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FFXIV RDM | Litany (E10s) Guide


Lana White
Lana White Contributor | NA | Leviathan
Argen Yin
Argen Yin Contributor | SEA | Ramuh

Eden’s Promise: Litany (Savage) - Shadowkeeper

Eden's Promise: Litany - Shadowkeeper
Eden's Promise: Litany - Shadowkeeper

Holding The Four Minute Manafication

When your Manafication comes off cooldown around the four minute mark, you will likely have to move off the boss to avoid Barbs of Agony (unless your group is mitigating this hit).

In either scenario, you will likely have high mana levels when this comes off cooldown, allowing you to hold this Manafication until after a regular melee combo. Doing this will also help your rotation later in the fight, making the six minute potion window easier to execute smoothly.

Holding The 4 Minute Manafication Example

Potion And Double Melee Timings

Your potion and double melee combo here will happen during the first Void Gate towers.

As movement during this mechanic can be tight depending on the shadow pattern you receive, you can use these combos to your advantage when keeping uptime.