5.0 Patch Notes & Updates

Hello everyone, Nemekh here with an update on job changes from the updated Summoner Job Guide for 5.0’s release!

We’ve been eagerly awaiting for the confirmed 5.0 release numbers, so here are the main changes vs our previous knowledge from E3 & the Media Tour:

//< 5_0-gcd-changes >//

Here are the changes by segment:


  • All Ruin GCDs have been reduced vs previous Media Tour figures
  • The difference between Ruin II & Ruin III is now 40p instead of 70p, making it less punishing for movement but less rewarding for optimising
  • Brand of Purgatory is now 350p base, 175p for all other targets
  • With the Ruin changes, FBT is relatively stronger with Fountain of Fire + Brand of Purgatory

Overall this is the most significant set of changes. While we gained some with Brand, the Ruin GCDs all taking a hit have brought us more in line with expected numbers than what seemed to be Summoner being a tad too strong in potential for 5.0 release.


  • This will need testing to confirm, however to me the wording implies 100p/200p/300p based on 0/1/2 DoTs. This was known from E3
  • The Media Tour had Painflare at 140p. E3’s build had Painflare at 150p so this isn’t truly new information


  • Burning Strike is down to 80p from 135p. If Ifrit scales with melee pet scaling, this is a big drop. But if all egis now scale the same as Garuda, assuming Attack is 40p, this is roughly on parity with the 135p + 60p we have now
  • Crimson Cyclone & Flaming Crush, if with caster pet scaling like Garuda, have gained some damage

These will need to be tested thoroughly to ascertain pet scaling.


  • Akh Morn & Revelation have been reduced to 650p from 680p. A little nerf provided scaling is still the same. Additional targets are still 50% damage
  • Everlasting Flight now lists 100p/t. This is a 5x upgrade from the previous 20p
  • It is assumed that the heal will be pet scaled & will not be equivalent to 100p from a player

The heal increase is nicer in the sense that perhaps healers can account for the HoT in how they approach healing in an encounter, although we still have rigidity in when Demi-Phoenix will be out.

Overall the new potencies have us at ~92-94% of the Media Tour figures, where now the numbers are perhaps a little below expected amounts. We will need to see how we compare against other jobs as most have also been subject to a round of potency & job mechanics changes.

Time & practice will tell how we shape up for 5.0 & what kind of feedback we want to provide to make the play of Shadowbringers Summoner feel better. Watch this space!