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Lana White
Lana White Contributor | NA | Leviathan
Argen Yin
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Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis (Savage) - Fatebreaker

Eden's Promise: Anamorphosis - Fatebreaker
Eden's Promise: Anamorphosis - Fatebreaker

Opener Contre Sixte And Swiftcast Hold

In your opener, swap your initial Fleche with Contre Sixte. This allows you to gain an extra use of Contre Sixte before the boss jumps.

In order to keep Contre Sixte on cooldown, you should hold your Swiftcast until the end of the phase to keep its cooldown consistent with your weave windows.

You can use your Swiftcast to gain an extra GCD before the boss jumps at the end of the phase. At 2.5 GCD, this GCD may ghost, but it will still generate the mana from its cast.

Opener Lightning Spread

If the first Elemental Break used is lightning, there are two ways this can be handled.

One is to adapt your opener to be an X-10 rather than an X-8, allowing you to start your melee combo after the spread mechanic.

Variable opener example

Another option is to discuss with your group to make room for you around the boss.

If standing at max melee, you can easily have five people positioned around the boss.

Lightning Opener 5 player spread example
Lightning Opener 5 player spread example

Bound Of Faith

When you are targeted by the Bound of Faith tether, if you are standing in the boss’s hitbox, you will be pushed out of his hitbox, interrupting your cast. You should stand outside of the bosses’ hitbox to avoid this.

First Light Mechanics Manafication And Swiftcast Hold

When your Manafication around the four minute mark comes off cooldown during the first set of Light mechanics, you will likely be at extremely high mana levels. You should hold this Manafication, doing a regular combo first while moving for the first light Burnt Strike.

During the downtime of Shifting Sky, prepare a Dualcast using Vercure to use when the boss becomes targetable. After doing this, you should hold your Swiftcast until after the first Light Elemental Break, and use it before the first Light Burnt Strike. This allows your dualcast windows to line up with movement necessary for these mechanics, such as stacking with your group for the Light proteans.

Light Element Alignment example

Second And Third Potion Windows

When your second potion comes off cooldown around the 4:30 mark, you should use it immediately on cooldown to ensure it is up quickly after Prismatic Deception later in the fight. Due to downtime, your group can also consider delaying the four minute buff window to 4:30, as this will not cost a use or cause you to drift buff later into the fight.

On RDM, there are many ways this potion window can be handled. It is extremely tight, if not impossible to catch two full combos under your potion here without heavily overcapping mana, which is not recommended.

A reasonable compromise if you are unsure what to do with this potion window is to delay your Manafication that you are already holding by a few extra GCDs, lining it up so that your potion can be weaved in between Enchanted Redoublement and your first finisher, allowing you to catch a Manafication buffed Verflare/Verholy and Scorch under potion.

2nd Potion example

Your third and final potion will be used on cooldown after Prismatic Deception. Under this potion, you should aim to fit two full melee combos under the potion and buffs.