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Eden’s Promise: Eternity (Savage) - Oracle of Darkness

Eden's Promise: Oracle of Darkness
Eden's Promise: Oracle of Darkness

This page will provide advice and optimisation tips for Eden’s Promise: Eternity (Savage) - Oracle of Darkness.

Not only will it cover rotation optimisation choices, but will also highlight optimisation around party wide utility and mitigation.

With additional information, checking and theorycrafting from Melo Arkwind, Mugi Scarlet and Nemekh Kinryuu.

Before You Begin


Note that the example GCD sequences shown assume the 2.48s GCD tier.

Differing GCD tiers will likely create some conflicts with the micro and macro level alignments that you attempt to perform if you strictly follow these examples.

5.5 Build Recommendation

SMN i530 2.48s Raid Ring

Food: Smoked Chicken 


Oracle of Darkness Opener
Oracle of Darkness Opener

The suggested opener will be a standard 1st GCD DWT - 6th GCD Bahamut sequence to play into strict 110s rush rotation cycles.

Given the strict Trance alignment that will be preferred for this encounter, any hybrid rotation timings will not be ideal as you will bleed potency due to downtime.

Basic Relativity

During the Basic Relativity sequence our GCD sequence will be adjusted to account for the forced down time as a result of the Rewind - Return mechanic.

With to the Return timer resolving at ~2:12, resulting in a ~4 second stun, our 2nd Bahamut will be intentionally de-coupled until afterwards to allow for a complete 8 Wyrmwave rotation.

Due to this Return mechanic causing all 8 players to be stunned for the same duration, all 60s and 120s cooldowns will generally be held until after the mechanic has resolved.

By de-coupling the Bahamut, as well as holding your next Egi-Enkindle, you will maintain proper raid buff alignment.

Basic Relativity Sequence
Basic Relativity Sequence

2nd Devotion

The timing of your 2nd Devotion will strictly depend on your final kill time.

With early week (or undergeared) groups seeing extended kill times of 8:00+, your 2nd Devotion may be held until after the Intermediate Relativity mechanic sequence, allowing you to align 180s cooldowns with your 60s/90s/120s cooldowns.

However, in more optimised environments with full BiS characters, kill times will likely be fast enough that you will need to use this 2nd Devotion as the cooldown becomes available.

Intermediate Relativity

Throughout the duration of Intermediate Relativity, the following rotation alignment may be opted for:

Intermediate Relativity Sequence
Intermediate Relativity Sequence

The key factors with this rotation sequence are the specific DoT alignment that will be created by using the Tri-Disaster reset immediately, as well as the Energy Drain timing that should occur before the Return mechanic begins. Be mindful of the Gaze firing.

By using the Tri-Disaster reset immediately, you will create a new timeline to fit around the forced down time due to the Return mechanic. If the DoT timeline is not changed here, the forced downtime will cause you to drop your DoTs briefly, leading to lost DoT ticks.

Intermediate Relativity DoT Timings - Hardcast DoTs Before Rewind Begins
Intermediate Relativity DoT Timings - Hardcast DoTs Before Rewind Begins

60s vs 90s Buffs

An additional factor to consider for this specific rotation alignment is your group composition.

Given the timeline of the forced downtime relative to your Trance cooldown timer, the use of your Bahamut phase here can be altered to ensure a proper burst sequence into the upcoming raid buff window.

For party compositions that include a NIN, your Bahamut phase here should be held until AFTER the Rewind mechanic sequence resolves. This is because the upcoming Trick Attack timing will be available immediately upon the reopener, with all other party buffs being used in sync for proper raid buff synergy.

Post Intermediate Relativity Sequence Against 60s Raid Buff Timings
Post Intermediate Relativity Sequence Against 60s Raid Buff Timings

For party compositions that rely on 90s buffs, such as MNK, your Bahamut phase will typically be rushed immediately before the Rewind mechanic begins.

With 90s buff timings, the next raid buff window will not occur until ~4:37-4:38, which is ~19 seconds after the Return mechanic resolves.

Due to this added time, your upcoming Firebird Trance will already align for this next raid buff timing, and by using the Bahamut earlier we can avoid delaying this next FBT at all costs.

Advanced Relativity

The final portion of the rotation sequence heading into the Advanced Relativity mechanic can be visualised with the image below:

Sequence Before Advanced Relativity
Sequence Before Advanced Relativity

The goal with this rotation alignment is to create enough of a timeline gap between your Trance cooldown and the forced down time to allow you to maximise as much Bahamut potency as possible before the boss becomes untargetable.

Due to the prolonged downtime with this relativity mechanic, lasting a total of ~34 seconds, dumping this Bahamut will generally be the correct choice (outside of a very specific kill time range) despite the potential Wyrmwave losses.

Post-Advanced Reopener

Upon Advanced Relativity fully resolving, your reopener sequence should follow the example shown below:

Post Advanced Relativity Reopener
Post Advanced Relativity Reopener

This reopener should be treated as a “2nd opener”, as your 2nd potion will be used here, all of your oGCD cooldowns will be available to you and all of your party buffs should generally re-align here.

The speed of your kill time however may dictate how quickly this reopener may need to be performed.

While the ideal scenario is a 5th GCD FBT as shown above, giving you the proper spacing to weave your Potion, Devotion, and Egi-Enkindle cooldowns in proper order, you may be forced to compromise on this reopener if your FBT needs to be weaved earlier (to protect against a faster kill time that may lose you DWT/FBT potency later on).

Post Advanced Relativity Early FBT Reopener
Post Advanced Relativity Early FBT Reopener

Triple Apocalypse To Enrage

The remaining rotation sequence after the reopener should follow the simple timeline labeled below:

Triple Apocalypse To Enrage Timings
Triple Apocalypse To Enrage Timings

With this rotation timeline, you will continue to rush 55 second Trance timings, providing you with 1 more Dreadwyrm Trance timing + a final Firebird Trance if you see a near-enrage kill time. There are no specific cases with this final timeline, just follow general GCD and oGCD priorities, as well as proper DoT uptime.