Limit Break



Cast Time & Animation Lock

Cast times and animation locks in seconds can be viewed in the following tables:






Please note that due to the lack of cast times for Tank LBs the effective animation lock can be higher due to ping.

Rescue can be used to enable the player who used the LB to move, but they will still be locked out of using any skills or casts until the animation lock ends.

Relative Damage

Here is a table listing all the relative strengths given that all LBs are used under the same average item level:

Limit Break Relative Damage Table
Limit Break Relative Damage Table

The table denotes x-Axis (gold label values) divided by y-Axis (red label values).

e.g. Melee LB3 / Melee LB1 = 3.500

This means a Melee LB3 is x3.5 stronger than a Melee LB1 at the same item level.

Values are based on thorough data from i180.