5.20 Patch Release: RDM

Hello everyone, Nemekh here with an update on the latest 5.20 Patch & Eden’s Verse Savage release!

Firstly I know many of you are keen to find out about the changes for Red Mage in 5.20. They will be detailed and discussed below.

5.20 Red Mage Changes


Veraero | Verthunder

An increase of 20p to the long cast spells was within line of what was anticipated with 370p up from 350p. This is a majority of the dps increase for the patch and further emphasises good GCD practices. Your GCD uptime is even more important.

In relation to Enchanted Reprise it is still marginally beneficial to use Reprise as a mana dump in terms of dps, provided that burning the mana does not cost you a potential melee combo long term.



Another nudge to instant burst damage, Fleche now being 440p makes it even better to strive and get 2 casts of Fleche under a given Tincture window.

The most significant impact to this will be felt in lower level content where Fleche is a greater proportion of your total damage.

Contre Sixte

Perhaps the most significant of the oGCD changes, while it has been given an appreciable increase of 20p, Contre Sixte is now 400 potency per target in full up from 380p. The falloff has been removed entirely - no more 50% decay beyond the first target.

This is a fair buff to Red Mage’s AoE burst for multiple targets in range of one another and will help shore the gap in free cleave potency when compared to other jobs.


All in all the projected range of a DPS increase appears to be +~1.8-2.2% depending on the current models, with Red Mage’s core rotation remaining the same as prior. The numbers will undergo further crunching for the sake of accuracy but for the time being you can be fairly confident in that range.

This brings Red Mage much closer to Summoner’s now slightly nerfed (by -~1.5%) single target damage potential while still retaining a small gap between the jobs. There is a fair gap with multi-target, however, the Contre Sixte adjustment helps bring up one of Red Mage’s weaker elements.

Some may have been expecting even bigger potency increases, I would say that this is a successful balancing attempt from Square Enix to bring things closer without disrupting their intended vision.

It’s a good patch to be a Red Mage and still a good patch to be a Summoner.

Thanks for reading and have fun with the new raids!