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AkhMorning - The Discord for this website! Join & interact with fellow comfy caster friends of Bahamut.Created by Nemekh.

The Balance Discord - The go-to FFXIV Discord for learning to improve your gameplay.Here you can ask players & mentors such as Hinoka, Meru & MikeP any questions regarding your favourite jobs.For direct access to guides for all the game’s content, check out The Balance website.

FFLogs - The official Discord of FFLogs where you can join the community to talk about parses & bring up suggestions & bugs concerning the FFLogs website. Created by Kihra.

FFLogs Extensions - Blackcat’s Discord for xivrdps.com & Xeph’s Tether Calc.

TheoryJerks - The Discord of FFXIV’s main theorycrafters when it comes to the game’s mechanics & interactions. Now with a new website. Founded by Dervy.

XIV Analysis - Discord for xivanalysis.com that helps players further understand their fight performances & be given advice on how to improve their play.Founded by ackwell & Nemekh.