Summoner Guide FFXIV 5.5

FFXIV Shadowbringers Summoner AoE


Summoner has the benefit of being one of the stronger AoE jobs in the game due to our ability to take advantage of AoE situations at various points in our rotation.

The tools to this end while potent are gated behind resources & time. Looking ahead with some careful planning can result in considerable DPS gains.

Below we’ll cover these tools available to us.


Save your Aetherflow stacks for Painflare AoE as long as your next Energy Drain is not delayed.

As of patch 5.10, Painflare has been reduced to 130p/target down from 150p.

Painflare is no longer at parity to Fester against 2 targets meaning Fester should always be used in a 2 target scenario.

Always use Painflare over Fester at 3+ targets.


Accessible only in DWT & ends DWT when used.

In Shadowbringers Deathflare has been nerfed further than how it was in Stormblood on two fronts:

  • DWT no longer has a +10% magic bonus meaning Deathflare is 400p base instead of 440p
  • Deathflare does 50% damage for all remaining targets beyond the first. 400p, 200p… 200p

It is generally worth it to plan rotations around hitting Deathflare leading into Demi-Bahamut’s Akh Morn on multiple targets without delaying cooldowns enough to result in outright uses lost.


As of 5.10, Bane received another considerable change in how it works.

This means that no longer is it possible to chain weaken your DoTs by spreading DoTs again from a 40% target. Casting Bane again will always spread the original DoT’s 40% & not 40% of the spread target.

The damage benefits from both buffs & debuffs for the DoT snapshots on the source target are also spread to all targets around. This includes Crit & DH rate buffs on you during your initial DoT application.

Bane has an AoE range of 8y making it able to hit things standard 5y AoEs cannot, such as Arcane Spheres in e1s.

At level 78+ Bane’s 15% chance to make spread DoTs be reset to 30s becomes 100%.


Outburst was given a new lease of life in Shadowbringers replacing its original incarnation, Tribind.

In Stormblood Tribind was originally a base of 30p while becoming 70p during Dreadwyrm Trance (DWT).

Now in 5.10 Outburst does a base of 90p/target regardless of Trance state.

Outburst is a gain at:

  • 3+ targets vs R3
  • 4+ targets vs R4 (with no additional oGCDs)

During Firebird Trance (FBT), Outburst becomes Brand of Purgatory.

Brand of Purgatory

Accessible only in FBT & when buffed with Hellish Conduit after casting Fountain of Fire (FoF). Consumes Hellish Conduit on use.

Brand of Purgatory (BoP) is Summoner’s strongest GCD at 350p while also having the 50% falloff beyond the first target for 175p.

Ruination does not affect FBT GCDs.

It is imperative to not drop any Brand of Purgatory casts by fat fingering Fountain of Fire one time too many, or using any GCD other than FoF/BoP. Doing so will result in one or more Brands being lost resulting in a DPS loss. Every FBT should aim for 4 FoF + 4 BoP as the golden standard.

Like Bane, BoP also has an 8y AoE range allowing it to hit things standard AoEs cannot.

The most notable current example in raid content is Eden Prime’s 4 Arcane orbs in Eden’s Gate: Resurrection (Savage), or e1s. They are just in range around Eden Prime for 8y AoEs to hit them with Eden as your target.


Using Enkindle gives a command to your Egi to perform their signature Action.

The shape & potency of the AOE changes depending on the Egi:

Egi Enkindle AoE Type
Ifrit Inferno Frontal Cone AoE
Garuda Aerial Blast Circular Target AoE
Titan Earthen Fury Ground AoE

While Garuda’s does more total damage than Ifrit’s single target, there is a cost in swapping pets with a delayed/lost pet auto in addition to the fact that Garuda’s Wind Blades are weaker single target making swapping to her for Aerial Blast not worth it.

Akh Morn & Revelation

Like Deathflare, Akh Morn was hit with some nerfs moving into Shadowbringers:

  • Akh Morn’s potency went down from 680 Bahamut potency to 650
  • Akh Morn also has 50% falloff beyond the first target like Deathflare. 650p, 325p… 325p

Revelation is equivalent to Akh Morn in damage & falloff.

Tying It Together

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Bahamut & AoE

Bahamut is worth saving for cleave/aoe phases in encounters due to Akh Morn alone, but not at the expense of delaying the next Firebird Trance’s cooldown.

Enkindle Bahamut also shares a cooldown with Enkindle Phoenix, so keep that in mind if wanting to Enkindle your Demi-Summons back to back.

Firebird Trance & AoE

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Example Rotations

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