FFXIV Endwalker Ninja Frequently Asked Questions

Should I save Bunshin for Trick?

Should I save Bunshin for Trick? No, use Bunshin off cooldown. Only ever save Bunshin for Trick if you know you won’t lose a use otherwise (such as the end of the fight).

Why can’t I get my 2nd Raiton and both Raijus in Trick after the opener?

This is due to starting your prepull Suiton late. It is crucial to begin casting Suiton at -6s and then use it at -1s. This will not early pull due to the time it takes for Suiton’s damage to register.

Doing this will allow your 2nd charge of Raiton to be ready for all Tricks after the opener.

Do I need low ping to play Ninja?

Low ping allows us Ninjas to utilize double weaving, which allows us to cram more weaves into our Trick Attack window for more damage. While having low ping is better, it is in fact a rather minimal gain compared to executing your rotation correctly.

It is still possible to perform extremely well compared to other players and only single-weave.

Phantom Kamaitachi can be used within 45s after using Bunshin. Generally, the top priority for using Phantom Kamaitachi is to deal with a disengagement from the boss, allowing you to keep your GCD rolling instead of having to Throwing Dagger or burn a Raiton.

The next priority is to hold it for the next Trick Attack window, as it is a gain in most cases.