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Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis (Savage) - Fatebreaker

Eden's Promise: Anamorphosis - Fatebreaker
Eden's Promise: Anamorphosis - Fatebreaker

This page will provide advice and optimisation tips for Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis (Savage) - Fatebreaker.

Not only will it cover rotation optimisation choices, but will also highlight optimisation around party wide utility and mitigation.

With additional information, checking and theorycrafting from Hydar Tsukuba, Mugi Scarlet and Nemekh Kinryuu.

Before You Begin


Note that the example GCD sequences shown assume the 2.48s GCD tier.

Differing GCD tiers will likely create some conflicts with the micro and macro level alignments that you attempt to perform if you strictly follow these examples.

5.5 Build Recommendation

SMN i530 2.48s Raid Ring

Food: Smoked Chicken 


Fatebreaker Opener
Fatebreaker Opener

The suggested opener will be a 2nd GCD DWT - 7th GCD Bahamut opening sequence.

With the adjusted Energy Drain timing in the 1st GCD and a delayed Potion to the 4th GCD, this opener will allow for a 4 Fester alignment in the opener potion window while still aligning your standard oGCDs.

This opening sequence will also prioritise a Tri-Disaster clip, playing into a 60-55 timeline for the initial rotation cycle.

Prepull Devotion

Due to the specific timings of the first two phases of this encounter, your opener Devotion timing will be based on prepull Devotion tech, with pet micro to delay the physical buff cast until after the boss is pulled.

Your prepull Devotion should be popped at least 5 seconds prepull, using Place commands to delay the pet from casting until closer to engage.

Phase 1 Timeline

Phase 1 Timeline
Phase 1 Timeline

As the 1st Phase is approximately ~2:30 long, your rotation timeline should follow the image shown above.

With this shortened phase, you will prioritise a 60-55-55 Trance timeline, allowing for additional potency gains with a Tri-Disaster clip in the opener, before rushing your next two Trance timings and 2nd Bahamut.

2nd DWT + Bahamut

2nd DWT + Bahamut
2nd DWT + Bahamut

For the 2nd DWT + Bahamut timing, your GCD sequence should strictly follow the example shown above.

Due to this initial phase finishing at 2:30, the priorities around your oGCD weaves can be altered to improve potential potency gains from the next raid buff window.

Your Bahamut must be rushed here to allow for the Egi-Enkindle cast before Shifting Skies, as holding Bahamut until after the Enkindle is used would result in lost Wyrmwaves.

Post-Shifting Skies Reopener

Post-Shifting Skies Reopener
Post-Shifting Skies Reopener

The suggested reopener will incorporate another “prepull” Devotion (in this case, queueing Devotion just before the boss is targetable again), into a 2nd GCD FBT.

The FBT timing must occur by the 2nd GCD in order to maintain the proper Trance timeline during this phase or else you will not be able to resolve Deathflare before the Sundered Skies downtime.

This FBT reopener will prioritise a 2-4-2 rotation, for the sole reason of improved synergy with the coinciding Trick Attack or Brotherhood window that would occur here if you have a NIN or MNK comp. You will also use a delayed ED timing to push the additional 100 potency into buffs as well.

Tri-Disaster may also be clipped during this reopener (if opting for an altered DoT timeline which will be shown later), if so, weave Tri-Disaster in the 4th GCD alongside Enkindle Phoenix and delay your ED until the 5th.

Phase 2 Timeline

With Phase 2 being roughly ~2:50 long, your rotation timeline will revolve around strict 55 second Trance timings in an attempt to push the 2nd DWT and Deathflare before the Sundered Sky downtime.

Due to kill time differences however, which may dictate where the use of 120s cooldowns and your 2nd potion timing will occur, your preferred DoT alignment may be altered to compensate.

Timeline #1 - Buffs not delayed

Phase 2 Timeline Without Delaying Buffs
Phase 2 Timeline Without Delaying Buffs

This first example will show your preferred timeline in situations where 120s cooldowns are used immediately off cooldown, as will be common with most regular clear times.

With this timeline, you will generally refresh your DoTs normally, with 5 Tri-Disaster casts and 1 hardcast set.

Your hardcast DoTs however will be clipped by a few seconds at the ~4:25 mark, with the goal of snapshotting the very tail end of 60s + 120s buff window.

1st DWT + Bahamut Sequence - Timeline #1

Phase 1 Timeline DWT + Bahamut
Phase 1 Timeline DWT + Bahamut

The sequence for the 1st DWT + Bahamut timing during this second phase should reflect the example shown above.

For this sequence example, you would utilise a 3-GCD DWT duration before entering Bahamut, while prioritizing a 1-5-2 Bahamut rotation.

This Bahamut sequence is to allow for the hardcast Miasma 3 + Bio 3 to snapshot near the end of the buff window, while still maintaining proper raid buff window alignment with both Akh Morns and Festers.

Timeline #2 - Delayed Buffs + Early 2nd Potion

Phase 2 Timeline With Delayed Buffs
Phase 2 Timeline With Delayed Buffs

This second example will show your preferred timeline in situations where 120s cooldowns are held to align for the 2nd Tincture coming off cooldown, as well as some specific compositions.

The trick to this is using your Tri-Disaster resets from the first two Trance timings immediately, clipping DoTs into a timeline where your hardcast set of DoTs will still align for the delayed buff window.

This alignment gains further benefit from NIN, DRG, or BRD compositions, as the initial Tri-D clip will also snapshot 60s and 180s buffs during the phase reopener.

1st DWT + Bahamut - Timeline #2

Phase 2 Timeline DWT + Bahamut
Phase 2 Timeline DWT + Bahamut

For the 2nd timeline involving delayed 60s + 120s buffs to align with the 2nd potion timing, your Bahamut during this phase should be de-coupled from DWT to properly align for this buff window.

As speedrun clear times in the <9:30 range will usually prioritise a prepull potion on the opener, this means your 2nd potion timing should allow you to perform this sequence as shown.

With the potion prepped at ~4:28, Bahamut should be weaved 2 GCDs later to allow for your Egi-Enkindle beforehand (also potion buffed). Your Aetherflow stacks should also be held to align an additional 2 Festers into buffs.

This Bahamut sequence will utilise a 2-4-2 sequence to allow for the hardcast Miasma 3 + Bio 3 as your previous duration will be falling off.

Sundered Sky: Delayed Devotion

During the Sundered Sky downtime, an additional pet dance trick (with place and heel commands) can be used to put Devotion on cooldown for up to 30 seconds before actually casting the buff upon the boss returning.

Doing so will allow you to maintain Devotion’s cooldown around a x:00 timeline, allowing your next usage to be used immediately on the post-Prismatic reopener later on.

However, such a trick should only be used in optimised environments with proper practice to ensure you can maintain the pet movement without causing Devotion to cast too early.

Post-Sundered Sky Reopener

Post-Sundered Sky Reopener
Post-Sundered Sky Reopener

The Post-Sundered Sky reopener should mirror the sequence above.

With this reopener, another pre-queued Devotion should occur (in more optimised environments, upto 30 seconds before the boss is targetable again) before executing a 3rd GCD Bahamut.

2nd Potion

While more optimised clear times will see your 2nd Tincture use come during Phase 2, for extended clear times near enrage, your 2nd potion may be held for this Post-Sundered reopener to align with 60s + 120s + 180s buffs.

Phase 3 Timeline

Phase 3 Timeline
Phase 3 Timeline

The Phase 3 timeline should mirror this timeline shown above.

As this 3rd phase is the shortest uptime window, with only ~1:47 of uptime before the next downtime mechanic, you will only see two Trance timings during this phase but 3 Demi-Primal uses.

The latter DWT duration should also be ended immediately to allow for a full Bahamut duration before Prismatic or else you will lose Wyrmwaves.

Post-Prismatic Reopener

Post-Prismatic Reopener
Post-Prismatic Reopener

The Post-Prismatic reopener will be a FBT burst window, with the full use of your Aetherflow and Egi-Enkindle oGCDs.

This reopener will generally prioritise a 4th or 5th GCD FBT, however, FBT can be weaved by the 3rd GCD assuming your Devotion will be held until later.

Devotion and 3rd Potion

With faster clear time considerations, you would also look into pushing your final Devotion and 3rd Potion into this reopener window as well. However, in order to do so would require the pet dance tech during Sundered Sky for Devotion, as well as a ~4:35-4:37 timing on your 2nd potion.

Remaining Rotation

After the reopener, the remaining rotation will see up to a maximum of two additional Trance timings depending on how close to enrage your clear time ends up being.

With extended clear times you should generally use 55s Trance timings and follow general alignment priorities as much as possible.

If your final Devotion will be delayed on the reopener (due to not wanting to take the risk of pet dance micro), then try to align this Devotion for the next set of 60s cooldowns, or the next best timing for your party’s burst windows.