Red Mage Guide FFXIV 5.5

FFXIV Shadowbringers Red Mage Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet

The following is a list of rules and priorities that every Red Mage should follow.

Each rule’s underlying reasoning explained throughout the guide, but for those that just want to know the hows and whats without the whys, or just a refresher, here is what to do:

Managing Mana & Procs

  • Don’t Dualcast Veraero if you already have Verstone (with exceptions).
  • Don’t Dualcast Verthunder if you already have Verfire (with exceptions).
  • If both Verstone/fire procs are up, alternate between Verstone -> Veraero and Verfire -> Verthunder until one of the procs falls off.
  • Use Swiftcast to fish for additional procs.
  • Don’t imbalance your Mana (31+ difference) when fishing for procs.

When to fish for a proc

  • If you are below 80 | 80 Mana and ran out of both Verstone and Verfire procs, fish for a proc.
  • If you are below 60 | 60 Mana and only have a single Verstone proc OR a Verfire proc, fish for the other proc.
  • If you are between 60 | 60 and 80 | 80 Mana and only have a Verstone proc OR a Verfire proc, do NOT fish for the other proc.
  • Whenever there is downtime cast Vercure so that you may start with a Dualcasted spell as soon as the boss is targetable. Do this regardless of what procs you have available. When proccing Dualcast in this manner, be aware that sprint, potions, and food will ‘consume’ your Dualcast proc. Take care to not accidentally drop your prepped Dualcast.

Acceleration Usage

  • Don’t forget Acceleration works on finishers!
  • If you are between 60 | 60 and 80 | 80 Mana and have both a Verstone proc AND a Verfire proc, do NOT use Acceleration.
  • Do not use Acceleration right before entering a melee combo, as you will not have enough time to consume more than one stack of it. You may safely press Acceleration after using Enchanted Zwerchhau (or Enchanted Riposte if you are going into your melee combo with Swiftcast off cooldown and with no procs). The exception is if you are using Acceleration to guarantee a finisher proc, then you may safely press Acceleration the GCD before entering your melee combo.
  • Acceleration can generally be used on cooldown so long as you can get at least two useful procs from it.

> 80 | 80 & Acceleration is on cooldown

  • Fix your mana/procs
  • If you have a proc of your lower Mana, use it before going into your melee combo (i.e. 84 | 82 with Verfire proc, use Verfire -> Veraero to become 95 | 91 before going into melee combo and get another 100% Verfire from Verflare).
  • If you have both procs, dump the proc of your lower mana before going into your melee combo (i.e. 80 | 85 with both procs, use Verstone -> Verthunder to become 89 | 96 before going into melee combo and get another 100% Verstone from Verholy).

Don’t use Manafication when < 40 | 40

  • As Manafication applies a magical damage buff now, we want to go into our melee combo right away to make sure the buff lasts until our hardest hitting spell, Scorch.

Embolden Usage

  • Best used in the opener at 5th GCD or 3rd GCD depending on your comp.
  • Line it up with Trick Attack or other raid buffs throughout the rest of the fight, regardless of how it lines up with your melee combo. You should not line up Embolden with Manafication at the cost of misaligning with raid buffs, but you may delay Manafication for specific cycles to set up a buff aligned double melee window.