Site Changes

Hello everyone,

Nemekh here with a quick update pertaining to the Akhmorning job sites!

After some careful consideration as I continue working on the BLM site I’ve realised that it would be much more efficient to keep the work contained on the one domain rather than spread over multiple subdomains.

This not only helps with traffic monitoring, but it also results in a more sensible project to maintain, update and add more content to.

In the upcoming months there are further plans that are in the works that I hope will take form soon(tm).

The use of the websites has grown considerably over the months and is ever on the increase as more of you come here.

If you are ever in a generous mood please consider supporting AkhMorning either via Patreon, Kofi or Paypal to help keep the servers active, the content created and the community growing so that we can return back to our contributors and the players that make all of these efforts worth their while.

Thank you!