Summoner Guide FFXIV 5.5

FFXIV Shadowbringers Summoner Pets

General Pet Things

As of Shadowbringers there are a number of important changes to how pets now function:

  • Pets no longer take damage from cleaves & AoEs. They cannot die.
  • Pets can now be placed next to enemies without aggroing them.
  • Pets can no longer hold aggro and tank. All enmity is transferred to us.
  • Pets can no longer be set to the Sic to automatically use their abilities on cooldown.
  • Sic is now what Order used to be. It is only used for engaging and swapping targets.
  • Pet abilities are no longer on the pet bar. They are now Egi Assault spells on the GCD.
  • Egi Assaults start with 2 charges with a cooldown of 30s to recover a charge.
  • Being spells on the GCD means their cooldown can be reduced by Spell Speed.
  • Being on the GCD also means those abilities cannot be used while casting other spells.

When potencies are discussed below keep in mind that pet potency is not 1:1 with player potency but as of 5.1 they all share the same scaling of ~82% of a player.

Ifrit-Egi (Melee, 1-2 targets)

Summoned with Summon III, Ifrit-Egi’s melee GCD Burning Strike hits a single target for 80 potency. This makes him the go to pet for single target and 2 target fights.

With Ifrit being a melee pet he will do his best to follow enemies as they move, however, if you are out of range while finishing up a Demi-summon window he will respawn nearby you causing him to the required distance to be in melee range again. To mitigate this try to be as near to the enemy as you can.

Assault 1: Crimson Cyclone

Crimson Cyclone is the strongest single target Egi Assault 1 with at 250 potency.

With Shadowbringers it no longer has a stun making it purely for single target damage.

As a measure of further uptime quality of life for Ifrit-Egi it would be nice for Square Enix to consider reworking this action to be a gap closer so that Ifrit can return sooner to a boss sooner after respawning at a distance following a Demi-summon window.

Assault 2: Flaming Crush

Flaming Crush is a melee range AoE centered around Ifrit dealing 250 potency to the first target and 125 potency to all other targets.

For single target it is equal to Crimson Cyclone but for 2+ targets it is the weakest Assault 2 among all Egis.

While Titan’s Mountain Buster is on paper +100 potency better at 2 targets by being 250 potency/target with no fall off, in practice there is a cost in the pet swapping in Burning Strikes delayed, lost and substituted with Rock Busters.

In such a scenario you are likely to lose 2 Burning Strikes and are expected to replace an additional 2 with Rock Busters while waiting for 2 Mountain Busters to resolve. While there is the +200 potency gain, there is an effective cost of (-80-80-20-20), or -200 potency cancelling the gains out. That said, there can be the cases where one Ifrit GCD is lost if things are timed right making the two target gain effectively 80p. Prolonged use of Titan over Ifrit will become a further DPS loss.

Enkindle: Inferno

Inferno is the only cone Enkindle. It hits for 300 potency immediately while applying a DoT on each target for 20 potency/tick for 5 ticks dealing a total of 400 potency/target.

At 5 yalms cone is fairly small in spread and range meaning when trying to hit multiple targets it is possible to miss them with a bad angle for the cone. This makes Ifrit’s positioning and where he is facing important in order to deal the most 2 target Enkindle DPS.

The DoT status can sometimes visibly disappear on a target’s status list. Do not worry as the DoT is still on the target dealing damage.

It happens when you have the following setting turned on and pet swap usually to a Demi-summon after landing Inferno:

Target status visibility setting
Target status visibility setting

Turning it off will stop the vanishing behaviour, however, if you keep the setting on you can still observe your pet’s statuses on an enemy with Focus Target (Shift + F by default).

Garuda-Egi (Ranged, 3+ target AoE)

Summoned with Summon, Garuda-Egi’s ranged GCD Wind Blade hits for 30 potency per target with a cleave radius of 5 yalms. With this in mind it requires 3 targets or more for Garuda’s GCD sustain to be stronger than Ifrit-Egi’s Burning Strike.

Being the ranged Egi it is possible to consider Garuda as the pet of choice if Ifrit’s uptime is suffering tremendously due to enemy movement or having to target swap across longer distances.

However, it requires Ifrit’s single target uptime to be < 37.5% (< 75% with 2 targets). In all current cases this never happens meaning for the time being there are no instances where we swap to Garuda for single target uptime reasons.

One thing to be mindful of when using Garuda-Egi is that where she is facing can dictate how long it takes for her to spool up her Wind Blades. If she is not facing her target already she will have to turn before she can cast.

Another thing to be mindful of is that Wind Blade has a 1s cast time making her weaving of Egi Assaults a bit clunkier than with the melee Egis with instant GCDs. #MakeWindBladeInstant

Lastly with her being at range be mindful of her placement with regards to a party so that you buff them all with Devotion. This can matter in dungeons where she can fall behind relative to trash packs are being pulled to.

Assault 1: Aerial Slash

Aerial Slash is the only AoE Egi Assault 1 among all pets.

At 150 potency/target it is a gain at 2 targets over Ifrit’s Crimson Cyclone by 50p.

However, the cost from losing autos by changing pets and Wind Blade being 20 potency less at 2 targets than Burning Strike makes Garuda-Egi a DPS loss at 2 targets.

Best used against large add packs.

Assault 2: Slipstream

Slipstream is the only ground AoE Egi Assault among all pets.

It creates a Gale Enforcer ground AoE with a radius of 5 yalms centered on the target dealing 50 potency directly then 50 potency per tick for 3 ticks (9s) for a total of 200 potency/target that remains in the ground AoE.

This may seem inferior to Titan’s Mountain Buster dealing 250 potency/target, however, ground AoEs have a special quirk where the majority of the time they will perform an immediate instant tick as the ground AoE appears separate from its core tick timer meaning most of the time Slipstream will deal an extra 50 potency/target for 250/target total.

It does have some very important limitations:

  • There can also only be one Gale Enforcer active at a time.
  • The Gale Enforcer ground AoE can only persist if Garuda-Egi is present.

Casting Slipstream again will replace the existing ground AoE with a new one instead of stacking two together.

In order for 2 Slipstreams to do their full potency per target it takes 2 full 9s durations or 18s total making it more for sustained AoE damage. These do not have to be back to back, however, do not apply the second one before the first one finishes.

If at any time during the ground AoE’s duration she is swapped with another Egi or swapped out by summoning Bahamut or Phoenix the Gale Enforcer will despawn without fail. Swapping Garuda-Egi out before the Gale Enforcer finishes can be a DPS loss.

Be mindful of these quirks when using Garuda-Egi for AoE encounters.

Enkindle: Aerial Blast

Aerial Blast is the highest burst Enkindle as a ranged target AoE dealing 350 potency/target with radius of 5 yalms while not having a DoT component.

Due to being a target AoE circle it is the easiest Enkindle to resolve against an add pack provided you pick a sensible target as the center.

VS Ifrit’s Inferno it is more DPS if things would die in < 3 Inferno ticks, or 7-9s.

VS Titan’s Earthen Fury it is more DPS if things would die in < 2 Earthen Raze ticks, or 4-6s.

When considering what comes out ahead in total damage be sure to factor in pet swap costs and any other pet damage source differences. There is always more to it than just which Enkindle comes out ahead.

Titan-Egi (Melee, Survival & AoE)

Summoned with Summon II, Titan-Egi’s melee range GCD Rock Buster hits for 60 potency every 3s. Because of this his GCD sustain is 75% of Ifrit-Egi’s meaning that for single target DPS purposes Titan-Egi is strictly worse than Ifrit.

This is further reinforced by Titan’s inability to produce more than 2 Further Ruin stacks per minute due to his Assault 1 not dealing any damage. As a result this is a DPS loss from a lack of Assault 1 damage and fewer Ruin IVs.

However, his Assault 2 is one of the strongest to use for AoE so it can be a good thing to bring him out briefly with that in mind.

Titan’s other strength is present in the sheer defensive mitigation he provides to the Summoner making the job one of the more durable DPS jobs to learn encounters with.

Assault 1: Earthen Armor

Earthen Armor is unique among all Egi Assaults in that it is the only one that deals no damage with a pure focus on player mitigation. It provides a shield to the Summoner for 30% of their maximum hp with a duration of 30s while having a cooldown of 30s.

Due to Earthen Armor not dealing any damage it will never provide a Further Ruin proc meaning that you can only gain 2 Further Ruin stacks a minute after Lv. 74.

Before Lv. 74 Titan-Egi will never provide Further Ruin stacks.

It cannot be emphasised enough how much of a mitigation boost this is for Summoner where previously the job had nothing. It is a 4x more frequent Manaward at a DPS cost making Summoner one of the safest DPS jobs to prog and learn encounters on. Paired with the ability to raise it’s an incredibly potent progression toolkit or for when farm runs are being extremely messy.

Due to also being a % function it is also potent in solo play especially in older content where Echo pushes our max HP even further but suffers against more current content when undergeared. In that particular case it is still better than nothing.

Assault 2: Mountain Buster

Mountain Buster stands out among the Egi Assault IIs in that it is the strongest EA for immediate AoE damage at 250 potency/target without falloff.

In comparison to Slipstream, it is always guaranteed to do 250 potency right away which makes it have interesting considerations to be used for AoE burst given that you can cast 2 Mountain Busters within 3s for 500 potency/target total.

Conversely, in 3 seconds 2 Slipstreams may do 150-250p total, the equivalent of up to just 1 Mountain Buster. Remember that for 2 Slipstreams to do their full potency per target it takes 18s worth of Gale Enforcer pulses (2 * 9s) with all entities remaining in the ground AoE radius.

This means that depending on how long multiple targets survive for, having Titan-Egi out briefly for 2 quick Mountain Busters can be the correct call for AoE burst before swapping to Garuda-Egi especially if party buffs are present even with the cost to pet GCDs from the swaps.

Being an AoE centered around Titan be mindful in that he spins on the spot and reaches his targets. If targets move out of range he can miss them entirely resulting in a DPS loss.

As always be mindful of how long add packs live for while thinking about your cooldowns.

If you are using Mountain Busters for AoE/dungeon packs be sure to swap back to Garuda-Egi right away afterwards. Prolonged use of Titan-Egi will be a DPS loss.

Enkindle: Earthen Fury

Earthen Fury is the only ground AoE Enkindle leaving behind a very noticeable magma puddle. It hits for 300 potency immediately with the puddle ticking for 20 potency/tick for 5 ticks dealing a total of 400 potency/target.

Being a ground AoE most of the time an extra immediate instant tick will occur so we can treat the on hit damage as 320 potency (300 + 20) where with the extra tick the total is in fact 420 potency/target. This makes Earthen Fury the strongest hitting Enkindle overall on paper.

Keep in mind that should a target jump Titan will still try to resolve the Enkindle where he is positioned as like with Mountain Buster it doesn’t technically require a target thus leaving a puddle in the middle of nowhere.


  • Use Ifrit for 1-2 targets
  • Use Garuda for 3+ targets, don’t waste Slipstreams with pet swaps
  • Use Titan for early prog, survival in a pinch and the occasional AoE burst
  • Watch out for pet positioning when it matters. Place/Heel are your friends