A Week On From The Relaunch

A Successful Relaunch

Since August 1st we have had an incredible response from you all for feedback, suggestions and praise. Other than some minor issues that came up with the web server the new website went live without a hitch and we saw a nice burst in visitors. Thank you so much!

With 5.3 rapidly approaching we recognised that not everything that we wanted implemented managed to make it in, so this past week the developers and I have been hard at work assessing any problems and working on solutions to the concerns you have raised since. In particular a critical navigation bug and various aspects the old website had that the new website did not.

What’s Changed With The Website?

Quite a few things have been worked on for development. Here’s a list of what we’ve covered:

  • Back button history hijacking is a thing of the past. When you scroll on a page your previous page history will not be overwritten with each Heading
  • A mobile navigation bug was found and resolved
  • HTTPS security flags for sister sites Allagan Studies and Raid Statistics have been resolved
  • Breadcrumbs now use a “Short Title” instead of forming a long trail from page titles. They will take up less space
  • The News pages from now on will use the same core styling as the other pages on the website with a Table of Contents (ToC) within the sidebar
  • The Resources page now shows all contents in the Resource category in the same block style as the Job pages
  • Pagination has been improved considerably with Previous and Next buttons on the page top and bottom in addition to the sidebar above the ToC
  • Numerous small cosmetic adjustments to the css for legibility and reducing vertical space use
  • Accessibility improvements to certain pages for the partially sighted using screen readers
  • Facebook and Instagram Social Media buttons have been added in preparation for those pages

What’s In The Pipeline Next?

AkhMorning is a continuous work in progress.

  • Navigation Menu drop down functionality will return. This is a big one that we will implement as soon as possible
  • Webp generation on build for improving performance further. We’re aware of some assets being big for data
  • HTML minification on build for further performance gains
  • Image Lightbox functionality. It will return like how the old site had it but with improvements
  • Adjustments to Blurb blocks so that the whole block can be clicked/pressed as a link instead of the smaller area
  • Table styling tweaks. Some tables are not ideal for the content they contain. These addressed be fixed soon
  • Discord & Websites Page change. Instead of a boring list, let’s show the faces of our community better
  • Disqus for News pages. The functionality has been implemented but is awaiting final tweaks before going live

What About New Content?

It’s not all just function and form - we have some new goodies for your perusal!

Summoner Levelling Up Guide

One of our more requested items to work on, our team have put together this guide for all aspiring Summoners to guide you on your journey from Lv. 1 all the way to the current max of Lv. 80.

It features your various openers at different points, what actions and pets to use for different situations and your overall goals as your toolkit grows with you all while preparing you for our endgame guide content.

Raiding Fundamentals

Featuring the work of guest author Oryza Mercury, this comprehensive guide uncovers all the information you need to know about mechanics and aspects of raiding in FFXIV. It is aimed at teaching players who are interested in Savage, or even Ultimate, while also containing topics that can help broaden the understanding of current raiders.

With lots of video and image examples to detail and explain the context of subjects like “Snapshots”, “Server Ticks” and various raiding terms, we hope this serves as a valuable resource for FFXIV players wanting to up the ante in their play.

What Else Will AkhMorning Work On?

As always we’re continuously thinking of more content we can add that would be of value to you the community. You have also spoken out about what you would like to see in the future.

I would like to flesh out the weaker areas of existing guides and make them better. The SMN Levelling Up guide is an example of an area we had neglected and have since addressed out of community demand. Similarly I would like to extend a dedicated Levelling Up section to all jobs present on the site.

Videos will be a focus in the near future. There’s a fantastic intro that was worked on that I hope you really like to accompany the resources you find valuable.

We have some fun projects in the works for merchandise! While they are a priority for Patreon rewards people have expressed a desire to see merchandise become available for purchase. Once the goods are manufactured we can work on the store front to allow for this. Otherwise, come support us and we’ll send cool goods out to you!

People have requested that we do expand our scope of coverage in news whether it’s weekly reviews of what’s going on with XIV or getting to know people within our community better.

The most requested idea is expanding guide and resource coverage to other jobs and roles. While current times are extremely busy there are plans for this moving forward. We want to ensure quality content is covered for the community by the community. Watch this space.


Several of you have pledged to the AkhMorning Patreon, donated via PayPal and bought AkhMorning Ko-Fi since the relaunch. I’m extremely grateful for this as all the money goes back into the development costs and upkeep. If you would like to support what we do please know you can through the aforementioned options. The value you give to us we promise to return with content you want to benefit from.

As always know you can contact us through feedback@akhmorning.com or through the website-feedback channel on the AkhMorning Discord. Your insights and suggestions have proven invaluable thus far.

Thanks and have a Good AkhMorning.