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What is Umbral Soul used for?

Umbral Soul is purely a downtime tool; a better version of Transpose.

It lets you build back up to Umbral Ice 3 + 3 Umbral Hearts during downtime, allowing you to cast Thunder III -> Fire III when you can hit something again.

Do not use Umbral Soul during uptime.

How do I use Despair?

Despair is a final nuke you use at the end of your Astral Fire cycle after you’ve done all your F4 casts.

The minimum cost for Despair is 800MP.

Is Lucid Dreaming useless on BLM?

Outside of super niche optimisations it is not used on BLM.

2.4k MP & AF is running out, what do I do?

You use solely Despair since it’s the better option on average.

Do not cast Fire -> Despair.

What’s BLM’s stat/meld priority?

Always maximize iLvl.

After that, SpS to comfort > Crit/DH > Det.

All stats are tiered, so exact melds depend on total stats.

Keep in mind that SpS is not just a stat for comfort, since BLM scales very well with it. You might meld a “worse” stat over a “better” one due to your gearset or tiers.

Use the Relative Gear Comparison sheet to min-max melds if desired.

Well, what’s a comfy SpS?

If you want to go fast, go fast. If you want to go slow, go slow. The rotation works at both extremes.

A popular yet mostly arbitrary number to aim for is ~2k+ SpS, but go with what works for you.

Feel free to use one of the sets in the aforementioned Relative Gear Comparison sheet.

What macros does BLM use?

None except for macros for Aetherial Manipulation and Sprint.

You can find examples in the 5.X BLM guide.

What do I use Xeno for?

Xeno is mainly used as a weaving and movement tool, or as filler in UI if Thunder III doesn’t need to be applied.

Apart from its utility aspect, it can also be used instead of other spells under raid buffs. Just make sure to never waste a use of it by over-capping Polyglot.

What’s the UCoB/UWU BiS?

  • UWU: i375 head/hands/feet. i470+ everything else.
  • UCoB: i430+ weapon. i345 everything else.

A Eureka weapon with a good substat spread will beat a synced weapon.

Use this sheet to min-max your own sets.

No B4 Opener & Xeno isn’t up. What do I do?

Above 2.4k SpS, skip the Xeno and go straight to Astral Fire after B4.

If you’re at full MP, do a normal rotation.

If not, do a 4x F4 -> Despair rotation.

This is fairly immobile and may not work in every fight. You can also try using Leylines one GCD later.

Between 2k and 2.4k SpS, simply skip Swiftcast and Xeno will be ready.