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From the first note of the minstrel’s melody, you recall the scene with crystal clarity ─ your allies and Hydaelyn, hope against hope.

Overcome once again with the emotion of that day, no epithet seems too grand, no verse too epic…

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Hydaelyn’s Call is one of two Extreme Trials for Patch 6.0.

It is unlocked after finishing the Main Scenario for 6.0, then talking to the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlyan.

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Loot can be found below.

Video Guide

The Minstrel's Ballad: Hydaelyn's Call Video Guide

General Considerations

  • Figure out groups of four (1 healer + 3 others) to assign for Crystallize (Water) stacks.
  • For Lightwave 1, determine which role (tank, healer, or DPS) will stay at the line-of-sight crystal, which role will go to the middle crystal, and which role will go to the far crystal. There are merits to any combination, so don’t fret too hard about the “perfect” setup.

Enrage & Required DPS

Boss HP Enrage Time
Hydaelyn 17,785,784 07:31 after Adds are defeated
6x Crystal of Light 238,740 each (1,432,440 total) Conviction Gauge at 100
2x Echo of Hydaelyn 2,482,204 each (4,964,408 total)
Destroying all 6 Crystals deals 6 * 347,508 to each Echo, or 4,170,096 total
This leaves 794,312 hp to deal with
Total Encounter HP 24,182,632


Be aware that if tanks decided to hold adds on top of each other in add phase, they get a damage up buff. This is not impossible to heal through, but it will require notably more attention.

Add phase enrage is easier to beat if adds are held together, but you will have to work harder. Tanks will require more coordination if you choose to not hold them together.


If you choose to tank adds together in add phase, you will want to run mitigation as often as possible.

The Echoes hit pretty hard with their Damage Up buff, but it does make positioning and moving them a lot easier. Make your healers’ lives easier by mitigating a lot!


Here we’ll explain the underlying mechanics throughout the encounter.

Hydaelyn Mechanics

Mechanic Effect
Hero’s Radiance Medium damage raidwide AoE.
Shining Saber Hydaelyn jumps to a random party member, dealing large damage split among all nearby party members. Stack and soak.
Crystallize Hydaelyn imbues herself with an elemental power, and attacks with it shortly after. Each element has a different effect:
Water: Targets both healers with a shared-damage AoE. Divide into two groups to soak.
Ice: Medium AoE around every player. Spread to avoid killing each other.
Earth: Shared AoE. Bring everyone in for this one.
Job Change Hydaelyn equips a new weapon, and attacks with it. The weapon she’s changing to is telegraphed by floating markers around her:
Chakram/Red: Donut AoE
Staff/Green: Medium AoE underneath her
Sword/Blue: Cross-shaped AoE based on Her facing direction.
This ability has no cast bar, but often happens alongside Crystallize.
Mousa’s Scorn Shared damage tank buster.
Lateral Aureole Wide attacks on both flanks. Safe spot is a narrow conal slice in front or behind.
Aureole Wide attacks in front and behind. Safe spot is a narrow conal slice on either flank.
Magos’s Radiance Heavy damage raidwide AoE.
Pure Crystal Medium damage raidwide AoE.
Exodus Ultimate ability. Used at the end of add phase.
Halo Medium damage raidwide AoE.
Lightwave Summons slow-moving waves of light outside of the arena. Some casts additionally summons giant crystals that will explode for raidwide damage when hit by a wave. These crystals also block explosion damage in a line-of-sight manner.
Infralateral Arc Large cleave ability that attacks 3 times. Each slash is targeted at a random player from one role (Tank, Healer, DPS). Applies Magic Vulnerability Up.
Heros’s Glory 180-degree AoE in front of Hydaelyn.
Heros’s Sundering Conal cleave tank buster.
Parhelic Circle Places numerous lines on the ground, radiating out from the center of the arena. After a few seconds, a ball in the center of the arena will move to the end of each line segment and explode in an AoE.
Parhelion Hydaelyn teleports to the center of the arena and throws three sets of chakram to different points at the edge of the arena. These chakram will stay there until She casts Subparhelion.
Subparhelion The sets of chakram at the edge of the arena will do a line AoE through the center of the arena to the other side. This happens in the original order that they were thrown.
Radiant Halo Medium damage raidwide AoE.
Echoes Multi-hit shared damage AoE. Get the whole raid in for this.
Bright Spectrum Puddle AoE that’s guaranteed to hit you. Don’t clip someone with yours.
Exodus (Enrage) It’s kill or be killed!


Phase 1 Timeline

Cast Time Effect Time Mechanic Effect
00:09 - 00:15 00:15 Hero’s Radiance Medium raidwide damage.
00:20 - 00:25 00:26 Shining Saber Party Stack.
00:31 - 00:34 00:48 Crystallize Water (4-man stack, on healers) or ice (spread, AoE puddles) attack. Look at Hydaelyn to figure out which.
00:40 00:45 Job Change Changes job to either Dancer (get underneath) or White Mage (get away)
00:50 - 00:55 00:56 Mousa’s Scorn or Magos’s Radiance Mousa’s Scorn if Job Change was Dancer, Magos’s Radiance if it was White Mage. Split tank buster or raid damage, respectively.
01:01 - 01:06 01:06 Aureole/Lateral Aureole Aureole = sides safe, Lateral Aureole = front and back safe.
01:11 - 01:15 01:28 Crystallize The element not chosen the first time.
01:21 01:25 Job Change The job not chosen the first time.
01:31 - 01:35 01:36 Mousa’s Scorn or Magos’s Radiance The move not used the first time.
01:41 - 01:46 01:46 Aureole/Lateral Aureole Random which one is chosen.
01:52 - 01:55 02:08 Crystallize Always earth, so full party stack.
02:01 02:05 Job Change This one is always Paladin, so corners are safe.
N/A 02:10 Hydaelyn Untargetable Add phase begins.

Phase 2: Echoes and Crystals (Add Phase)

Cast Time Effect Time Mechanic
N/A 02:12 Echoes and Crystals spawn
N/A 00:00 Adds Defeated (Mechanic timer reset)
N/A 00:17 Exodus, Hydaelyn’s Ultimate

Phase 3 Timeline

Due to the variable times group may finish phase 2, timestamps from phase 3 will begin from when Hydaelyn is once again targetable.

Cast Time Effect Time Mechanic Effect
N/A 00:21 Hydaelyn Targetable N/A
00:31 - 00:35 00:36 Halo Medium raidwide damage.
00:38 - 00:42 00:46 Lightwave 1 Spawns light waves and crystals.
N/A 00:56 First crystal detonation Line-of-sight dodge.
N/A 00:58 Second crystal detonation Line-of-sight dodge.
00:59 - 01:03 01:04, 01:05, 01:06 Infralateral cleave Targets tanks, then healers, then DPS.
01:07 - 01:11 01:13, 01:16 Lightwave 2 Crystals spawn first, then waves.
01:16 - 01:21 01:22 Hero’s Glory 180-degree frontal boss cleave.
N/A 01:26 First crystal detonation Line-of-sight dodge using middle crystal.
N/A 01:29 Second crystal detonation Line-of-sight dodge using middle crystal.
N/A 01:32 Third crystal detonation Line-of-sight dodge using middle crystal.
N/A 01:35 Fourth crystal detonation Line-of-sight dodge using middle crystal.
01:35 - 01:40 01:41 Hero’s Glory 180-degree frontal boss cleave.
N/A 01:42 Fifth crystal detonation Line-of-sight dodge the middle crystal explosion using the closest crystal.
01:45 - 01:50 01:51 Halo Medium raidwide damage.
01:56 - 02:01 02:02 Hero’s Sundering Cleave tank buster.
02:07 - 02:12 02:13 Shining Saber Raid stack.
02:18 02:23 Job Change Dancer or White Mage.
02:27 - 02:31 02:32 Mousa’s Scorn or Magos’s Radiance Depends on the job chosen.
02:38 - 02:43 N/A Parhelion cast Spawns 3 sets of chakrams.
N/A 02:38 First chakram path shown N/A
N/A 02:40 Second chakram path shown N/A
N/A 02:42 Third chakram path shown N/A
N/A 02:44 First chakram initial attack N/A
N/A 02:45 Second chakram initial attack N/A
N/A 02:46 Third chakram initial attack N/A
02:48 - 02:52 03:02 Crystallize Always water.
02:55 - 03:00 N/A Supbarhelion cast Inidcates chakrams are about to bounce back.
N/A 03:03 First chakram bounce back N/A
N/A 03:04 Second chakram bounce back N/A
N/A 03:05 Third chakram bounce back N/A
03:05 - 03:10 03:11 Aureole/Lateral Aureole Which one it is is random.
03:16 03:20 Job Change White Mage or Dancer.
03:25 - 03:30 03:31 Mousa’s Scorn or Magos’s Radiance Depends on the previous Job Change.
03:34 - 03:38 03:54 Crystallize This one is always ice.
03:44 - 03:49 03:52 Parhelic Circle Dodge the AoEs created by the lines.
03:56 - 04:01 04:02 Aureole/Lateral Aureole Chosen randomly.
04:06 04:11 Job Change N/A
04:19 - 04:23 04:24 Radiant Halo Medium raidwide damage.
04:29 - 04:32 04:33 Lightwave 3 Spawns four light waves outside the arena.
04:48 - 04:52 04:54 - 04:56 Echoes Raid stack AoE that hits 3 times.
N/A 04:56 Second light waves spawn N/A
04:56 05:01 Bright Spectrum + Mousa’s Scorn Raid spread, but shared tank buster.
05:10 - 05:14 05:27 Crystallize N/A
05:18 - 05:22 05:23 Shining Saber Raid stack.
05:29 05:33 Job Change N/A
05:39 - 05:43 05:45 Lightwave 4 Spawns four light waves outside the arena.
05:58 - 06:02 06:03 - 06:05 Echoes Raid stack AoE that hits 3 times.
N/A 06:05 Second light waves spawn N/A
06:06 06:11 Bright Spectrum + Mousa’s Scorn Raid spread, but shared tank buster.
06:19 - 06:23 06:38 Crystallize N/A
06:27 - 06:33 06:34 Aureole/Lateral Aureole Randomly chosen.
06:39 06:43 Job Change N/A
06:49 - 06:53 07:07 Crystalize N/A
06:57 - 07:01 07:02 Aureole/Lateral Aureole Randomly chosen.
07:08 07:12 Job Change N/A
07:21 - 07:31 07:32 Hero’s Radiance Enrage.

Phase 1

After attacking the tank for a little bit at the start, Hydaelyn opens the fight with Heros’s Radiance, followed by Shining Saber. You’ll want to be stacked for heals anyways, so just huddle up and don’t move too much until after Shining Saber.

After this, She does a combination of Crystallize (Water) and Job Change (Staff or Chakram).

Here is a clip explaining the Crystallize and Job Change mechanic:

Hydaelyn (Ex): Crystallize + Job Change

The Job Change will resolve first, so dodge appropriately before splitting into groups for the Crystallize water stacks. This is followed by Magos’s Radiance, which hits pretty hard. Make sure to fully top up and have some mitigation active for it.

Next is an Aureole or Lateral Aureole, followed by another Crystallize (Ice) and Job Change (Chakram or Staff). This job change will always be the job not used the first time.

Resolve the weapon first, then spread to avoid hitting each other with ice. Tanks should prepare to share Mousa’s Scorn, and then everyone should get into position for Lateral Aureole or Aureole.

One more Crystallize (Earth or Water) and Job Change (Sword) before add phase.

Move out and to the diagonals to avoid Hydaelyn’s cross-shaped AoE, then either stack with your assigned healer or spread apart to handle the appropriate element. Once that’s handled, add phase immediately begins.

Phase 2: Adds

Hydaelyn (Ex): Adds Phase

Add phase begins with Hydaelyn summoning 2x Echoes of Hydaelyn and 6x Crystals of Light.

The Echoes will tether to any nearby Crystals and each other, decreasing their damage taken. Additionally, three Crystals will have large pillars of light coming up from them. These pillars greatly increase the rate at which Hydaelyn’s Conviction bar increases, and when it reaches 100, you will wipe.

Killing a Crystal deals massive damage (347,508) to both Echoes (importantly, even if they’re tethered to each other), but killing all six does not deal enough damage to completely kill them.

To clear add phase, each tank needs to pick up one Echo add and move it away from the glowing Crystals as quickly as possible. DPS should kill these as quickly as they can, to prevent the ultimate gauge from increasing too much.

Once they’re dead, tanks can rotate the Echoes to the now crystal-less area, so that DPS can kill the remaining Crystals.

When all Crystals are dead, tanks should separate them so that they can be damaged, and everyone should converge back on the Echoes to deal the last bit of damage to kill them.

Successfully completing add phase should give you LB3. There’s no need to use it on the ultimate, so now you have at least one guaranteed use somewhere in Phase 3!

Phase 3

Following the cast of her ultimate, Exodus, Hydaelyn enters Phase 3. After a little bit of auto-attacking, She casts Halo and then casts Lightwave 1.

Here is a clip detailing all of the Lightwaves:

Hydaelyn (Ex): Lightwaves

Lightwave 1

Hydaelyn will summon two slow-moving waves of light on one side of the arena. Additionally, there will be an arc of 3 crystals summoned nearby.

Two of these crystals will be in the path of the two waves. The waves are staggered so that one wave will hit one crystal, there will be a short pause, and then the next wave will hit the other crystal.

When the crystals are hit by a lightwave, they explode in room-wide damage that can only be avoided by hiding behind something and line-of-sight dodging the damage.

To this end, you should hide behind the third crystal to avoid the damage of both explosions. Due to the positioning of the crystals, you will need to move slightly between the first and second hits in order to successfully dodge them both.

After the first two explosions are dodged, Hydaelyn will begin casting Infralateral Arc. You should have a set crystal each for tanks, healers, and DPS to hide behind.

While She is cleaving you with Infralateral Arc, the middle lightwave will hit another crystal at the opposite end of the arena. This is why you need to hide behind the crystals, so that you can simultaneously line-of-sight dodge its explosion while also spreading out for Infralateral Arc.

Once Lightwave 1 is complete, Hydaelyn immediately begins casting Lightwave 2. She casts Heros’s Glory right after that, so dodge the 180-degree cleave before getting in position for Lightwave 2.

Lightwave 2

Lightwave 2 has a similar concept to Lightwave 1. Two waves will be summoned on one edge of the arena, and you must block their explosions by line-of-sight dodging using a crystal. This time, however, the line-of-sight crystal is in the center of the arena, and the two waves are two your left and right. To successfully dodge everything, you’ll end up having to make an hourglass shape around the center crystal:

  • Dodge Wave 1 as it hits its close crystal
  • Move horizontally towards Wave 1 to dodge Wave 2 hitting its close crystal
  • Move diagonally towards Wave 2 to dodge Wave 1 hitting its far crystal
  • Move horizontally to dodge Wave 2 hitting its far crystal

After dodging all four explosions, a third wave spawns, headed towards the middle crystal. At the same time, Hydaelyn begins casting another Heros’s Glory. Dodge the cleave in a manner that lets you easily hide behind a crystal for the final explosion.

With Lightwave 2 finished, Hydaelyn then casts Halo, followed by a Heros’s Sundering tank buster, and Shining Saber raid stack. She will then do a Job Change (Chakram or Staff), followed by Magos’s Radiance. Dodge the weapon ability, and heal up after all the raid damage.

Next is another Crystallize, quickly followed by Parhelic Circle. Parhelic Circle will resolve first, so dodge the explosions and then resolve the Crystallize mechanic properly.

Shortly after Crystalize resolves, Hydaelyn will cast another Aureole or Lateral Aureole. Dodge appropriately, then prepare for another Job Change. Tanks then have to split another Mousa’s Scorn.

After the tank buster, Hydaelyn begins casting Parhelion. Remember which set of chakrams went out first, and stand nearby it. Hydaelyn then casts Crystallize, so additionally make adjustments to resolve that mechanic now.

After augmenting Herself, She then casts Subparhelion, ordering the chakrams to dash to the opposite end of the arena.

At this point, the Crystallize mechanic resolves, so you should already be in the correct position for it. Wait for the first set of chakrams to dash, then get as close to the middle of their path as you can. The other two sets of chakram will then dash harmlessly nearby.

Once Parhelion is complete, Hydaelyn casts Aureole or Lateral Aureole, followed by Job Change. Dodge the mechanic appropriately, and make sure everyone is healed up for the upcoming Radiant Halo. Hydaelyn begins her Lightwave 3 loop after this.

Here is a clip explaining Parhelion:

Hydaelyn (Ex): Parhelion

Lightwave 3 loop

Lightwave 3 will loop two times. The Lightwave 3 loop consists of the following mechanics:

  1. Lightwave
  2. Echoes
  3. Mousa’s Scorn + Bright Spectrum + Lightwave
  4. Crystallize
  5. Shining Saber OR Aureole
  6. Job Change

Hydaelyn summons waves on each cardinal direction of the arena. They will not be positioned exactly in the center, but instead offset to various sides. This means that one corner of the arena will have a large amount of space in which to dodge.

Identify that area and have the whole party move there, as Hydaelyn will begin casting Echoes. Stay grouped up for all of the hits, but keep an eye out, because things are about to get chaotic.

As Echoes is finishing, another set of light waves spawn, and tanks get targeted for Mousa’s Scorn, and everyone else gets targeted with Bright Spectrum.

Tanks should move as a pair away from everyone else, while the rest of the raid scatters to avoid hitting each other.

Be careful! The first set of light waves hasn’t completely exited the arena yet, so it’s very easy to accidentally run into one and die.

The second set of light waves will leave a safe spot in the center of the arena.

Once everyone is spread out and taken their damage, you should all collapse back into the middle and let the waves pass you by. The timing for this can be a bit tight, so don’t stand around doing nothing.

While everyone is grouping up in the middle, Hydaelyn will cast another Crystallize, followed by Shining Saber or Aureole.

Shining Saber or Aureole will resolve first, so handle that before you do Crystallize. Then, do the Job Change mechanic properly, and catch your breath before going back in for Round 2 of Lightwave 3.

After you’ve finished the second round of Lightwave 3, Hydaelyn will loop Steps 4 - 6 of the Lightwave Loop until She enrages.

Show Her you’re worthy, and claim your loot!



1x Umbral Totem per clear.


Hydaelyn drops i580 weapons. She will drop a Divine Light Weapon Coffer in addition to her other items.

Weapons can also be bought for 10 Umbral Totems each with the usual exception of 7 + 3 for PLD.

Job Weapon Major Substat Minor Substat
PLD PLD Bastard Sword of Divine Light 181 Critical Hit 127 Determination
PLD PLD Shield of Divine Light 72 Critical Hit 50 Determination
WAR WAR Labrys of Divine Light 253 Critical Hit 177 Determination
DRK DRK Greatsword of Divine Light 253 Critical Hit 177 Determination
GNB GNB Gunblade of Divine Light 253 Critical Hit 177 Determination
DRG DRG Partisan of Divine Light 253 Critical Hit 177 Determination
MNK MNK Sainti of Divine Light 253 Critical Hit 177 Determination
RPR RPR War Scythe of Divine Light 253 Critical Hit 177 Determination
SAM SAM Blade of Divine Light 253 Critical Hit 177 Determination
NIN NIN Daggers of Divine Light 253 Critical Hit 177 Determination
BRD BRD Longbow of Divine Light 253 Critical Hit 177 Determination
MCH MCH Pistol of Divine Light 253 Determination 177 Critical Hit
DNC DNC Tathlums of Divine Light 253 Determination 177 Critical Hit
BLM BLM Rod of Divine Light 253 Determination 177 Direct Hit Rate
SMN SMN Grimoire of Divine Light 253 Direct Hit Rate 177 Critical Hit
RDM RDM Foil of Divine Light 253 Direct Hit Rate 177 Critical Hit
AST AST Torquetum of Divine Light 253 Determination 177 Critical Hit
SCH SCH Codex of Divine Light 253 Determination 177 Critical Hit
SGE SGE Wings of Divine Light 253 Determination 177 Critical Hit
WHM WHM Cane of Divine Light 253 Determination 177 Critical Hit


Orchestrion Roll


Crystal of Divine Light is a crafted material used to create:

Triple Triad Card

Change Log

  • 2021/12/28: Release of this guide.