FFXIV Endwalker Sage Common Terms Glossary

While playing FFXIV you may come across many abbreviations and terms that may not be clear what they are referring to.

Here we will help you become familiar with common abbreviations and key terms that you may come across in game, when reading about jobs or even when watching videos.

This page will cover a wide range of terms not only for FFXIV play in general, but also common terms for Sage.

Many of the abbreviations and terms are slang or jargon as used by the players and are not necessarily endorsed nor used by Square Enix within FFXIV.

Common General Terms

Term   Meaning
2 Mins 2 Minute Cooldowns Refers to player actions, including raid buffs, with a 120s reuse timer.
AFK Away From Keyboard Refers to players being taking a break or not being available for a time.
Aggro Aggro Refers to:
1. The enmity, or threat, that players generate from actions to gain the attention of NPCs.
2. Something said when the top of aggro is flipping between players, or when tanks lose threat.
Anti KB Anti-Knockback Refers to actions like Arm’s Length and Surecast to negate knockback effects.
AoE Area of Effect Refers to actions that hit multiple targets.
Buff Synergy Buff Synergy Refers to stacking multiple beneficial party buffs together for a greater net result for damage actions.
CD Count Down Refers to the pre-pull count down before starting an encounter.
CD Cooldown Refers to:
1. The timer remaining before actions and abilities can be used again.
2. Using a mitigation or invulnerability cooldown.
Cleave Cleave Refers to:
1. Actions that deal damage to multiple targets close to one another.
2. Boss AoE actions, such as an arc or cone, that the other players can avoid being hit by.
D Damage Dealers
Refers to Damage Role players in a party.
DoT Damage Over Time Refers to statuses that deal damage every 3s for a set duration.
DPS Damage Per Second Refers to:
1. The average damage being dealt per second by players.
2. Damage role players.
Drift Drift Refers to the delay from cooldowns not being used as they next become available.
Full Party Full Party Refers to a full group of 8 players.
Funnel Funnel Refers to being able to use additional targets to generate more resources for a core rotation.
GCD Global Cooldown Refers to actions that share Global Cooldown recast timer and cannot be performed again until the recast has finished.
Ground AoE Ground Area of Effect Refers to AoEs on the floor that tick every 3s for as long as you are in its range.
H Healers Refers to Healer Role players in a party.
HoT Heal Over Time Refers to statuses that heal every 3s for a set duration.
HP Hit Points Refers to your life total.
HPS Healing Per Second Refers to the average healing being dealt per second by players.
KB Knockback Refers to actions that knock players back from a given location.
LB Limit Break Refers to the role-specific party actions that require 1, 2 or 3 Limit Break bars to be filled.
Light Party Light Party Refers to a group of 4 players.
M Melees Refers to Melee Role players in a party.
MP Mana/Magic Points Refers to your mp total.
MT Main Tank Refers to the tank that is top in aggro.
Multi-DoT Multiple (target) Damage Over Time Refers to applying DoTs to multiple targets.
oGCD Off Global Cooldown Refers to actions and abilities that are not on the Global Cooldown group.
OOM Out Of Mana/MP Refers to when a Caster or Healer is too low on MP to cast spells.
OT Off-Tank Refers to the tank not top in aggro.
PF Party Finder In-game tool used to find and join groups.
Pot Potions
Refers to:
1. The consumable items “Grade X Tincture of Y” which increases your main stat for 30s.
2. An instruction given for when to use your main stat buffing consumable.
Prey Prey
Prey Marker
Refers to the markers that appear over a player’s head to indicate they are being targeted for a mechanic.
Pull Pull Refers to:
1. Telling someone to pull NPCs in an instance or zone.
2. An given attempt on an encounter.
R Ranged Refers to either:
1. Physical Ranged role players in a party.
2. Both Physical Ranged and Caster Role players in a party who can deal damage at a distance.
RF Raid Finder In-game tool used to queue up and join other players for raids.
RNG Random Number Generator Refers to:
1. Damage roll luck in terms of Crit, DH, CDH and high rolls.
2. Proc luck in a job’s rotation.
3. Mechanic luck in terms of how mechanics play out in an encounter.
4. Loot drops and rolls.
Savage Savage Refers to the tier of raid content with that provides the highest available ilvl gear on a weekly lockout.
Server Tick(s) Server Tick(s) Refers to:
1. The periodic moment when a ground AoE or status ticks every 3s.
2. A term players often mention when citing the game’s net code as to why a mechanic’s snapshot has hit them when they claim to have been safe and out.
Slidecast Slidecast Refers to the act of moving after a hardcast spell has been confirmed before the cast bar ends.
Snapshot Snapshot Refers to:
1. When an action and applicable statuses have been confirmed by the server.
2. The act of using actions under buffs or debuffs to benefit from the properties of the statuses.
ST Single Target Refers to actions and rotations focusing on a single target.
Stack Stack
Stack Marker
Refers to:
1. A party having to stack together either to avoid a mechanic.
2. A party having to share damage from a stack marker AoE.
Stacks Stacks Refers to gauge attributes and statuses that have more than one “stack”.
T Tanks Refers to Tank Role players in a party.
TB Tank Buster Refers to mechanics that deal massive damage and require Tank invulnerability or mitigation cooldowns to not be lethal.
TEA The Epic Of Alexander (Ultimate) Refers to the third Ultimate encounter. Released in Shadowbringers for Lv. 80.
TP Teleport Refers to teleporting to a different location.
Trick Trick Attack Refers to the NIN action, Trick Attack, causing an npc to take 5% more damage for 15s on a 60s cd.
Often mentioned with regards to buff windows as every 60s buff window.
UCoB The Unending Coil Of Bahamut (Ultimate) Refers to the first Ultimate encounter. Released in Stormblood for Lv. 70.
Ultimate Ultimate Refers to the hardest series of raids, specifically:
- The Unending Coil Of Bahamut
- The Weapon’s Refrain
- The Epic of Alexander
UWU The Weapon’s Refrain (Ultimate) Refers to the second Ultimate encounter. Released in Stormblood for Lv. 70.

Sage Terms

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