RDM Encounter Advice FFXIV 5.5

FFXIV RDM | Eden's Verse: Iconoclasm (E7S)


Meru Lucis
Meru Lucis Contributor | NA | Leviathan

Embolden During Add Phase

Embolden should generally be used on cooldown during add phase as holding it runs a high risk of losing a usage altogether.

Try to center yourself in the arena so your Embolden can reach both add groups.

In coordinated environments you can ask people to tuck inwards for Embolden.

Potion Timings

If you are not seeing both iterations of tornado phases in your killtime, you will not be able to do three pot timings unless you force a pot on cooldown during add phase.

In a two pot scenario, your double melee pot window comes up around the end of the towers + bird dashes mechanic after adds phase, though exact timing may vary depending on add kill time.

Example 2nd pot timing, uptime towers
Example 2nd pot timing, normal towers