party composition. Using buffs from a 5th/9th member or any extra members prior to entry is not allowed and will be considered as cheating.
  • Using buffs outside your light party entry is also not allowed. For example, using a party buff and swapping jobs.

Due to the enforced requirement of not equipping bozjan or eurekan gear, including relic, you will be asked to show the characters gear /c during the fight’s downtime:

  • During Teraflare in UCOB.
  • During triple LB or post LB cutscene in UWU


  • 必ず『当日に開始された』『Unlisted』の『Live Log』を提出してください。Publicの場合提出を受け付けませんが、イベント終了後に公開する事に問題はありません。
  • ログの提出は、イベント開催期間中にこのDiscordサーバーを経由して行われます。必ず『#event_submission』チャンネルでリアクションを押し、提出専用のプライベートチャンネルを作成してください。
  • 提出できるログは、クリアしたコンテンツの数、参加したイベントの数に関わらず1グループに付き一つまでです。全て同一のLive Logに含め、提出時にそれに含まれるコンテンツ名称とログのIDを明確にしてください。
  • イベント開催期間外のKillは無効です。
  • イベント終了時点でログの提出を締め切ります。遅れたものは無効です。
  • ジョブの選択は自由ですが、零式の場合はT2H2D4、IDの場合はジョブ被りなしで構成してください。
  • 意図的なバグ利用、Bot利用を初めとするあらゆるチート、不正行為は発覚した時点で参加権を剥奪します。
  • 大会運営は各チームに討伐の視点の提出を求める可能性があります。この時、各チームは『バフ・デバフ』がハッキリと映っている視点を最低一人分は提出できる必要があります。
  • また、絶イベントではボズヤ・エウレカ装備が禁止されている都合上、撮影しているキャラクターは演出中等(テラフレア・LB連打~アルテマ)にPT全員のギアを画面に移す事が求められます。
  • クリアPTに含まれているジョブ・メンバー以外のバフを利用することは認めません。コンテンツ突入前に5人目/9人目のバフ、あるいは着替えたPTメンバーが別ジョブのバフを付与し突入等は不正とみなします。
  • 以上いずれかのルールに違反したチームは報酬を受け取る事ができません。


  • To participate you must be a member of the Fey’s Temperance Discord. One member of the group is enough to submit the application.
  • The event will start on time as noted at the top of the event announcement.
  • You may participate in one more group without duplications from your first group, and you must use your main character (if you need to use a different character, please specify the reason) so the staff can identify your 2nd group and verify the different participants. Please understand that this event is meant to encourage as many people to attempt and enjoy speedrunning, therefore exploiting this rule for any selfish gains will result in a disqualification.

Please tag your stream with “#Fey’s Event” for us to broadcast your team during the event setup.


  • 参加の申し込みをするメンバーはFey’s Temperanceディスコードのメンバーである必要があります。申し込みはグループのメンバー1名で十分です
  • 他7人のメンバーに重複がない場合に限り、一個人が最大2グループに在籍する事を認めます。別キャラを使う場合は必ず両キャラの名前を大会運営にお知らせください。また、これはあくまでより多くの人数が参加しやすくなるための特例ですので、私利私欲のために本ルールを悪用したと判断された場合は失格となることをご了承ください。

当イベントをもし配信をする場合はストリームに「Fey’s Event」タグをつけてください。こちらのブロードキャストチームが放送を流せるようになります。

Fey’s Temperance Ultimate Hell Mode Trailer

Fey's Temperance Ultimate Hell Mode Trailer