PLL 53

Hello everyone, Nemekh here with an update on the 53rd Letter from the Producer LIVE information regarding Summoner!

I know many of you have been keen to find out on potential updates for the job, I know I stayed up all night just to catch any important revelations about upcoming changes & whether Square Enix had recognised & confirmed any issues.

Here is the main question asked with Yoshida’s answer from the Japanese side:

Summoner Question



There are currently a huge amount of things we need to do as a SMN & the job has become busier than ever before. Also, I’m very concerned about the aspect where after I tried refreshing DoTs after Bahamut Trance/Pheonix phase resets Tri-Disaster cooldown yet the DoTs get cutoff/falloff after several seconds. Therefore I’d like to know if there are plans to ease down the amount of control we need to do, or trying to extend the DoT duration, plus various other adjustments?


ええっとですね、召喚はまぁ、ちょっと善かれと思って5.05でDoTの付与タイミングを早くしたりとか手追えたんですけれども、それでも合間ってめちゃくちゃ忙しい、というフィードバック多数頂いていて、ええと・・・最重点で今開発チーム内の調整はどうやっていくかという議論をしています。 で、今の方向性としては、DoTの付与時間を延ばして欲しいというのもあるんですけれども、ルイン系の魔法の威力にDoTの付与数が依存するという部分をそもそもなくしてしまった方が楽になるんじゃないか、忙しいさは。ただ、これまだ・・・・どういうパターンでするのか今一番いいんだというのをテストケースってやっているんで・・・もうちょっとお待ちいただきたいんです。

Well, for Summoners, We tried making it better & managed to make the application of DoT timing faster with the deployment of patch 5.05, but even so we received many feedbacks that the job has became seriously busy during the interval…well…currently the most important thing for the development team right now is to discuss on how we should adjust the job, & currently the direction we are heading right now is that we are considering the option to extend the duration of DoTs right now but maybe it would work better to ease the job’s busyness by eliminating the aspect of Ruin’s dependancy on DoTs completely. It’s just…right now we are currently conducting test cases on which pattern should we apply for the job right now so we would like you to wait for a little until we finalize our decision.


Therefore, the point of this topic is to decide whether we let Ruin spells have any sort of effect & we plan to implement them in advance coming patch 5.08 that we’ve mentioned earlier.

Although we do indeed think we may have overdid the busy feeling of the job & frankly we do recognize the degree of issues we have regarding the “busy rotation” for the mentioned 3 jobs: Ninja, Samurai & Summoner, in that order. We do recognize the urgency of this issue & now we are working on adjusting them.


I apologize but there is one thing we need to make clear is that even though we wanted to talk more about it but there is nothing to actually present for now so if we try to elaborate a little further we risk any party telling us “No that’s wrong!”

So we would like you to be patient for now.


For one, I was very nervous about what Yoshida was going to say about Summoner if anything at all.

I am relieved that Yoshida has confirmed some of the problems that we have talked about since before & after release, especially the emphasis on two significant areas such as job business (inherently related to egi assaults & 30s aetherflow stacks) as well as the problems involving Festerruins (Ruin GCDs being buffed by 1 or both DoTs) & the DoT cycle.

There are other elements, such as Demi-Summon clunkiness requiring triple weaves in certain methods just to circumvent their inability to react in the opening seconds of a Demi-Summon’s duration. I really want them to to revert it back to how Stormblood’s Bahamut would react immediately to actions after manifesting.

Another summary that I relayed on Twitter:


  • ローテーションの忙しさは認識していて緩和を検討中
  • ルイン系の威力にDoTの付与数が影響するという要素をなくすかどうか議論中
  • 5.08で調整が入るかもしれない

■ Contents of 5.1 Summoner Adjustments

  • They acknowledged that the rotation felt very busy so they are looking into this
  • They are discussing whether to completely delete Festerruins
  • There may be some adjustments for 5.08

So on that, once we have 5.08’s date confirmed the information will be updated so that we know when to look closely at upcoming changes.

Many thanks to Iluna Minori for as usual delivering a fantastic translation of what was covered.

In other news, I am posting my 5.0 Release Summoner review soon covering areas of concerns & my impressions on how the job plays.

All in all, please look forward to it!