RDM Encounter Advice FFXIV 5.5

FFXIV RDM | Eden's Verse: Furor (E6S)


Meru Lucis
Meru Lucis Contributor | NA | Leviathan

Melee combo before Garuda jumps

There is a natural melee combo that comes up near the end of Garuda phase.

It is possible to finish the entire combo including Scorch before she jumps away, however, consider holding Scorch for Ifrit if the timing seems too tight, as Scorch can ghost on Garuda if she jumps. The downtime from the transition to Ifrit is one GCD, so a combo’d Scorch won’t be lost in the meantime.

Can C6 Hit Both Ifrit & Garuda Before Debuffs?

No, they are a bit too far away for Contre Sixte to cleave before they resolve their debuffs.

Potion Timings

Though it might be tempting to pot at the beginning of Raktapaksa phase, our actual second pot window that overlaps with a double melee opportunity happens around Raktapaksa’s Hands of Hell.

However, if you’re trying to push enrage with pots, you would pot as soon as Raktapaksa becomes targetable, foregoing a double melee pot window in favor of getting three pots over the fight.