AkhMorning Site Launch!

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Welcome to the long awaited AkhMorning website for aspiring & veteran summoners as well as friends to Bahamut!

There have been many of ups & downs leading up to this point notably some family matters, my old computer dying & the new computer’s first SSD dying, however I am happy to say that my little project for the past year is ready to be pushed live.

Due to not being a web developer by trade there may be bugs that have slipped by. Please let me know if you find any! Styling is going to be worked on over time to make some elements have better functionality & form. Feedback is as always valuable so let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions be it over social media, on the AkhMorning server & via DMs.

With 5.0’s impending release there’s no better time to do so than now. As a result many of the original pages that had information for Stormblood Summoner now have placeholders for Shadowbringers. Once we have finalised our guide materials they will be hosted here for benefit of you the players of FFXIV.

Only 2 days for early access now - I hope you’re all as excited as I am, especially for the new iteration of Summoner! On that note, please enjoy the new Shadowbringers countdown artwork from Square Enix.

I look forward to summoning with you all for another expansion.

Shadowbringers Summoner + friends
Shadowbringers Summoner + friends