RDM Resources FFXIV 5.5

Sheets & Theory Resources

General Theory

Statistics Interval Sheet

Allagan Studies’ stats interval sheets updated & ported over to the web for Shadowbringers. Useful for finding out how far you are from or over the next substat tier, or just to understand what your stats are doing.

How to be a Math Wizard (4.5)

Second round of the Allagan Studies’ document on general game formulae & how to use them. Go to resource if you’re wanting to math things out for good rotation sheet or to build a faithful rotation/combat simulator. Also ported to the web for Shadowbringers.

Red Mage Specific

5.x RDM Maths

Turing’s 5.x Red Mage theorycrafting sheet to model rotation pps (potency per second).

Jahaudant’s Gear Planner/Calculator

This gear planner is a tool similar both to Ariyala and relative gear calculators.

It lets you create gear sets to compare, even with level syncing so you can compare different gear sets for UCoB and UWU.