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Which pet should I use?

  • Ifrit-Egi for single target.
  • Garuda-Egi for 3+ targets or encounters where Ifrit is going to lose significant uptime.
  • Titan-Egi for soloing or survival with Earthen Armor and sometimes for Mountain Buster AoE.

When do I use Ruin II, Ruin III & Ruin IV?

Use Ruin III if you:

  • are stood still in your filler phase. Ruin III is our staple filler hardcast GCD.
  • are in Dreadwyrm Trance (DWT). In DWT it is instant cast allowing for movement and weaving.

Use Ruin II if you:

  • need to use 2 oGCDs, are not in DWT, have no EA charges & have no Further Ruin stacks.
  • are doing the part of a Bahamut rotation that needs instants & have no Further Ruin stacks.
  • need to move for mechanics & the distance/timing means you cannot slidecast Ruin III.

Ruin IV replaces Ruin II when you successfully use an Egi Assault that does damage to gain a Further Ruin stack (up to 4 times) granting you the ability to use Ruin IV.

Do not use Ruin IV:

  • in Dreadwyrm Trance unless not doing so will drift your EAs.
  • in Firebird Trance.

Trances grant instant casts of other spells allowing us to conserve Ruin IV uses. Our GCD goal is to minimise Ruin II uses. Strive to always double weave with Ruin IV. If you can time the Ruin IV double weave with movement, even better!

Never use oGCDs after a hardcast Ruin III.

Stick to at most 2 oGCDs after an instant cast in general except for Demi Summons where specific triple weaves are acceptable.

What procs Wyrmwave & Scarlet Flame?

Only GCD spell actions from the Summoner that target an enemy result in a Wyrmwave or Scarlet Flame.

Do Demis benefit from party buffs?


Most buffs mirror from master to pet entities, as well as tinctures & food.

Do pets also benefit from Dragon Sight?


Only the Summoner will gain the benefit.

What about Dancer buffs?


Dancer buffs carry on over including the damage bonus from partnering & Devilment, however, pets do not receive Esprit for additional procs for the Dancer.

What does ## - ## - ## mean for Demis?

In the past people have asked what do the numbers for a Demi-Summon rotation mean?

They refer to the Demi-Summon procs surrounding the Demi-Enkindles to give an idea of the rhythm of their rotations.

e.g. 1-4-3 Bahamut means 1 WW + AM + 4 WW + AM + 3 WW

What is a ghost action in FFXIV?

ACT receives & interprets what I call the “prediction” message in order to parse direct damage events. This message tells you what is expected to happen. The majority of the time the damage it states actually happens & is confirmed in game however there are times where this damage doesn’t truly happen but ACT still reports the message. This case is known as a ghost action.

For Summoner the main actions that can ghost are any pet actions where the main cases are just before a pet despawns when summoning a Demi, or, a Demi-Summon’s last action happening at the tail end of the 20s window.

How bad is high SpS for SMN?

While the job’s weakest stat by a fair margin, it is not the end of the world to have some Spell Speed especially if it helps for consistency with Demi Summons.

Spell Speed starts to lose worth & feel bad if it causes you to clip your double weaves more. You can read more about clipping here.

Do bosses take DoT ticks while away?

Not normally. In general this situation is very much the exception & not the rule.

If any bosses do take DoT ticks while untargetable this will be emphasised in any fight specific advice materials.

No bosses in Eden Savage take damage while untargetable.

How do I glamour my Egis?

/egiglamour “egi name” “glamour” This is the official command.

/egiglamour “Garuda-Egi” “Emerald Carbuncle” This will glamour Garuda-Egi into Emerald Carbuncle.

/egiglamour “Garuda-Egi” This will remove existing glamours & return Garuda-Egi to normal.

You can also use auto-translate names for Egis & Carbuncles instead.

Why is Summoner Ifrit?

This trivial question is too advanced for us mere mortals.