Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Order For Using Primals Matter?

Mechanically, not at all. You’re free to make the choice in any order you wish.

At endgame, it will be optimal to choose the order that puts the most into the buffs you are working with, although that may be different depending on your raid composition.

The other reason to choose is that Garuda and Ifrit have some restrictions on their spells with long cast times, so make sure you can stand still to actually cast them when you enter those phases.

How Do I Get And Use Ruin IV?

Ruin IV can be cast when buffed with Further Ruin. This granted by using Energy Drain or Energy Siphon.

Prioritise using it whenever you can make use of the cleave or need the mobility.

Otherwise, use it wherever you wish, as long as it is not inside a Demi summon.

Don’t waste it by overwriting or letting Further Ruin drop.

Why Doesn’t Flow Work For Primals?

Elemental Mastery, the trait that unlocks the Astral Flow Elemental Favor actions, is obtained at Lv. 86.

Do Demis benefit from party buffs?


Most buffs mirror from master to pet entities, as well as tinctures and food.

Do pets also benefit from Dragon Sight?


Only the Summoner will gain the benefit.

What about Dancer buffs?


Dancer buffs carry on over including the damage bonus from partnering & Devilment, however, pets do not receive Esprit for additional procs for the Dancer.

Can Pet Actions Ghost In Endwalker?


The main actions that can ghost are any pet actions where the main cases are just before a pet despawns when summoning a Demi, such as Radiant Aegis or Searing Light, or, a Demi-Summon’s last action happening at the tail end of the 15s window.

What is a ghost action in FFXIV?

ACT receives and interprets a “prediction” message in order to parse direct damage events. This message tells you what is expected to happen.

The majority of the time the action in question that will happen does happen and is confirmed in game, however, there are situations where an action appears to have resolved and ACT reads it as such, but in truth, it has failed to resolve and nothing happens. This case is known as a ghost action.

Does Pet Potency Exist?


Damage from Demi-Summons and Primal Enkindles do not scale the same as potency from players.

The scaling ratio for Endwalker is being worked out and appears to be between 0.8-0.9 * player potency.

How Do I Change The Size Of My Summons?

/petsize [summon] [size]

where you replace [summon] with

Ruby Ifrit
Topaz Titan
Emerald Garuda

and [size] with



/petsize "Ruby Ifrit" "small"

All of the command arguments can be done with auto-translate.

How do I glamour my Carbuncle?

/egiglamour “egi name” “glamour” This is the official command.

/egiglamour “Garuda-Egi” “Emerald Carbuncle” This will glamour Garuda-Egi into Emerald Carbuncle.

/egiglamour “Garuda-Egi” This will remove existing glamours & return Garuda-Egi to normal.

You can also use auto-translate for the command arguments instead.

Why is Summoner Ifrit?

This trivial question is too advanced for us mere mortals.